Friday, April 27, 2012

Beach Location

As I browsed through our albums last weekend , looking for pictures that we could use for Ms. Burrito's project, I  discovered that I did not have any single copy of that last vacation that we took back in South Korea.  It's a bummer but I am glad  that we still have the  copies of  photos in our computer.  So before our PC crashes, I  will be ordering hard copies for those photos online so we could preserve the memories!  Below is just one of  so many photos I took during our getaway.  Our kids are still little on  this  photo.  

We all miss  our fun time together in  the land of the morning calm.  There are so many things to do in there especially in the beach.  We live so far from the beach over here.  The first and last time  that we have been in the beach ever since I came here was  5 years ago.  We went to Pensacola Florida, it was a great  travel!    I just now realize how I neglected  to appreciate what we have when I was growing up.  We live   in the coastal area of the Philippines so  swimming in the ocean is just part of our daily activities.   Now that we don't have it here, I miss it a lot!
Don't this look like a painting almost?  That's the color of the sky last weekend!

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Friday, April 20, 2012

H&R Block at Highland Hills

Hey everyone.  Who among you are done filing taxes already?  We did ours last weekend.  We originally planned to do it ourselves   at Turbo Tax online but  there  was something wrong with their  system.  I wasn't sure if it was just a glitch but  there are options  that  it wasn't right for our category.  So we went to the H&R Block in Highland Hills where my niece-in-law is working.  She's the branch manager there so  she has  free slots  for family members and friends.  We only paid the filing fee but the rest was free.  Thank you so much Jen!

Below are some snaps I took  on our way and back.
I believe this is the coke plant down in Follansbee.
Mr. Burrito wasn't feeling very good that day and he was  throwing up  all over the place.  I felt so bad for him as he was feeling so groggy but  we managed to finish our  taxes.  He  was the one who got hit by  the stomach flu virus that  all of them has now.  I am praying that I won't get  it  so I can take care  of them.
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Regular Day of Photo Fun

Just another regular and ordinary  day of fun for photo session with my Burritos. They were up to it yesterday so I took the opportunity to just click, click, click.  Ms Burrito  love taking photos too just like me.  Me and his brother were her subjects.  Photos were taken yesterday at my FIL's home  after  attending mass.
Got this  top for  a little over 5 dollars at JCP, it was regularly priced for 30 plus dollars.
Thanks to the self timer of the  camera, we were able to take a photo of us.  Hubby was chatting with my FIL downstairs  and we were busy  taking photos upstairs at my FIL's  guest bedroom.  We are having rainy days for a couple days now so taking photos  is entertaining us all.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sun Catchers

 My daughter had  a four day weekend last week due to Veteran's Day and  Parents-Teachers Meeting so I have to come up with a project that they  can do.  We went to the Dollar Tree and bought a pack of this Sun Catchers  Christmas kit.  
 I am glad that Mr. Burrito is showing interest in doing arts now.  He is also starting to draw faces and other stuff.
 Simple things like this can really  keep them busy and  hone their creativity.  This is better than just letting your kids just watch TV.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wedding Invitation at its Best

Getting married is exciting and at the same time  a bit stressful for the  couple.  There are so many things to   take into consideration and so many things to prepare.  Of course for those who can afford to hire  a wedding planner, wedding is  pure excitement, but for those who can't, it's a combination of both.  From choosing  the wedding cake to wedding invitations, to the  motif.
When my husband and I  decided to get married for the second time, it was really exciting for me.  I get to  decide most of the things that we need because my husband was  still in Guam so he  was  my adviser.  We only consult each other online but it turned out pretty good.  Our invitation was personally made by one of my closest friends and  I loved it!  It was personalized and I love every details  that my friend  put into it.  From the front cover to the content inside, it was gorgeous!

Nowadays, you can personalize your invitation through online   store that offers special tools and application just like Invitation Box.  This website has so many selections of wedding invitation to choose.  They also have other kinds of invitation for all occasion.  So if you want a unique design for a special occasion in your life, check out the above mentioned website first before you order  because you will be able to find beautiful  designs at Invitation Box.  Personalizing your   invitation is very easy to do in their site as they have this special application that lets you  do the things  that you want to do on prices you can not beat.   This time of the year, lots of students are graduating so if your child is one of them, make it more memorable for them to celebrate their big milestone. 

Monday, April 16, 2012

Revisiting Memorial Park for Veterans - Nostalgia # 72

Photobucket Last Year, we visited this small park which is dedicated to the service men and veterans  from West Virginia. I told hubby that we should bring Dad in this place because he said that he's never been in that place although it is just  located  in downtown where he lives.

 Anyhow, we finally did brought him there last Sunday after we attended Gracie's birthday party in Follansbee.  It's nice to listen  to the two vets talking about their experiences in the service.
 I would like to  take as many photos as I can with Dad with us so when  the kids  grow up, they will see it and  remember how they  do  things together with their Pap.
 It was a beautiful day.  My FIL said that he sweat walking around the area lol.  Thanks for  going with us Dad!
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