Thursday, January 21, 2016

Snow Day Fun and my Little Helpers in Shoveling Snow

When we had the very first  snowfall this year, the children's school was cancelled/closed so   to give them some things to do, we went out to the drive way and shoveled the snow.  It was  freezing that day so  we made sure to bundle up good so we won't get sick.  
 Children doesn't really care about the freezing weather as long as they can play, that's what matter.
 Just looking at these photos is making me so cold already already even though I am drinking a cup of my hot  ginger tea.  I am always cold, when the temperature is below  50, I am cold.  My husband calls my hands "ice cold hands" because they are always cold.  Luckily, I married a guy whose hands are always warm so we  compliment perfectly.
 I love that aside from playing they always want to help me shovel the snow.  Shoveling snow is a great exercise.  I think I burned more calories shoveling snow  than walking in the treadmill.
 I don't mind the snow as long as the wind is not blowing but when it is, it is bitter cold and I can't stand it.
 I can tell that the  kids have  strong immune system  now  because they seldom get sick.  Those regular long walks that my family did over the summer and eating healthy  helps  them build a stronger immunity.
 We live a block away from their school so we walk every school days, rain or shine, freezing or not.   They are  great troopers!
 My little man is all about playing but the little miss always wants to make snowman when she's out  there with  snow.
 Lolo Don, our neighbor, was shoveling snow that day too so the kids  extended their fun and   went at their yard.
 Rylie helped Lolo shoveled the  walkway.
 I always want to take pictures of  my kids with our neighbors because they truly are like our family.  They treat my kids like their own grand kids.  Not many people are blessed with great neighbors so I am always thankful that we are blessed with them.
 That is one  of the two things I love in this place, the reason why I  am conflicted of moving to another place.  Our neighbors are great!
Anyway, our adventured  was put to a halt when the strong wind started blowing  and the snow was getting in our faces.  Their faces were so pink when they got inside.  They took a hot bath and they were fine.  Hot coco also warmed our bodies after the fun outside.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Kalahari Resort: Sandusky Ohio Part 1

As winter sets in, the weather is getting so unbearable outside.  The kids  gets bored from just staying indoors so on our son's birthday, we decided to go to Kalahari Resort in Sandusky Ohio.  It is our  tradition on our children's birthday to take them somewhere where they can have fun and visit new places instead of having a birthday party.  We could not go on the day of his bbirthday since he have school that day so we decided to go on the weekend.  
 We woke up early on the 16th, ate breakfast and  got ready to go.  We also  made  up a tradition to take a family picture before we  leave when we  are traveling.
 We left at 7:20.  I packed some  snacks on the road because  it  is a  3-hour drive from our  hoe to Kalahari and we love to munch on something when we are on the road.
 My husband  love the new  GPS that I got him for  Christmas.  I told him that I will sell the old one because we no longer need it but he said, he will keep it on the other car.  I also got him that old one  for Christmas and for that reason, he doesn't want to get rid of it.  He is more sentimental than me.
 Seven o'clock during winter is still dark.  With so much anticipation, the long drive did not  seem  long for the kids.
 We arrived at the resort at 10.  We pre-booked our tickets prior to going there.  My husband was making a joke about their  discount because  to  buy the ticket on a regular price, it is $59 each.  Then they offer a military discount for $59 each so there's no discount really lol.  MY husband was like "I love their discounts for the veterans!"
 The slides of the indoor park  is extended to the outdoors which is kind of neat.
 Kalahari Resorts features an exciting mix of rides, slides and adventures.  The whole family will have an incredible time for sure. I would love to go back there during the summer time so we can explore the  Outdoor Adventure Park.  Other amenities includes Spa Kalahari,  Salon, and  dining options.
We chose to just go there for the day because we did not put the dogs in the kennel.
It's amazing how the ducks can survive the  freezing temperature.  They were even swimming in the freezing  water.
I love this man-made falls in the front.
I was giggling when I took this picture of my daughter because she was still wearing her boots.  She forgot to bring her flip flops.
The indoor water park was on  the ground floor.
My son was eyeing the game room  that is situated near the entrance to the pool.
Because of my knees injury, I chose not to swim.  Besides, I  could  have not go with them anyway because the locker that we rented was very small.  It didn't accommodate all our stuff.
The kids did not waste any time.  They dove in right away as soon as we  entered the  water park.
When they took off, I gave my husband the camera so he can take a picture.  When he came back, he told me an interesting story.
He said that, he was waiting at the bottom  when the kids  went on a slide so he can take a picture when they come out but when they finally came, his camera was off lol.  Figures!
He missed the exciting part but glad he took some photos  after wards.
While they were enjoying the swimming, I was busy catching up with my diary writing.  Been missing a couple of  days so it gave me time to catch up with it.  I used my Instagram entries to look back what we did on certain days but after a while, it's battery died, ugh.  I will have to  post  another one  for this adventure so tune in.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Raising Responsible KIds

