Monday, November 5, 2018

Help Your Children Think About Jobs at an Attraction

The next time that you are taking your children on a family vacation, you may want to spend some time talking about all the different types of services that are needed to run a top-notch attraction. There are many that stay hidden that you might want to introduce to your children. Here are some that you might find at a golf course.

Club Operations

These are often the head of the golf course, and they often worry about if the golf course is making money or not. These officers often oversee background checks for the club's employees. They may also help order merchandise for the pro shop.


The grass at a golf course has to be maintained in a certain way to make the ball land correctly, and that is the job of an agronomist. This individual usually oversees the landscaping crew. They must work in concert with nature to keep the course looking great without harming the environment.

Food and Beverage

Many golf courses have wonderful places to eat. While some focus on light snacks like hamburgers and nachos, others operate full-service restaurants serving steak and lobster. Other golf courses offer a place where golfers can get some liquid embellishment before or after a round.

Design and Development

Most golfers never think about the design and development work done at a golf course. Even older courses must stay current so that players want to continue to use them. Club rooms, restaurants and other public areas must carefully be designed to attract golfers and others.

Risk Management

Another area that most people overlook when it comes to operating a golf course is risk management. These individuals are responsible for creating and seeing that policies are in enforced to keep guests safe. They are often responsible for seeing that fire equipment is functioning properly and that all areas are kept clean of anything that a golfer might trip over.

There are many golf management services, like Troon, that operate numerous golf courses. You may want to set up a tour of one so that your children can get a behind-the-scenes look at all the different types of jobs available at golf courses.

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