Monday, November 12, 2018

Newport Aquarium: Discovering the Wonder Together

During our met-up with the Dias family  this summer,  we were not able to make it on time to go with them  at the Noah's Ark due to time constraints.  Even though we left Tennessee  early that day, it  wasn't enough time for us to make it so we  just rested  when we arrived and planned our adventure  the next day.  
We went to Newport Aquarium the next day.  It's a fun place to explore as it showcases thousands of animals from around the world in a million gallons of water.  I did  not get to see the enormously popular “Sweet Pea” and “Scooter,” which are the stars of the first shark ray breeding program in the world but I enjoyed every animal that I saw.  My kids had a blast too.

I did not know it  but this state-of-the-art facility  acquired quite a bit of recognition so it was worth visiting.  Below are the awards;

  •  the No. 1 aquarium in the 2012 Readers’ Choice Travel Awards from; 
  • the Best Rainy Day Outing in 2006 in Cincinnati Family Magazine; and 
  • the Best Aquarium in the Midwest in the Zagat Survey’s U.S. Family Travel Guide in 2004.  

When you have children zoo and aquarium, are always the best places to visit  because not only it's fun to see different kinds of animal species but it  is also very educational not only for the kids but for adults as well.
It's so much fun to do it with friends, you get to learn while catching up with the  people you don't get to see very often.  What more could be fun than discovering the wonder together right?
Our children are definitely growing up.  I remember the first time we  met up in Florida, these kiddos were still little, now they are  almost teens.
They live in Texas so meeting each other is  a bit hard but we  try our best to do that once in a while when  time permits.
Gladly, they are still friends  just like us, parents.
My daughter is almost my height.  They will be taller than me soon.  They grow so much while I think I shrink as time goes by ha ha.
It's neat that they have this height and weight measuring  features at the aquarium.
After we  have explored  inside the aquarium, we tried to find a good place to eat but almost all of the place we checked are packed so we asked siri some nearby places we could go to.
We ended up eating at  Chick Fil A which was nice because we all love the place.  I am not sure when we can meet up again but I hope that it would be  sometime soon. 
Anyway, one thing worth mentioning  for about the aquarium is that, they give discount to veterans  so if you have your military ID you can avail some savings such as photos and other  stuff.  We did not use it during the  admission though.  I am not sure if they allow it but we  were able to have a discount for the pictures we  claimed upon  getting out.

Monday, November 5, 2018

Help Your Children Think About Jobs at an Attraction

The next time that you are taking your children on a family vacation, you may want to spend some time talking about all the different types of services that are needed to run a top-notch attraction. There are many that stay hidden that you might want to introduce to your children. Here are some that you might find at a golf course.

Club Operations

These are often the head of the golf course, and they often worry about if the golf course is making money or not. These officers often oversee background checks for the club's employees. They may also help order merchandise for the pro shop.


The grass at a golf course has to be maintained in a certain way to make the ball land correctly, and that is the job of an agronomist. This individual usually oversees the landscaping crew. They must work in concert with nature to keep the course looking great without harming the environment.

Food and Beverage

Many golf courses have wonderful places to eat. While some focus on light snacks like hamburgers and nachos, others operate full-service restaurants serving steak and lobster. Other golf courses offer a place where golfers can get some liquid embellishment before or after a round.

Design and Development

Most golfers never think about the design and development work done at a golf course. Even older courses must stay current so that players want to continue to use them. Club rooms, restaurants and other public areas must carefully be designed to attract golfers and others.

Risk Management

Another area that most people overlook when it comes to operating a golf course is risk management. These individuals are responsible for creating and seeing that policies are in enforced to keep guests safe. They are often responsible for seeing that fire equipment is functioning properly and that all areas are kept clean of anything that a golfer might trip over.

There are many golf management services, like Troon, that operate numerous golf courses. You may want to set up a tour of one so that your children can get a behind-the-scenes look at all the different types of jobs available at golf courses.


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