Wednesday, March 30, 2011


My sister in law made these puzzles for the burritos and gave it to them as St. Patrick's Day presents.  Thank you so much Tita Chris, they love it.
My SIL did a really good job in cutting up the puzzles and painting them.  
Mr. Burrito is very proud that he can put the puzzle together all by himself!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Kids Corner

I rearranged our home a little bit during the weekend.  I returned the kids study table in the living room where the bookshelf is located.  I put it in the middle so I could keep an eye on him when they are doing crafts and I am doing my tasks online.
I need two more students and it would be full hehehe.
Have a good night everyone.  Thanks a lot for  the visit and comments.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Boring Days

Camera is a great entertainment on boring days especially when it's raining so hard  and all we can do is cuddle up with each other.  
Oh the  great feeling of being a Mom, I am so thankful that God gave me  the  greatest opportunity, being a Mom.
On the other note, why is it that it is hard to get a good picture when the kids  are growing up already.  All they want to do is to make a face in front of the camera lol.

Shoes I Like

Hunter Boots Regent Savoy Rain Boot BlackGood morning ladies, let us talk about different kinds of shoes today.  I am in the mood for  something chic although I can't  do any shopping at this time  lol.  I just emptied my paypal the other day so there is no chance of buying something.   Nevertheless, I am net-window-shopping (is there a word like that?  No, I am just  putting words together lol).   I posted on my other blog the  test firing adventure that we did last weekend , I wore my  nice shoes that day (I don't know what I was thinking  as we have to  walk on  the woods).  I wish that I have one of those hunter boots I have seen at Jildor website.  It could have been more comfier while I walk.

Stuart Weitzman Parup Sandal Tan LeatherStuart Weitzman Alexlo Swamp Crochet Fabric
I am petite and shorty so when I  buy shoes, I want something that could make me a little taller hehehe.  The collection of stuart weitzman shoes at Jildor  are something that  I would buy if I am in the market  to buy new pairs of shoes.  I bookmarked this page  to see if I could save up and afford to buy one of those gorgeous shoes.  Summer is coming up and these kind of shoes are  comfy to wear.  It has been a while since I last purchase a shoe with heels, I brought with me my  office  uniform shoes when I came here in the States and that's what I am using since then whenever I go to church.  Now if you are in the mood to read articles about different kinds of  ladies shoes, check out the women's shoe blog as they unfold  those  gorgeous runway shoes  and other  types of shoes that you see.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fun at the Park

Before I got sick, we had a couple of warm days so we brought the kids to Starvaggi Park. Mr. Burrito calls this Park, Mr. Vaggi instead of Starvaggi hehehe.  You can tell in their happy eyes how they miss being outside.
They had so much fun sliding and running around.  Every time they touched me,  they also shocked me from the static they got from the slide arghhh.
It was a little chilly that day which I believe is the cause why I got sick lol.

It's okay though if I got sick because  our burritos had  a total blast.
This is the only picture I had with them, my daughter and I, for a shadow shot!
I feel bad for Mr. Burrito because he just got over with the ear infection and now he has a pink eye wahhh.  If it get worsen tomorrow, we will bring him to the doctor again. sigh.. Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, March 25, 2011

A Dash of White

The them for this week's Mommy Moment is White. We don't have much white but here are some with a dash of white in them.  First up is Ms. Burrito on top of the counter top.  I taught her how to make rice in the rice cooker.  I told her that she has to learn how to make so when I am sick she can do it for me.  Now she  volunteers to make every time she is home and  I am in the kitchen to cook.

