Saturday, April 27, 2013

Pink Little Lady

After we attended mass last Sunday, we went and visited my father-in-law, then on our way home, we dropped by at Eat n' Park and had our dinner there.  The parking space was full that day so we kind of parked at the very end  of the parking lot close to the  hills.  I took some  shots of my Pink Little Lady after we got out from the restaurant.
I got this pretty pink dress on sale for $3.99 at Macy's.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Creative ways to Show your Holiday Photos

So you’ve had the fantastic holiday and you have heaps of cool snaps to show your friends of all those interesting places you visited while you were away. With a little bit of creative thinking you can show them off in unique ways that show your friends what an awesome time you had. There are heaps of creative ways to show friends your photos and let them share in the fun. Here are 5 ways to show your photos off.

Custom Postcards

Rather than just buying the usual boring postcards from wherever you were staying at the time, why not do something different and make your postcards more personalized. There are quite a few companies who can get your photos made into cool custom postcards that actually feature you in them. Your friends are much more likely to keep a postcard that is made from a photo taken by you and they can put it on their wall.

Photo Books

Another cool way of showing off your holiday to friends and family is by getting them made into a photo book. This is an awesome way of storing and showing people your favorite holiday snaps. Not only will it preserve your photos and keep them in a safe place in living color, but it will be easier to take to cafes or restaurants when you catch up with your friends when you get back.

Customized Wine Bottles

What better way to show your friends your favorite holiday snap than to get it made into a label for a wine bottle. Getting them made into labels is easy and will give new life to a cheap bottle of wine. Giving your friends a custom made wine bottle label featuring your favorite snap will provide a great conversation piece and you can enjoy a glass of wine together as you look at the rest of your holiday snaps.

Customized Cards

Christmas cards can get kind of boring after a while, but you can make this time of year more fun with a bit of creative know-how. This Christmas why not give Christmas cards with a difference by using your favorite holiday photos on your Christmas card photos? You can get them made up quite cheaply online and create some awesome designs using photos of you and your family.

Ceramic Photo Tiles

All those breathtaking places you visited and the lovely photos you took don’t need to just become memories that you look at every ten years when you remember. Getting your favorite holiday photos made into ceramic tiles is a gorgeous way of preserving them and allows you to appreciate them every day. Ceramic photo tiles make great drink coasters, or you could stick a magnet on the back and it will become a useful fridge magnet. They make great personalized gifts for friends too! A great idea if you want to giving a small gift to friends when you arrive home from your trip.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Pandango sa Ilaw, Lubang Island Mindoro Philippines

Balancing skill is not something that Ms. Burrito excels at so she practices every chance she gets. Just like the other day, she wanted to walk around the house with a cup on top of her head. It reminds me of  Philippines because there is  there is a  a folk dance called Pandango sa Ilaw, a popular dance of  grace and balance originated from Lubang Island Mindoro, Visayas  region. 

"This particular pandanggo requires skill in balancing three lighted oil lamps or tinghoy, one on the head and at the palms of each hand. It is characterized by lively steps and clapping that varies in rhythm in 3/4 time. The lights of the lamps are said to represent fireflies that are fluttering in the night. " -
Ms. Burrito wants to join the Filipino-American dance troupe but  we are hesitant as they practice in Pittsburgh  quite a bit of a drive  for us.

She also tried it with the cardboard roll.  She counts   how many seconds the  cardboard will stand in  her hand  without falling.  My little girl never want to give up, when she wants  to learn something, she won't quit till she gets it.

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5 fields of work most suited for new moms

1. Telephone Services

There are many companies that hire telecommuting telephone workers for their telephone services. These companies can include answering services, telemarketing, and customer support jobs, so it can be easy to find a perfect fit for any worker. A wireless headset can be used to manage phone calls which means a new mom can perform their work while keeping both hands free for their child and their home. Most of these telephone services allow workers to choose how many hours they work and to schedule times according to their needs.

2. Content Writing

Content writing can be a great way to make extra money any hour of the day, which includes when the baby is sleeping. There are many different online marketplaces where a writer can sell their content, and writers can specialize in areas that they know about such as child care. Eventually a freelance writer who does well can build up their own clientele and take orders direct from the clients. This enables the writer to make sure that their work flows steadily. A freelance writer can choose to work as many hours as they wish, which makes this an extremely flexible form of work.

