Thursday, October 15, 2015

An Old Friend's Grandbaby

We went  out for dinner after we attended mass  at the church last Sunday.  While we were waiting for our ordersto arrive, my daughter  asked me if the woman sitting accross us  is a Filipina.  I looked  up and saw  that I know her  when we first got her.  She used to be  around my kids when they were little but life got busier and  we haven't each other for a while.  I haven't attended any Filipino  gathering for a while so  that's  one main reason whywe haven't atch up.  Anyhow, she has a  baby with he and she said that i's her first grandbaby.  Her  kids are super lucky because is  such a sweet lady.  I am sure that she got her grandbaby baby clothes just because  that's what she is, very thoughtful.  We had a nice little chat so that was nice.  
It said that grandbabies are so lucky to have grandparents because most of them  spoiled them with great things and TLC.  I remember when my kids were little and my  father-in-law was still well and able to come around, he always make sure that my kids are taken care of.  He gives them  what they want even the things I don't want them to have.  Yeah I know,  grandparents tend to spoil their grandkids lol.

Future Expansion Plan

It was very foggy this morning when  I dropped my kids off from school and went on my morning walk.  I always want to do my walking early in the morning because I get caught up with  house chores late in the day and I can't do it anymore.  Anyhow, I put away our  patio furniture down the basement because we are suppose to have a freezing temperature this weekend.  We won't be needing  them anymore outside.  I wish I have Wall Mounted Storage Cabinet | Home and Patio Center type of thing so I don't have to put them away.  I also covered our  grill  to protect it from  bad elements during the Winter season.
Our back porch is very small so all we could put there is a small swing and the grill.  Our plan is to expand our outdoor living at the back.  I know that  we can have It dine someday, I just have to figure out how to save for it lol.  Renovation here in our area cost a lot of money.  I can't believe how much they ask to do a certain part of your home, U remember when we ask a contractor to asses how much to renovate our kitchen, he told us that it is over 40 grand.  I almost dropped to my seat.  Geez, that's half the value of this home!

It's been..

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