Below is her white lappy, she  practices typing there.  See how  serious she is with bloging wahahahaha.
Below is an artist in the making.  She just got up that time but she wants to do her  shrinky dinks already.  Thanks Mami Shy.
Here's Mr. Burrito, posing for me with  the valentine pressies that he got from our neighbor.
The pizza crew in the kitchen.
The fashionista getting ready for the summer and a craftista sporting her  heart paper.
The model and the saint hehehe.  Sorry folks, if I brag too much about my kids.  I just love them!
Who wouldn't love this aura?  He is ornery sometimes but he is  a really good boy.
These colorful chalks give so much  entertainment to kids.
Lastly is a snowy white fun that we had with Champ.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Reminiscing - Nostalgia # 45

PhotobucketMy youngest sister texted me the other week to ask me if she could go home for the weekend. I told her that she can. I don't know why she has to ask permission from me but I do appreciate it.  When she came back in Legazpi, she updated me with what is going on at our home in Donsol.  It usually depressed me when they   talk to me as it is always  associated with problem.  

Anyhow, she told me that my eldest  niece, the daughter of my brother who passed away two years ago, is graduating from elementary as first honor, congratulations Bhim!.  I sent money  last weekend  for Mama, my niece, and for my sister's allowance and  other school fees.  I feel so bad for my brother's  daughters.   They will grow up without their father.  I just wish that I am a millionaire so I can send all of them to a good school.  But I guess the best thing I could do is to try to help them as much as I could.

I did not have time to scan the pictures today as I am sick so I just snap this from the album.
Pictures taken when we first see my family.  My brother was still alive then, he  took the kids for a rid in his  motorcycle around our  neighborhood.  The one in the end is my niece.  Three months after that, he passed away from a motorcycle accident.
On the lighter note, hubby and I reminisce the first day we've seen each other in person.  Yesterday was the date, 8 years ago.  I can vividly remember the  combination of pain and bliss, the first touch, the first kiss.  Imagine submitting yourself to a person that  you just meet for the first time although we've chatted for six months before he came, I was still nervous that time.  What I was thinking though is for me to get pregnant right away so that if our relationship doesn't work, I will at least have a baby to treasure.  Glad that God was on our side that time, He helped us get through the tough times of being separated and now we are not only a couple but a family!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Eight Years Today

Today, March 22, marked the very first day that my husband and I met in person. We found each other on one of the free online dating sites and dated online for about six months before we decided to take our relationship to the next level. It was nerve wracking but I am glad that I tried this thing called online dating. If not, I wouldn't have found my loving and sweet man. So today, we reminisce our first touch and kiss.  Alrighty folks, I gotta go to bed now lol.

Swimming Pool

We  visited my brother in law, Rick  last Sunday, out in New Cumberland.  I got to take a lot of pictures of our adventures out there.  But first, here's a shot of their swimming pool, there's a little bit of water on top of the cover and I am guessing that it's from  the snow.  Speaking of snow, according to the weather channel, we will be having snow again on Thursday wahhh.


Here's the aspiring Jockey enjoying a stationary horsey ride at Chuck e Cheese.
She wasn't scared of trying  the rides at CeC, the other burrito on the other hand was hesitant to try some of the rides.
Mr. Burrito just enjoyed watching the stuff being displayed at the  monitor in front of the  horsey ride.
Have a great week everyone.  The  weather is beautiful today so we will be out a lot.
 Aspiring Jockeys!
Thank you everyone for visiting folks.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bubble Day

Praise God for the wonderful weather today. The weather got up to 73 degrees so we took the opportunity to go outside and play. The burritos used the bubbles that Tita Raquel gave them  when we went to Chuck e Cheese (thanks a lot Tita).

Below are the blissful kids having a taste of the first warm weather from  a long stretched winter we had.  I am hoping and praying that  the warm weather will  continue from now on.
I also got the  trampoline that I ordered from CSN last week.  So the burritos are looking forward for Daddy to  assemble it so they can jump in it, maybe I could too if the weight permits hehehe.
We spent more than an hour outside then I  took them inside for a while as I need to cook ad I did not want them to play alone.
They had a blast and looking for more long playtime tomorrow.
I was cracking up when I was taking the photos of Mr. Burritos because of the way he  blows lol.
While the kids were playing in the sandbox (will post the pics next post), I clean up some of the dead plants and arranged some of the  bricks.  I'll take out my seeds tomorrow and maybe I could start growing them already.

It's been..

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