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Iwo Jima Memorial #DCtrip2019 #WashingtonDC

After our rainy visit to the Arlington national cemetery, we dropped by at the  U.S. Marine Corps War Memorial  or more commonly known as the Iwo Jima Memorial.  Seeing how the soldier guards just keep on marching irregardless of the rain at the Tomb of the Unknown, I had so much emotion after that and this monument or statue intensified it.  This to me, right here, is  perhaps one of the most moving memorials in the DC region.  I wasn't born in the US but the country where I came from was part of the US war history so I came to appreciate all of their sacrifices.
This world famous statue is based on the iconic photograph taken by an AP (Associated Press) photographer Joe Rosenthal.  It  depicts the six Marines who raised of the second American flag at Iwo Jima in the Japanese Volcano Islands on February 23, 1945. This memorial is dedicated to all the fallen Marines and their comrades  from other services of all wars   who fell fighting beside them.  President Dwight D. Eisenhower spearheaded  the dedication of this memorial on November 10, 1954.
This memorial is located outside of Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington Ridge Park in Virginia, just across the Potomac River from Washington, DC.   It said that during  summer time on Tuesday evenings, the U.S. Marine Corps band performs free hour-long drum and bugle concerts called Sunset Parades. I wish we would have seen it but not lucky enough since it wasn't included in our tour.  

I wonder what these kids are thinking seeing this piece of historic monument?
Philippines was mentioned there too.

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Awesome Guide on Regaining Your Fitness to be More Active with the Kids

It's not uncommon to become a little unfit as we get older. Aside from the natural declines linked to aging, other commitments like our careers can get in the way. As a parent, though, it's important to rediscover some fitness. While you might not want to run a marathon, you do want the opportunity to do more things with the kids. Besides, good fitness levels will improve your overall health for a longer and happier future.

I am a firm believer that most parents abandon their goals because they fail to plan ahead. So, here are my simple tips to keep you on the right track.

Lifestyle Changes

Before digging out your old running sneakers, your first job is to regain control of the simple daily tasks that set a platform for success. While there's no need to avoid all tasty treats, adopting a better relationship with food is essential. Staying hydrated throughout the day is the easiest and most effective change that you can implement. So, make this your priority.

I cannot emphasize the importance of a good night's sleep enough. It impacts everything from physical health to energy levels and your mood. Whether you need to invest in a new mattress or change your evening routines, improved sleep patterns are a priority. When the fundamentals of a healthy lifestyle are in place, the journey to a fitter future will be far smoother.

Family-Friendly Exercise

Your main incentive for getting fit is to spend more time with the family. So, why not take up a sporting hobby that you can enjoy together? Plenty of team sports can be enjoyed as a family with casual games and routines in the backyard. Meanwhile, skating is a fantastic family activity. Roller Skate Dad can provide valuable insight into equipment and finding adventures. Embrace it.

The true beauty of family-friendly exercise is that it's not only for your benefit. Stopping children from becoming totally addicted to tech is a major challenge for modern parents, while obesity is a pandemic. The group activities help you overcome this problem. Many of the hobbies can be coupled with days out and exploring new places, especially if you look at ideas like cycling.

Pixabay CC0 License

Set Challenges
There's no time limit on when you need to get fit. Likewise, becoming fitter doesn't necessarily mean that you need to get a six-pack or drop a shirt size. Nonetheless, without a source of motivation, it's very hard to stay on track. I've been there, and I'm certain you have too. Without wanting to run a marathon, you may find that signing up for a local 10km run is just the ticket.

I find that when my friends join fitness events, the ones that raise money for charity perform better. It is also a good way to encourage kids to get involved. They can design the running jersey, create signs, and do other creative things to support their parent on the big day. When you have a responsibility to make your children proud, it'll spur you on throughout the training process too.

Make Fitness Convenient
One of the many reasons I love family exercise is that it's convenient in relation to time management. This is an objective that should extend to your personal fitness journey too. If the nearest gym is five miles away, the commute can consume valuable time. When it starts to cause negative impacts in your daily life, you will eventually fall back into your old ways.

The best way to overcome this is to invest in some home gym equipment. U-Powex resistance bands are a great option if you're hoping to become more flexible and supple. While weight training and regular cardio are important too, you must not lose sight of your goal. If the main function of getting fit is to be active with the kids, avoiding aches and pains is crucial.

