Friday, November 25, 2016

Tappan Lake Park: Summer 2016 Part 1.

Man oh man, where did the time go?  I have  so many things to write about and they are slowly getting buried in the pile. This year has been the busiest for us so I haven't been blogging  as much as I would like to.  As a result, a lot of our family activities remains in pictures and doesn't get  get published in my blog.  Hopefully I could  catch up\  but the problem of that is, sometimes it is hard to go back to the same excitement or emotion when we did the   trip or event.  
 Anyway, this is one of those trips that we did over the weekend to take the kids somewhere we have never been to before they go back to school.  My husband's co worker  told us about the Tappan Lake park.  Hubby and I knew about the Tappan lake but we didn't know that there is a big park you can go to for family recreation.
 The park is in the middle of nowhere, thank God for  the GPS, finding it was easier.
 We were surprise of how beautiful it was there.  Since it was a state park, we only had to pay  for a vehicle  entrance which is $5 ir ten, I can't even remember anymore how much we paid lol.  It was all worth the drive because the kids had so much fun although the water was a bit cold.
 There were so many people out there and I like the fact that they have this floating   thing for the kids to jump on and have fun with.
 The place is very clean although the restrooms does not have  tissue papers but it was still clean.
 I think you can  rent a boat but I wasn't sure.  A lot of people have  their own boats I am guessing but who knows.
 As the kids were enjoying the water, there was a  woman with two kids who sat  in front of us.  She would not let her kids go to the water which I thought was odd.  I mean, why take the kids there (they were  even  in their swim suits) and not let them enjoy the water?  For me, it was kind of a torture for the kids to see a lot of children  enjoying the water and they couldn't.  The  older  child was screaming so the woman was screaming at her, I feel bad and felt very uncomfortable.  I also feel bad that the woman bought herself an ice cream and she  told the kids they can't have any.  I felt so bad for those kids.  I was  nearly tempted to offer  our fruits to the kids but my husband told me not to because the woman might turn her  anger at me.  I told my husband that I had to walk  away or else I might do something that I might regret,  so that's what I did.  I really can't understand how people can be so cruel or mean with children.  That is not something we want our future generation to grew up into.  I am still thinking about those kids till this day.  I'm still wondering if I could have did something  to make those kids a little better.  I wonder if walking away was the best I could have done.  I don't know.
 Situations  like what I have stated above, makes me want to love my children even more.  I am thankful that they could enjoy little things in life through my husband and I's effort.
 Sometimes, the best things we could give our kids is the freedom  for them to be kids.  To enjoy the things that children love.  It may be as simple as digging dirt or playing in the sand, we should let them be kids any chance they have.  Time flies very fast and happy childhood memories help them grow better human beings.
 While I am writing this, I can still feel the uneasy feeling I had thinking about those children.
 Moving on, the said park  has  lifeguards on duty too which is very important because there were so many kids  playing in the flowing play area.  There is a rest  period  that they imposed where children has to  be on the shore.
 I am very fortunate to have  children who love nature, who  obey rules and love to be around us.  I think it is very important for every parent to spend as much time as they can with their kids while they are still young.
 I am grateful that my husband  love to be around with our  children.  Not all men has that trait.
 Looking at my children gives me hope that they will be okay when my husband and I are gone.  I think they will be okay.
 We will continue to provide them  what they need and guide them every step of the way.
I do hope that we would live long enough to see them succeed and be happy of what they  do in life.  I always pray that they would grow to be independent, strong, and happy individuals.  

Thursday, November 17, 2016

What to Expect at an All-Inclusive Resort

Interested in staying at an all-inclusive resort for the first time? Then you’re in luck as there are many different options around the world, particularly in popular locations such as Jamaica, Rivera Maya or  Punta Cana. But, as this is a very exciting concept, you may feel a little unsure if it’s the right choice for you. In order to help you feel better about staying at such a property, here are some details of the great amenities and features to expect at an all-inclusive resort, in no particular order.

Dining choices

Though you’ll still have the option to leave the resort’s grounds in search of food options, at an all-inclusive resort, there’s no need. Most resorts will have at least two to three different restaurant options as well as two or more bars. These restaurants do vary, some offering local cuisine while others focus on American favorites. When booking an all-inclusive, you’ll want to first look up their various menus as well as their food policy. Most resorts include all three meals as well as snacks. These resorts all tend to include free drinks as well, though there are sometimes limits.