3. Transcription

For those with the attention span and the speedy fingers, transcription can be a great way to make very good money at home. Online transcription works by sending the transcriber an audio file or video file. The transcriber then listens to this file and writers down what was said. Transcription is difficult and it's not for everyone, but those that can handle the work can make money whenever they want to, including while taking care of their new baby.

4. Child Care

Child care can be a great way for a new mom to make extra money, because they are already dealing with their own child. A new mom can have other children dropped off to her to watch, and child care can pay extremely well. Many new mothers know other mothers who have just had their children, and many of those mothers will be very excited to have someone they trust watch their children. If a new mother does decide to embark in child care they do need to make sure that they can handle the extra load and take care not to take on too many children at once. Different states have different regulations about this.

5. Personal Assisting

Many employers are now looking online for personal assistants to take dictation, schedule their appointments, and perform other small tasks. Personal assisting work can be done at your own home and many employers will allow the assistant to set their own hours. Personal assisting does require that the new mother set some specific hours and work when the employer needs them, but the work can be a steady and reliable source of income.

If none of these sounds interesting to you, consider taking a Certificate IV in OHS Occupational Health and Safety and become a Workplace Safety Manager. 

 Written by Jasmine Gadd for HBA Learning Centre Australia.

Spring Fun at the Park with Dad

As soon as we had a little warm weather, the kids were on the roll to play outside.  We decided to go to Marland Heights  Park but before we headed there, we dropped by at my FIL and asked if he wanted to go with us.  Surprisingly, he willingly went with us(he seldom goes).  My husband was even surprised that I talked Dad into going lol.  I guess, it has something to do with the long Winter and he kind of got stuck inside the house as he doesn't drive anymore.  So when I asked him, he did not hesitated.  I feel bad that we no longer visit Dad everyday because of my husband's schedule at work.  We try our best though because I can't imagine how hard it is for him to live alone in his house.
Anyhow, we brought our tennis ball and racket so we had some exercise.  It was still chilly that day but because we were playing, we did not mind the  weather.  It's nice to  have some special bonding with Dad.
My father-in-law is turning NINETY oNe in few more months.  He is doing pretty well  at his age.

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

5 Free Resources to Upgrade Your Photography Skills

So you have the digital camera and accessories that you need, and you are ready to take pictures. Although you might have thought that you would instantly be able to take great photographs, you might now be wondering what you can do to sharpen your skills. Photography is an art form that takes a lot of practice to master, but there are free resources out there that can help you sharpen your skills dramatically.

Free Photography eBooks

As a beginner, you can probably stand to learn a lot from more experienced photographers. In the past this meant that you had to spring for a pricey book, but this isn't the case in today's world. There are actually a lot of great photography-related eBooks out there that you can snag for free.

It is a good idea to start with a few general eBooks that will teach you more about using your camera, trying various settings and taking pictures in general. Then, you can branch out and look for eBooks that are related to the type of photography that you are interested in, such as wedding photography or taking pictures of food for your blog. You can even look for free eBooks that are related to the type of camera that you have so that you can find out more about how to get the most out of your camera and its various settings.

Photo Editing Software

When you think about photo editing software, you might think about the pricey yet popular Adobe Photoshop. Although you might decide to spring for Photoshop later when you have a little more experience, there are plenty of free photo editing software programs out there that can help you get started.

Photography Blogs and Websites

Following websites and blogs that were created and are maintained by talented photographers can help you gain a lot more insight and knowledge, and you will probably pick up a bit of motivation and inspiration along the way.

Online Communities

Joining a free online community for photographers, such as a forum or online group, can help you make lots of connections who can help you get better at photography. There are typically tons of people around who are willing to help beginners, and you can ask questions or simply read the things that others have posted so that you can soak in the information. Over time, you will find that you are the one who is giving tips and advice to the beginners.
These online communities also make it easy for you to post your pictures so that you can get honest reviews of what they look like and what you can do differently for a better result next time. This can help you gain knowledge and self-confidence at the same time.