Pixabay CC0 License

Enjoy Your Rewards

Finally, if you do find a path to success, it's vital that you allow yourself to enjoy it. To take control of your health and fitness when you have other life commitments to juggle is a huge success. When you look and feel the best that you have for several years, vacations and new clothes are fully deserved. Besides, it teaches kids about the value of hard work.

A fitter you is a happier you, and a happier you is a better parent. You already have the motivation and the tools to regain control of your fitness. Now that you also have a winning plan of action in place, there's nothing to stop you achieving those goals. I totally believe in you; you've got this!

Monday, June 8, 2020

Korean War Veterans Memorial In Washington DC #DCtrip2019

One of the most beautiful part of our DC trip is going through war memorials such us the Korean War Veterans Memorial which is located near the Lincoln Memorial. According to the information I read online, this memorial  was dedicated on July 27, 1995 and was designed and financed by private contributions.   
The 19 stainless steel statues that were sculpted by Frank Gaylord of Barre, VT and cast by Tallix Foundries of Beacon, NY are fascinating. They are approximately seven feet tall and represent an ethnic cross section of America.  The statues stand in patches of Juniper bushes and are separated by polished granite strips, which give a semblance of order and symbolize the rice paddies of Korea.  - info source
 Reading history of the war that US military have gone through, makes me appreciate the freedom that we have now. A lot of family suffered loss of love ones and I can't even imagine how they must have felt upon knowing that their family members were killed in the battle.
The troops wear ponchos covering their weapons and equipment.
The memorial commemorates the sacrifices of the 5.8 million Americans who served in the U.S. armed services during the three-year period of the Korean War which is one of the most hard fought in our history. During its relatively short duration from June 25, 1950 to July 27, 1953, 36,574 Americans died in hostile actions in the Korean War theater. Of these, 8,200 are listed as missing in action or lost or buried at sea. In addition, 103,284 were wounded during the conflict. . - source credit

The Pool of Remembrance - the memorial has a reflective pool,  it encircles the Freedom Is Not Free Wall.  The Pool is encircled by a walkway along which benches are located.
The Alcove at the base  numerically listed the soldiery cost of the war in terms of KIA (Killed in Action), WIA (Wounded in Action), MIA (Missing in Action), and POW (Prisoners of War). 
I wonder if the kids that usually goes on tour in these historical places  even understand the importance of these brave soldiers that  sacrificed their lives in order to have the freedom that everyone enjoys.  Freedom is not free after all, it cost so many lives.

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Common Dental Emergencies

It is important for everyone to make sure they go to the dentist at least twice per year for regular cleanings and checkups; however, there are a few reasons why someone might need to see a Dentist Carrollton Texas in between their regular cleanings. In some cases, these might even include emergencies. There are a few common dental emergencies that everyone should know.

A Tooth Gets Knocked Out

This is one of the most common dental emergencies. There are numerous ways someone might get a tooth knocked out. For example, some people might get bumped in the mouth while playing sports such as hockey or football. In other cases, an individual might slip and fall on a pool deck. Unfortunately, individuals might even get injured in a physical assault. If someone loses a tooth in this fashion, it might be possible to re-implant it into the gum tissue. In order for this to work, people need to get to the dentist as quickly as possible.

An Abscess Is Present

Another possible dental emergency is the development of something called an abscess. An abscess is a pocket of pus that might grow on the gum tissue. This often develops when an infection has been brewing in the mouth for a long time. With an abscess, oral antibiotics are unlikely to work. An abscess has been walled off, making it challenging for any antibiotics to penetrate it from the outside. Instead, an abscess has to be drained by a trained surgeon. For this reason, an abscess qualifies as a dental emergency.

A Broken Jaw

One of the most serious dental emergencies is a broken jaw. While it is unusual for someone to suffer a jaw fracture, these can still take place in physical altercations and in a motor vehicle accident. In some cases, people might get hit by a pitch while playing baseball. It takes a long time for a broken jaw to heal; however, the dentist might want to take x-rays to see if the mandible has been displaced from its proper anatomic location. If this is the case, surgery might be necessary to realign the bones.

Act Quickly for a Dental Emergency

Anyone who suffers a dental emergency must call a trained oral health professional as quickly as possible. The sooner these issues are treated, the faster someone can recover. With the help of a local dentist, individuals can set themselves up for a successful recovery.

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