Friday, September 25, 2009

Mother's day celebration 09

The pictures below ere taken during the Mother's Day celebration this year. We celebrated the day by attending mass, ate at home, went for a walk around the neighborhood and that's it. Oh my little burritos gave me roses. One from each, makes my heart sing out loud for joy lol..

Thursday, September 24, 2009

One Fine Day in the Land of the Morning Calm

When I resigned from my part time job, we fully enjoy our family walks and bonding moments every weekend. These photos were taken at General Yi's Circle. We enjoyed ourselves looking at the beautiful flowers and greeting the Koreans with "An Neong Haseyo". I love the perrenials and the smell of the tulips .... hmmmm sooooo good.

There's nothing especial with this building, I just find it cute hehehe..
Then after that we proceeded to the ocean park. There are Korean guys who were fishing so we watched them for a while. It amazed us that they are not using any bait, just the fishing hook and surprisingly, they caught some fish..
See this milk fish, the guy caught it just by his fishing hook.... So talented!

Want to grill it guys lol? Happy weekend everyone!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Naval Museum in Pensacola

These photos were taken when we had our two weeks vacation in Pensacola Florida. Well, it wasn't really a vacation, but we went there with my husband when he attended a two-week school for his new assingment in PA. But we really had fun out there. We went to the Naval Museum full of old stuff about the Navy! My daughter Rylie was 7 months old then.

Thanks for stopping by and reading folks! Please leave your trail so I can visit you back.. Take care!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Gorgeous Mini-Park

Sometimes after attending mass and I am not in the mood to cook, we just go out and eat some korean food at Home Plus so the kids can play at the play area with the Korean kids afterwards.

One Sunday, we decided to drop by at this mini park they built before heading home. I remember when we used to take for a walk to be familiarized with the place, this area is an abandoned place then but they developed it into a pretty mini park.

Isn't it gorgeous? Did you know that the material they used to make those stuff are like dried grass, am not really sure what it was but it looked like grass. Korean's are very talented when it comes to gardening. Thanks again for visiting and commenting of course!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ligñon Hill

These photos were taken during our first trip to the Philippines in march 2009.
After our enjoyable trip to Cagsawa Ruins, we proceeded to the WildLife Zoo and then for the finale, we went to Lignon Hill (Daraga Albay). The view was pretty awesome on top, its just a very long walk because vehicles are only allowed to drive to the top at 6 p.m. So we went there on foot, I felt bad because hubby had to carry our son EJ going up and he was very tired. We were full of sweat lol. Here are some of the pictures.

Can you tell, we were tired?
Over looking Legazpi City

I snapped a photo of my dear princess before we went back down..
The beauty of the Majestic Mayon Volcano - Bicolano's pride!

The wind was so refreshing when you get to the top. There is also a zipline for a 200 pesos fee. My daughter wanted to try it but she's too young to try it hehehe..

Monday, September 7, 2009

Idlewild Adventure

These photos were taken when we went to Idlewild Park in Pennsylvania two years ago (May 2006). My brother in law Dave and his wife Michelle owns an RV so we all rode on it.
I was 2 months pregnant with EJ on these photos and Rylie was ten months old...

With Dave & Michelle

With Michelle, Jen (hubby's niece) and her boyfriend Mike
With cousin Kaylee Rose
This was taken when we are about to leave the place..You can find the part 2 of this post at my Etecetera Etcetera blog.

It's been..

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