Tuesday, April 3, 2018

What to Avoid in Vegas

"What happened in Vegas stays in Vegas... NOT!"   I would like to share this    experience  we had when we were in Las Vegas last year  for those who have not visited LV yet so you will know what to avoid and to spare you from possible headache.  We  love to travel and  all these years, we have never experienced  something like this.   I mean, we were given some offer and options before but we never fell for it till last year.   There's always first  time with everything I guess.
Anyway, here's how it all happened.  Our flight arrived  in Las Vegas very early so we couldn't check in to the hotel yet.  We  went to see Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam.  So by the time, we  checked in, we were so tired already.  Circus Circus  is a big hotel and  we had a hard time navigating through our room.  As we were  looking for our way,  this Asian lady offered us assistance.  She  pulled us  to her cubicle and  said that she will give us  complimentary stuff that we can use  while we are in Vegas.  She said that all we have to do is attend a an hour presentation  the next day which we thought an hour is not that long so we said yes.  
That was the first thing that we  went to  the next morning hoping that by ten o'clock, we will be done and do fun stuff.  A  shuttle  will take us to the property where the "presentation" will be held so we waited  at the lobby  after we ate breakfast.
The lady who talked to us initially  said that we would be given $750 worth of freebies at the end of the  presentation.  Too good to be true right?  I know, I was skeptical and  wanted to  just cancel what we  agreed on but my husband wanted to honor our word so we went.
The company's name was Diamond Resort, as you can see in the photos below while my husband was talking to the  ladies.  As we waited for the shuttle bus, we found out that there are so many of us who will be attending.  We said "great, we won't be the only one".
We got bored waiting so  my daughter and I  went inside the souvenir store to kill some time.
We arrived at this beautiful resort.  There were refreshments and some snacks while all of us waited at the reception room.  The people there really made you feel welcome, they served sweets such as donuts, cookies and all that sugary stuff.  Since we  ate breakfast already, we didn't entertained what they  offered us.
When  the presentation  started, all the kids went to the game room with the other kids.  I didn't really want to leave my kids there but they said they were okay as there are some other kids there too.  It was a bit uncomfortable for me but   since they said the presentation  is short that I thought it would be over soon before they know it.
Every group was assigned an agent.  Hubby and I   let the agent know  first hand that we are not interested in  investing into anything.  The agent then showed us the whole  resort and the  amenities that   you can  enjoy if you invest into a time share.  We told him that we have friends and family who have time share and  we know how  it works.
These people are very persistent, no matter how much you said that you are not interested.
It is true that the resort is beautiful and that you can basically use it worldwide but  the thing is, this so-called property you are paying for is not really yours.  There are so many people that owns it too.  What I don't like about it is, you will have to pay the  maintenance for the said "property" (that you don't really own).
We told the agent that we do take the kids for vacation every year  and that we  are happy with our set up.  We don't want  to lock into a financial responsibility.  The agent told us how much money we could save for having a time share.  We told him that what they are not mentioning is that, hotel accomodation is just one part of the travel.  Airfare is lot expensive than the hotels.
As we were talking back and forth, we  told  them we are not interested. They don't want to let you go that easy, they sent  different people  to talk to us and tried to convince us how great having a time share is.  They even  offered the lowest rate with us but we  said NO.
My husband and I were really getting upset with the whole situation as they just keep  coming and trying to sell us  the time share after we repeatedly declined the offer.
Next thing we know, it was noontime already.  I was getting really upset because I know my kids must have been bored already.  We came to Vegas to have fun and this is what we were trapped into the first  day.
This is what it looks like inside.  These are the amenities that you will enjoy when you purchase a timeshare.  I mean everything looks nice and all but  think about it, it's not like you  will be staying in it the whole time you are in vacation.  All you need is a comfortable bed to lay  at night to rest your tired body.
Not all of us wants to cook when on vacation  so a fully furnished kitchen would do us any good.  I mean it is  cheaper to cook your food but  it beats the purpose of trying local food and you are eliminating that experience in your travel.  I mean, if you  will stay there for  a couple of weeks, that might be the  best option, to cook your own food, but a lot of us just go on vacation for a week or less so there's no need for a kitchen.
You are basically maintaining these  properties while the companies  collect the profit.  They said that you can  let family use it for you or let them rent it but who wants to  go through that hassle.
Anyway, as the agent is still trying really hard to sell us  a time share, I just enjoy taking photos.  He can tell that I  wasn't interested and wasn't even listening to his rumbling anymore so he kind of get pissy at me so I asked him different  question:

  • Do you have a timeshare yourself?  He said yes.
  • How is it working out for you, do you use it all the time?  He said sometimes.
  • Is it worth it? He said yes.
  • How is it worth the money if you only use it sometimes?  He gave me this elaborate  explanation that sometimes he let his family use it because he can't go for a vation all the time.
  • So you're saying, based from your own experience, that you don't really use it all the time, then why on earth you are trying to sell us one?  He laughed at me and said "Well, this is for your family's enjoyment and convenience."

