Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Journey Behind Niagara Falls

On labor Day  weekend last month (Sept. 1-3), we decided to cross the border.  We have never visited  Niagara Falls before so this was a spontaneous trip  that we thought would be fun.  We live in the Mountain State so it took us a little over 4 hours of driving to  reach Toronto.  I previously suggested to just go on the New York side so  our business stays in the US but hubby said it would be a chance to see part of Canada since we haven't been there, so that's what we ended up doing.
We did the tour offered by the hotel where we stayed in so after  an hour or so rest upon checking in, we explored a 3-hour scenic  tour around Niagara Falls.  Since it was on a holiday weekend, it was a bit pricey but we really did not a have a choice because we will only be there for a day so we took that option.
The good thing about going on this VIP tours is that you'll get the VIP treatment which means, you don't have to fall in the long lines.  The professional tour guide  arranged all of the things that needs to be done so you can just enjoy the journey. 
Seeing the Falls is really breathtaking.  I have seen so many  pictures and videos of it but it is quite different seeing it for real in person.
I am glad that they allow camera, we got to take some pictures behind the Falls although it was misty.
There were so many people so  taking pictures  takes time as you have to wait  for other people to  clear up a spot but we managed to get some.
The tour guide did not go with us by the Falls but we have limited time to see everything and  get back to the bus.

I was in awe  looking at the Falls but at the same time I always  have  fear of seeing the  force in water.  I grew up in a coastal area so I am used to water but a tidal wave wiped out everything we had when  I was 10 years old so that traumatic experience  stuck with me.
Niagara Falls is one of the places in our bucket list so we are so happy that we got to see it this year. 
Traveling  is not cheap, as  a family of four, it's quite expensive actually for an average-income earner family but we love doing it.  We want our kids to have  good experiences through traveling to places.  This is something both hubby and I never experienced when we were kids so we want our children to have a different experience than us.  We still have a lot of places that we want to  travel so hopefully we will get the chance to do it in the future.  


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