Photo Sharing Sites

Photo sharing sites make it easy for you to learn because you can view tons of different pictures to see what works and what doesn't, and you can post your own pictures to see what others think about them.

If you’ve just bought a new camera and are unsure of using it, why not check out Snappit Digital Cameras and Accessories for professional and helpful advice.

Author Bio: Joanna is a Brisbane resident who is currently studying photography herself, she writes blogs to inspire other beginner photographers.

Spring but Freezing

It's the second day  of Spring here but  it is still on the 20's, it's freezing cold!  I just hope and pray that the kids won't get sick anymore because it is so hard when they are suffering.  The photo below was taken  last  year at Chester, West Virginia when we celebrated my FIL's 90th birthday.  We  roamed around my BIL's property, explored the woods and  did some shooting practice.
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5 Best Mother's Day Gifts for the Foodie Mom

Mother's Day is rapidly approaching, and you'll soon want to look into Mothers Day Flowers and gifts that you can buy for your beloved mother. You know that she absolutely loves food and trying new restaurants, so what are some gift ideas that you can get for her?

Spend Time Together

No matter what your mother's interests are, one of the best gifts you'll ever have is getting to spend time with her. Instead of just hanging out at home, you should find an excellent restaurant in the neighborhood that she has never tried before. It would be great if you select a place that she has been wanting to try for some time, and the two of you can go out.

Foodie Gift Baskets

Choosing Mother's Day flowers and gifts can be difficult, and this is especially true when you have so many baskets sitting before you. To really satiate Mom's taste buds, you can purchase a gift basket that is full of many gourmet foods. These baskets could include an array of delicious chocolates or various cheeses from around the world. Whatever it is, make sure it's already made if your mom doesn't like to cook.

For The Chef

While some mothers do not like to cook, others simply cannot wait to get into the kitchen. What are some gifts you can purchase for the mom who loves to make meals? You can fill a basket with a different ingredients for a specific meal. For example, you could include crushed tomatoes, pasta and bread for your mom who loves Italian foods. Let's say that your mom likes to bake. You could include all of the non-perishable items for baking such as baking soda, flour, sugar, brown sugar, cookie cutters and so forth.

Cook for Her

For much of your childhood life, your mom probably made a lot of meals for you and your siblings. Now, the time has come to repay her. You can look into making breakfast, lunch or dinner for your mom, and your siblings and dad might want to help as well. For a mom who is real foodie and eats at only certain types of restaurants, you might want to ask her what she wants. In any case, mom will certainly be happy to see that she has a night off from cooking or buying dinner.

Gift Certificates

Some people do not think that gift certificates are great presents. However, if you're giving mom a gift certificate to a restaurant that she loves, then what is wrong with it? The answer is nothing. It is better to give a present that your mother is going to love than to put together something that will not wind up being used.

Part of buying a present for a foodie mom is knowing exactly what she likes and coming up with ideas that address her specific tastes!

Jessica is a stay a home mum and when her kids are at school she loves the art of flower arranging in her spare time. She loves sharing her tips and tricks with other fellow green thumbs and trying new things with her garden.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

It's Cold Over HereA gain

Hello everyone,  how's your weekend so far?  We had a  very warm weather for a couple of days but that was it, it is colder again here.  According to the  weather channel,   the temperature will drop down again, sigh.
Glad it's Friday, my kids were so tired when they  came home from school.  Ms. Burrito did not even had the time to change  her uniform and she crashed in the couch.  Mr. Burrito  laid on top of the couch and he fell asleep also.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

4 Activities to do with Your Children They’ll Always Remember

As a parent, you’ll know all too well just how fast your kids seem to grow up. Taking the time to plan activities together as a family is essential to creating a close bond and fond memories between everyone. Here are 4 activities that you can do with your children that they will always remember.

Island Adventure

Why not take a day and organize the adventure of a lifetime. Moreton Island is a stunning natural paradise which offers plenty for the kids to see and do. With a range of tours on offer, you and your children can learn about the unique ecological importance of the island, all while spending a day surrounded by pristine sand, surf and perfect tropical weather.