After the series of questions I threw at him, he  got his supervisor and talked to ud.  The supervisor said the same things and we told him we  are not interested then another  person came and offered us  even lower options "the very BEST deal" they said they can offer.  Imagine how many person these people doped into doing this?  If they sign up right away, those deals are out and you got suck into the payment without realizing that  you could have had  a smaller bill, grrr.  
We finally got to go and they gave us the "freebies" they promised.  We got some free tickets to  go see the Mandalay Bay's Shark Reef.  That's what we did  that afternoon.
We had to wait outside for the transportation they arranged to take us back to the hotel.  It was so hot outside that my daughter was really in the bad mood.
Instead of ruining  our mood, I took the opportunity to take some more photos of us while we wait.

Glad our son was a good sport and played along , he wasn't grumpy.  
Aside from the Shark Reef tickets,  the other freebies also include  dinner for four at Stratosphere.
After we  explained  the  situation to our daughter, she was fine.  
We were also given a 3-day vacation package in Virginia which we did not claim because we found out, to use it, you will have to  attend another  presentation again.  It's not really worth the time and hassle and headache.   The moral of the story is to  avoid those   people that offers  freebie in Vegas because there is no such thing as free, really.  They are everywhere you go in Las Vegas especially in the  malls and  hotels.    Those freebies are not worth it, it will take your time and patience.  Never again, we will entertain this kind of  scam.  

19 travelers' comments:

Masshole Mommy said...

Those time share people are everywhere. We got sucked in in Orlando once, but the freebies were worth the hour of our time and the BAD ATTITUDE we got from the salesperson when we said we weren't interested......even though we told him at the get go that we were only there for the freebies.

Chubskulit Rose said...

M.Mommy, they are so persistent aren't they? We did tell the agent too from the very beginning that we are not interested in purchasing anything but they just keep on and on about how great it is to have a timeshare.

Alli Smith said...

We travel quite a bit and we've learned to be weary of those people selling time shares. The gift is not worth the headache. We went on one years ago and when we said no, they brought in another salesman that was mean and we had to be very firm with them - no means no. I've avoided them ever since.

candy said...

We don't do time shares. We travel but not back to the someplace over and over again. This option is just not something that would fit our live style.

AiringMyLaundry said...

Oh man, that would be irritating. I hate when you tell someone no and they don't quit. At least you got some lovely photos of the resort! I personally wouldn't do a timeshare either.

Jeannette said...

We had something to one of those ones and got yelled at for wasting his time because we were not interested even though we told him we were not in the beginning. I will never again do one of those!

SimplyTasheena said...

It's great that you guys were still able to enjoy your vacation and that your children were able to understand.

Heather Jones said...

I've been there. It's fun, but I will never do a timeshare. It's so hard to get out of once you buy in. Some people actually have to get lawyers involved to be released from their timeshare.

Unknown said...

I have had friends who have told me about these time share vacations. At least you got to make the best of your vacation despite the irritations!

Marysa said...

Time shares are a tough thing. Once you commit to attending the presentation, it is tough to get out of it especially if you are in it for the freebies. We always say no because we don't want to waste our precious vacation time, even for freebies. The last hotel we went to, we were exhausted and kept trying to tempt us with things like t-shirts, hats, even a couples massage package. The freebies got better over time.. but we always give a firm "no" because we know what we are getting into.

Pamela K said...

Timeshare folks are very pushy and get rude once you say no. We experienced that when we were inMiami. I had to get ugly with one to just let us leave.

Glam Karen said...

I feel you so much with this. The only things that made it better was the freebies but you could have done those yourselves during the time that they took from you. Definitely important to stay away from these people.

Melanie @ bear rabbit bear said...

We have ran into those presentation things in TN, but we have luckily not ever signed up to go on one. Your description of it solidifies it for me that we will not ever do it!

Unknown said...

Oh no! I signed up for one of these... >.< They said we would attend a presentation and I knew they would bug us but I didn't realize it would be so bad... I hope to be very persistent in holding them to the fact that they said it was X amount of time. PLUS my 2 year old who is super active is going with us so .... lol... to be honest he'll probably turn the place upside down and they will want us out anyways lol. I am glad you turned it around at the end.

Carol Cassara said...

This has never happened to me before but it's a good warning for everyone. The freebies aren't worth it if your whole day has been wasted. I will definitely take note of this the next time I go to Vegas or anywhere else.

Unknown said...

Ugh, hate it when locals (or scammers) try and sell me a time share. Haven't been to Vegas yet but got my hand ready to do a lot of pointing if needed if I kept getting approached.

Debra Hawkins said...

Time shares are not our thing! My husband aunt's has one and we have used it but I am not sure we will ever have our own.

Cosmetic Sanctuary said...

Yeah, I was told long ago to watch out for these things! I've been to Vegas a few times and prefer to go without a real itinerary so I can go out and about as I please

Anosa Malang said...

Never heard of timeshare but I guess I won't give in as well. You were still patient enough and I love how your husband stick to your word of honor. Anyway, even if things happened like that, you still manage to visit

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