Thursday, June 30, 2011

Organizing, Cleaning, Filing...etc.

Here's what's keeping me busy for days now. That's the reason why I haven't bloghop as much as I used to. I only bloghop during night time when everyone here are all asleep.
I helped hubby assembled the computer desk that my BIL Rick  gave us. We put it at the basement since we  already have a big one upstairs which is the one that I am using.
I also transferred some of our files down there to free my  desk from too much  clutter.
Organized the kids toys and put it at one side of the basement.  Below is the shelf that I got for free from SIL hris during their  yard sale.  I was going to use to  stack up my pocketbook collection but used it as a shoe rack for kids instead.
So far, the kids are behaving good in not trashing  all the work that I did.
My desk.  I only  leave the folders  which we usually have bills monthly, most of the files went downstairs.
Our basement is  much organized now although we haven't had any furniture there yet but at least it is clean and pleasing to the eyes hehehe.
These are the  projects that my daughter  did in kindergarten.
Here's how the desk downstairs looked like.
I  put all the vases together on the other side of my desk.
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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

X & Y

The letter for this week's ABC Wednesday reminds me of the subject that I wasn't fond of in College, the Algebra where X&Y are always present. Oh, I was horrible at this subject.  It's the only subject where I got a low grade of 77 wahhh, it was a bummer as my grades were 80 and up.  

Anyhow, I am sharing these set of display items that I bought in Korea.  I was busy fi-X-ing it this morning using multi purpose cement glue.  These were broken together with other stuff when our son tried to climbed to our corner piece of furniture full of display items. 
The remains...
Here's after  fixing  one of the vases and the basket.  You can still see where I glued them back together.  See, this is kinda like  solving the X & Y of algebra hehehe.
Hubby told me to just throw it away, that it's not worth fiXing  it but I couldn't, as it holds a sentimental value for me.  I hid the  flaw of the basket by putting some artificial flowers inside it.
Whatcha think?

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Burning Calories through Laughing

Our Burritos are 100% like their Dad when it comes outdoors. They go bananas when they can't go out and go somewhere.  Below are photos taken  when the weather was still a little cool sometime in May.
The cow girl..errr. bull, I mean dinosaur  rider girl lol.
Mr. Burrito is  a sociable person, he is not shy to mingle with  kids while Ms. Burrito is a little reserve.  See how Mr. Burrito play with other  kiddos....
Ms. Burrito preferred to stay with us and later on played with me.
We had so much fun, I think I burned too much calories just by laughing my heart out lol.

Thanks Hon for taking the photos!

Smiling Sally

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Yard Sale

My Niece in law recently moved so she is trying to get rid of a lot of stuff that they need anymore. They had a yard sale over at my FIL's last weekend so we went there and hangout.
Most of the stuff are still in great condition and the stuff that  my SIL was selling was the products that she have when she still have  her  store.
I was amazed how   my NIL would just charge  25 cents to one dollar each item even if they are in great condition.
Rylie bought some stuff like the bag below.  My NIL gave me this napkin holder which   matches my planters for the orchids.  Thank you so much Jen.
Her favorite find is Cathy - a  caterpillar  hotdog pillow.
My SIL also gave a bookshelf or some kind of  display thingy  which I am planning to  sand and paint afterwards.  I think that the kids  shoes would  have a great place  to  store it.  I'll show it to you next time.

It's been..

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