One of the great attractions of the island is Tangalooma Wrecks, a shipwreck site that has become home to a myriad of colorful fish and other marine life. Make sure you leave time to do some snorkeling off the shore for a truly unforgettable experience that the kids will love.

Organise a Portrait

Gone are the days when a family portrait meant a boring and laborious affair. Now, your family portrait can be a unique and exciting experience that everyone will enjoy. Many families are choosing to have fun themes for their portraits, allowing everyone to dress up and really enjoy themselves. The key to a great portrait is finding the right photographer. You want someone who is fun, energetic and professional who will encourage everyone to be themselves and capture some truly great shots. There are a range of great family photographers in Brisbane who are ready to make your portrait experience one that you and your kids will always remember.

Meet the Wildlife

Queensland is a wonderful place to explore the amazing range of animals that call Australia home. A top attraction is Australia Zoo, located in the stunning Sunshine Coast. Thanks to the years of dedication and enthusiasm from the late Steve Irwin, Australia Zoo has become home to a range of amazing animals, as well as providing fun education and entertainment through a range of specialist shows and demonstrations.

Steve’s family continue to run the Zoo, and their passion and love for all animals is evident in the impeccable way in which the facility is kept. Your kids will never forget their trip to Australia Zoo, and will make plenty of furry friends along the way!

Thrilling Theme Parks

PreviewThe Gold Coast is home to several theme parks that your kids will simply love. Sea World is all about everything marine, with great rides mixed into exciting shows and educational displays. Movie World will let the kids run loose amongst their favourite stars, and enjoy the thrilling roller coasters and themed villages throughout.

Wet’n’Wild is a huge water park with slides, rides and more that is perfect for a hot summer’s day. Finally, Dreamworld is packed full of every kind of activity and thrill that your kids could possibly want. There’s something for all ages when you visit these great theme parks, and your kids will never forget the time they've spent with you there.

Spending quality time with your children is essential, and these special activities will ensure that they will always have great memories of their time growing up. Not only will it be fun for your kids, but you will have a great time sharing the experience with them!

Joanna is a Brisbane resident who currently writes for Kiss Photography Brisbane. Studying photography herself, she writes blogs to inspire other beginner photographers.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Losing Weight after Pregnancy

Before my pregnancies, I was very skinny with  a 24 waist line measurement and 90 pounds weight.  After my two pregnancies however, my waistline has expanded to 28 lol. It is really hard to return to the pre-pregnancy figure. I weigh 97 pounds  now and the  5 pounds of it is my tummy fat, whew!

I am still working on  getting rid of  the stubborn tummy fats.  It's been eight years and   it seems like the bulging tummy has no cure, sigh.  This is my third   day  of  using my  FREE work out materials from empower.  

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Soarin the Mountain and Seas

Some of the photos of us during our last day of park hopping in Disney World. One of the Epcot attractions that we really love is the Soarin. We experienced an exhilarating adventure, a hang -gliding  tour  of seeing beautiful places of the Golden State, California.
We were fastened to a seat belt  on the multi-passenger glider and was  lifted 40 feet into the air.  You will soar and  see panoramic scenes of California.  You will feel like you were really flying when the glider moves  the same way as the aircraft. 
It was an amazing experience for all of us.  Heights is not my cup of tea so I was literally screaming  my lungs out while Soarin the mountains and seas lol.  

My kids really want to go back in Disney World so may be if  we could find a decent price for plane tickets for the four of us, it's a possibility.  We love it there and we  definitely would love to do it again.

Originally posted  on April 20, 2012

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Egg Hunt 2013

Some Fil-Am (Filipino-American) families who live in the area invited us for an Easter Egg Hunt Party yesterday. It was held at Starvaggi Park & Recreation in Weirton.  It was unfortunate that the rain won't stop so we just scattered the eggs  inside the pavilion.  
Our priest also came and spent time with us.  Some families came all the way from Pittsburgh and Ohio.
Aside from egg hunt, there was also a piƱata filled with candies.  So just imagine how much candies we have now at home lol.  There were prizes too for the egg hunters.  Ms. Burrito gathered the most eggs so she had extra prizes.  Thanks to Mommies Norie and  Agnes, we all had  fun!
I hope that you too had a good Easter Celebration!

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