When I was growing up, my parents raised up to be responsible  around the house.  Each kid has  its own chore to do.  We take turns in  cleaning the dishes,  doing laundry, taking care of  younger siblings, and  we help our parents whatever they want us to  help the with.  I used to ask  myself why  other kids don't have the responsibility that me and my siblings have but now I understand.  My parents just wanted to teach us valuable  skills that we can use  when we become adults and they certainly did a great job.  I admit, there were times when I felt like  complaining but it's just the way it is so we just got used to it.
 That's  one thing that my husband and I want to  teach our kids.  For them to learn  basic skills that they would need when they  are  grown up.  Teaching the kids at an early age is vital because it is hard to mold kids   when they are already older.
Both of our kids are  great.  They might have some attitude sometimes but nothing major that we can't handle.  
 Becoming a parent makes me a better me.  I  got to appreciate everything that my Mother did for us when we were kids.  I don't know how she raised 9 kids but she did it all for us.  Sometimes when I  am feeling down, I want to see  her and hug her but we are thousands of miles away, it's hard for me sometimes.
My husband and my kids are the ones that keeps my sanity, they are my rock, the strength that keeps me going.  Blogging also gives me that  avenue to vent out when I am frustrated.  I have no many friends here and I don't go out so it's challenging to express how I feel.  My blogs  gives me that  place to  easily voice out my  opinions and emotions!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Guitar Stand

I am loving this guitar stand that I saw online.   I was surprise to see that it's only a little over a hundred considering that it has 6 slots on it.  This would be a greatthing to have for bands who travels a lot and   perform in different places.  Musician  has  so many accessories including  guitar pedals and other things that they use  regularly.

NASA Workshop during the Doodle4Google in 2014

One of the judges during the annual Doodle4Google contest in 2014 was an astronaut.  Rylie was  so excited that she got her  Doodle4Google book signed by him and she also got a picture with him during the  meet and greet.  He was a very nice and friendly man.    I remember my son was really quiet when he was telling us  things about being an astronaut.  It was my first time meeting an astronaut so it was very memorable.
EJ was very excited upon seeing the NASA workshop  sign when the activities have started.
 The NASA workshop was the last activity that they did  before the awarding ceremony have begun.
 They were provided different kinds of materials to build something,
 EJ who is very interesting  building stuff was into this.
 The wooden wheels is what attracted him the most coz you know, anything with wheels is awesome for him.
 He was trying to work with the big kids but  they kind of just ignored him so he just did his own thing.

 Although initially we were told that only the  winner and one parent can come to the  prepared activities, I am thankful that Google have accommodate even the extra family because  me and my son got to go too and he was able to participate.
 Rylie and her partner  worked so well together in every activities.
 She also love doing crafts so this was right in her alley.
 As independent as she is, t's funny to watch  that when Daddy tried to help, she said "I got it Dad", kids!
 The two of the were very happy  when they tested their creation and it run.
Doodle4Google was  a great experience for  the whole family.  We will cherish the memories we've had in California.  If yourkids are into arts, watch out for the Doodle4Google contest, they do it every year.  A $30,000 scholarship would go along way plus the school get a $50,00 education grant as well if your child win.  My kids  did not get any inspiration  for the theme last year so they did not submit any entry.

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