Monday, May 30, 2011

Trinity Hospital North

The cancer surgery that my brother-in-law Dave had in UPMC Pasavanth was infected so he was rushed to Trinity Hospital North in Steubenville. He stayed there for a week to have the infection treated and also to gain weight from the diet that the doctors were giving him. He came home yesterday, thanks everyone for keeping my BIL in your prayers. He is undergoing chemotherapy now and is responding well to it.
He was happy when we visited him because he doesn't have anyone to talk to there.  He told his wife to go home that day so she could rest.
On our way home, we gave the kids some  treat at Dairy Queen located in the area.
Happy Memorial Day everyone!

Friday, May 27, 2011

A Day for a Walk

Hellow everyone, how is your weekend so far? We were so busy since yesterday with school events and stuff. Despite the rain, the kids and parents had so much fun Today at Hanover Park for the closing party of the kindergarten. Will post about it later.

Anyhow, here are the photos of our family walk last Wednesday. The weather was warm and dry so we went for a walk after we visited my FIL at Marland Heights.
We had  so much fun climbing on to this big tree that has fallen at the park due to the strong wind that hit us a couple of days ago.
I hope you guys had a fine day today.  We just got home from my FIL's home.  Ms. Burrito wanted to have a sleep over at her Pap's home.  She want to enjoy the first day of her  school break with his Pap.  My body is sore from  mowing the grass yesterday hehehe.  I helped my husband  mowed our backyard and I also did some crunches yesterday. Whew!

Pink Tonic

I am not suppose to blog about this before my birthday but I couldn't resist lol. Thank you so much Clang for sending us precious pressies!  
The card, the snacks, the kids' presents, and everything in there are fabulous.
Here are my early birthday presents, I lurve  all of it!  Ms. Burrito insisted to post  their  pressies at her Kids e-Connection blog.
Please  take a peek at the blogs of this lovely  blogger friend of mine at her blogs below.  This thoughtful blogger from Japan has to  pretty  daughters, Wakaba and Haruka.  If you get to know her, you will love her as much as I do!  Luvya Clang, not because you send me gifts but because you are YOU!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

First Mother's Day Gift - Nostalgia # 54

My husband  gave me this photo necklace for Mother's day in 2006. Our names and initials are engraved on it.  It's been six years since I become a Mom, I am blessed!

I seldom wear this because the  chain broke off when  Ms. Burrito was still  a baby, she pulled it on my neck.
Thanks once again for visiting and for leaving your thoughts and opinions.

Chill-axing on Sunday

Some shots of our chillaxation yesterday at my FIL's back porch. We stayed there for a couple of hours after attending mass. Then we came then came back after a few hours to bond with my SIL's family wit a sumptuous cookout.
With my father-in-law  on the second shot.  Mr. Burrito was showcasing his nonnieness (giberrish word he created)  here hehehe.
I really love weekends!  You get the hear the words of God, bond with the family, and just relax!
How about you, how's your weekend!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Supergirl Costume

I received the kids' Halloween costume today.  I know it's a little early to get costume for Halloween but I was given a chance to have a free   costume in return of a review  to Costume Discounter, so I am very happy.  I was surprised to see the quality of their costume, I was expecting a low quality just like the ones that we bought online last year, but I was totally wrong.

The Supergirl Costume that I got for  our daughter is  made from a high quality material and it fit her perfectly.  Below are the pictures that I took when she got off from  school and tried it on.  She was so  delighted upon seeing  it laying on the table..

If you guys are planning to get your kids some super hero costumes for Halloween, I highly recommend  the above mentioned website because they have tons of selections to choose from.  The advantage of getting  the costume now is the price because they are discounted plus you will enjoy an additional 20% savings from already reduced price. We are planning to get one for our son too.
I would like to thank a very good friend Dhemz for  recommending this to me and to Mr. Taylor for giving me an opportunity to review one.  I would love to do another one.. wink..  Have blessed Sunday everyone and a fabulous week ahead. 

Friday, May 20, 2011

Relaxing Walk

My daughter and I went for a relaxing walk a couple of days ago when the weather gave us a little bit of sun.
It was nice  walking again on our favorite route at Marland Heights.
we have seen different blooms on our way so of course click click click hehehe.

I know it's not good to spread the  dandelion but  she loves doing wishes  using it.
Thank you for your  visit and  thoughts everyone!

It's been..

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