Kid friendly activities

If you’re traveling with children, especially those of a young age, you’ll want to choose one of the many kid friendly all-inclusive resorts available. These resorts not only cater with great rooms, dining choices and resort amenities, but also with kid friendly activities. Generally speaking, these resorts include some sort of a kid’s club, as well as a kid’s pool and/or outdoor playground. Babysitting services are also many times included and if not, are still available for a small fee. Those traveling with babies will find options to have a crib or a bassinet of some sort added into your room, making the need to check one in at the airport completely unnecessary. As far as dining options are concerned, many on-site restaurants will include age appropriate plate options as well, making things as easy on you as possible.

Spa services (sometimes)

Though not all resorts include various spa services within their nightly all-inclusive rate, there are a few that do. Generally speaking, these resorts include a free massage or two along with a treatment of your choice. Most other resorts have a spa on-site, and it’s usually a top of its class option.

Wedding services and honeymoon suites

If you’re choosing an all-inclusive for a wedding or a honeymoon, you’ll find that most resorts have a wedding facility of some sort or access to part of the beach for a wedding ceremony. If you’re in town for your honeymoon, you’ll also find that some resorts cater and venture the extra mile with special honeymoon suites that include added room features creating an extra romantic vibe.

Because of all they include, it’s easy to see why guests who have stayed at an all-inclusive resort, continue to do so at nearly all of their vacations. In fact, most visitors continue to stay at the same resort year after year, creating a yearly travel tradition of sorts. After your first stay, you may find yourself doing the same.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Halloween 2016

Although we still live in the same neighborhood, this is our first Halloween at the new house.  A friend invited us  over at their place for the Halloween.  We  decided to attend so  our children can  trick or treat with their friends.  
I am not sure  why both of my kiddos did not want a new costume.  They chose to  dress up in the 50s.  While I am glad that we didn't have to buy  new costumes, I am part sad  because that means they are slowly getting away with the Halloween fun.  
 Anyway,  food was served before   the trick or treat time.
 We went  trick or treating with the kiddos and it was a  great time catching up with other parents and  also had a great exercise with our walk and talk.
 These two were the ones I have seen that's really creative.  It looks really uncomfortable but I applaud the creativity.
 We will see if they will be interested next year, I hope so.  I enjoyed the time we spent with them for occasions like this.
These young  boys and girls are certainly growing up fast.  I still can't believe that my daughter is in 6th grade now.  Two more years and she will be in highschool.  Time flies!  I am  very grateful that I get to spend a lot of times with my kids growing up.  I haven't miss any milestone.  I am blessed to be a Mom, a stay-at-home-MoM!  

The Pros and Cons of Living as a Digital Nomad

There's a sense of romanticism that comes with the nomadic lifestyle. While many people are born to be nomads, others may find the idea of living without a fixed location to be extremely frightening. Making the decision to go completely rogue demands considerable thought and is certainly not for everyone. In this article, we're going to explore some of the pros and cons of the nomadic lifestyle and see if it is the right fit for you.
Pros of the Nomadic Lifestyle 

Freedom: living a nomadic lifestyle allows you to bring your whole life with you wherever you go. Minimalism is often key to freedom as many times our possessions can tie us down. In this day and age, you can pack everything you own in a suitcase and find yourself in a nice furnished apartment wherever you are across the globe.

Flexibility: today, you can theoretically work and even study from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. And when I say study, I'm talking about actual degrees such as MBAs, master of arts in liberal studies or even an online master's in philosophy. Rutgers University is one of the many institutions that offer courses that you can take completely online. Living as a digital nomad allows you to set up shop anywhere, and pack up whenever you wish without losing a step. 

Explore new horizons: one of the most powerful effects of living a nomadic lifestyle is that it opens you up to new cultures and people. Unfortunately, lots of people today lack the perspective it takes to make sense of current events, but being well travelled and being exposed to a completely different world view will definitely make you a better person.

Cons of the Nomadic Lifestyle 

Security: living a nomadic lifestyle will force you to step out of your comfort zone and you'll often fall prey to circumstances. When you're living abroad, you won't have the safety net you would be able to fall back on in case of adversity and will often have to act on survival instincts and rely on your resourcefulness to make it through.

Budgeting: no matter how much you plan, there is always a chance for unexpected expenses or even technical difficulties that might put you in a bad situation. Not only that, but you might also have financial responsibilities back home you still need to take care of, such as mortgages, student debts or utility bills. These are all things that should definitely be taken into consideration before you make the jump.

Losing credentials: if you have to re-enter the workforce after going as a nomad after a while, you might have to explain the gap in your resume to your future employers. Furthermore, some employees might see your nomadic lifestyle as a liability and choose to go for someone more stable.

All these factors have to be considered before you embark on your journey. If you're still on the fence, talk with other travelers, they might be best suited to give you advice on the nomadic lifestyle and what to expect.

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