Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Last Day in Vegas

We did not have anything planned  on our last day in Vegas so we decided to  roam around.   We had a whole day to kill since our flight wasn't until in the evening.  I wanted to go to the residential facilities for veterans in Las Vegas but my husband said that we might need an appointment for it so we just abandoned the idea.  It would have been a good opportunity for the kids to  greet veterans.
Even early in the morning, the heat of the sun was already setting in so our  strategy was to go in some of the shopping building to cool off then go out again and explore.  
 Being able to explore  on foot is a lot better than driving around as you get to see a lot of things and also experience it.  A lot of walking and sweating is a great exercise.
We got to roam around Vegas on a hot summer day but it was a lot of fun.
Las Vegas  is a beautiful place to really explore.  You get to see different  building structures that you would see visiting different places but it is all there in Vegas.
Caesar's Palace is what captivated me the most.  It's beautiful, I am sure it cost a fortune just to build what's on the exterior of the building.  I used to admire it from movies but seeing it in person is  awesome.
When we were walking around, there were many instances where sales people  were trying to entice us with "freebies" again but  we never fell for it since we knew the drill already from what we experienced on our second day of our vacation.
We do our  vacation during summer time when our kids are off from school so it is always super hot.  We also do it  during this time to celebrate  either our daughter's birthday or our wedding anniversary.  
I can't believe it's been over a year since we last visited Vegas, time do flies!   I think  one of the   shocking experience my kids  had during our roaming journey is when they saw a man lying on the sidewalk, he seem lifeless and we didn't really know if we will try to help but he seemed so drugged out that my husband said don't bother him.  
We don't gamble and we didn't really  watch any of the shows in Vegas so exploring the city and the nearby  natural beauty like the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead was really awesome.
I think our son's favorite is  the car show that we went to.

We stayed in Vegas for our vacation but the most memorable that we did was our roadtrip to Grand Canyon.  It's true that we've seen  so many beautiful things in Vegas but the  beauty of nature still wins for me.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Everything You Need To Know About Escape Games

If you are thinking about something entertaining to do as a group or family, then you may well be interested in one of the latest trends in interactive live entertainment – escape room games. Escape room games are live experiences where players are trapped in a location with a time limit to escape, which they do by solving puzzles, finding clues, and unraveling mysteries. Originally a Japanese idea based on a series of video games, real live escape rooms have been around in the US for some time now, and have even been featured on TV shows like The Big Bang Theory. With locations all over the country such as these Atlanta escape room facilities, an escape room experience could be a great fun activity for you to enjoy.

How Does it Work?

Escape room games have a story. You and the other players in your group of between two and about eight people are trapped somewhere and have to race against the clock to escape. There are different themes, with some escape rooms going for spooky haunted house type themes, others with exciting action movie type scenarios, and others with classic mysteries to solve. Usually, the time limit is influenced by the story to give a real sense of rising tension as you work to find the answers you need to escape. A games master monitors your group while you play and will offer hints if you are struggling to solve the puzzles, as the idea is for people to get the full experience and for people of all ages to be able to play.

Are Players Really Trapped?

Escape rooms are an entertainment facility, and so while they do create the sense that you really are in the story and under pressure to solve the puzzle or mystery, you aren’t actually trapped. This means that if the experience unexpectedly makes one of your group anxious, they can, in reality, leave the room at any time without completing the challenge.

Who Are Escape Rooms Appealing to?

Escape rooms are becoming popular as team building activities for coworkers, as they give people a scenario outside of the norm where they have to work together, as well as being fun and exciting. Families too can enjoy escape room games together, particularly games designed to be less scary and to include some puzzle elements that younger children can have a chance to solve. In general, anyone who enjoys games, roleplay, and live shows can have fun with this style of entertainment, and most escape room locations offer multiple different rooms and stories so people who have had fun there can go back for a different challenge and experience next time.

If you are looking for something new and interesting to do, whether with friends, family, or your team at work, check out the escape room games in your area and give it a try – it can be a lot of fun and also gives a surprising sense of achievement when you beat the game!

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Journey Behind Niagara Falls

On labor Day  weekend last month (Sept. 1-3), we decided to cross the border.  We have never visited  Niagara Falls before so this was a spontaneous trip  that we thought would be fun.  We live in the Mountain State so it took us a little over 4 hours of driving to  reach Toronto.  I previously suggested to just go on the New York side so  our business stays in the US but hubby said it would be a chance to see part of Canada since we haven't been there, so that's what we ended up doing.
We did the tour offered by the hotel where we stayed in so after  an hour or so rest upon checking in, we explored a 3-hour scenic  tour around Niagara Falls.  Since it was on a holiday weekend, it was a bit pricey but we really did not a have a choice because we will only be there for a day so we took that option.
The good thing about going on this VIP tours is that you'll get the VIP treatment which means, you don't have to fall in the long lines.  The professional tour guide  arranged all of the things that needs to be done so you can just enjoy the journey. 
Seeing the Falls is really breathtaking.  I have seen so many  pictures and videos of it but it is quite different seeing it for real in person.
I am glad that they allow camera, we got to take some pictures behind the Falls although it was misty.
There were so many people so  taking pictures  takes time as you have to wait  for other people to  clear up a spot but we managed to get some.
The tour guide did not go with us by the Falls but we have limited time to see everything and  get back to the bus.

I was in awe  looking at the Falls but at the same time I always  have  fear of seeing the  force in water.  I grew up in a coastal area so I am used to water but a tidal wave wiped out everything we had when  I was 10 years old so that traumatic experience  stuck with me.
Niagara Falls is one of the places in our bucket list so we are so happy that we got to see it this year. 
Traveling  is not cheap, as  a family of four, it's quite expensive actually for an average-income earner family but we love doing it.  We want our kids to have  good experiences through traveling to places.  This is something both hubby and I never experienced when we were kids so we want our children to have a different experience than us.  We still have a lot of places that we want to  travel so hopefully we will get the chance to do it in the future.  

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