Sunday, June 17, 2018

Walnut Creek, Ohio

We were talking to our neighbor  one time and we mentioned how we love to go to the Amish place in Ohio.  He asked us which one do we go to, we thought  there's only one place  but apparently not.  We always go to the one in Sugarcreek.  He told us to check out the Amish place in Walnut Creek, Ohio.
My husband and kids asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday so I told them that we should go to Walnut Creek and check it out.
It was a little ways compared to the distance when going to Sugarcreek but it was nice  seeing a different Amish place.  
I like Sugarcreek more  than Walnut Creek though.  You can shop and  sightsee  in one place.  In Walnut Creek, the shopping  place is different, then you have to drive to see  the flea market place, then the  furniture and outdoor store, I didn't like it that much.
It was worth checking out a new place though.
The  food market was huge, it was like a  huge mall.  Here's my  daughter who likes to  try Amish products.  She loved the jalapeƱo jelly on crackers so we got a jar of it and a box of the crackers.
They were contemplating on getting some donuts but ended up not getting any.  I got me a  carrot cake though, it was delicious.
As I mentioned earlier, the  food market was huge.  We didn't really checked everything but  my husband got me an iron skillet.  It was funny  when we were checking out, the cashier  told my husband not to upset me.  I laughed and said "that would make a great weapon" and we all laughed.
I love the displays.  It reminds me of the  Amish house that we went to  that has all the different tools and  things that they used from previous era.
I think my favorite of our trip was our visit to the outdoor  furniture store, the Swiss Country Lawn and Craft.  They have so many things that I would love to have, the only problem is, I can't afford them ha ha.
My husband is eyeing on this  furniture for our back porch, this set cost almost $1,800.
We will go back there and buy a swing though.  He love  spending  time in the front porch and he wants something that he could rock back and forth.
Our last stop was in the flea market.  It was a huge place as well.
This  guy was performing  by the  entrance  lobby  so we listened to him for a while.  He can sing really well.
We spent some time exploring this place but we didn't get anything.
I was drawn to these service dogs.  The lady was selling garden stuff so I  look at all the things she has before  moving on to the next.
I find this one a bit funny so I took a picture of it lol.
Welcome to the Man Cave stuff.  My husband has  a sword that he got from Japan.  We don't have aMan Cave in the house though.  I told him if he wants one, he can fix  the  basement.
I  was separated from  them when I was  looking around and  we found out that we didn't have phone service in Walnut Creek.  We couldn't  communicate using our phone, when I found the kids, my husband has gone looking for me, oh boy.
By the time, we have convened, it was time for us to go back home.
I got to say, it was a nice birthday  short road trip, we got to see  an[other part of Ohio that we have never been to before.
There's something about Ohio that's very calming and relaxing.  When you are driving along the road, just looking at farms and  farm animals, makes me wish that I  live in a farm.
It's amazing how   older age can teach you.  When I was growing up (we lived in a farm), I couldn't wait to get out and  explore the city, then I found out that  cities weren't all that great asd I thought it would.
Our  road trips always end up with these two falling asleep on our way home.
Walnut Creek Ohio was nice but I love Sugarcreek more.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Point State Park Fountain

One of the many beautiful features of the Point State Park is the Soaring fountain with 200-ft.-wide basin, infinity waterfall  and  seats, at meeting point of three rivers.  When the fountain shoots up high, you will see it  from afar even you are just driving by the bridge.  We didn't see it though when we were there so it was a bit disappointing.

It was  hot when we went there at noontime but when you sit in front of the fountain, it cools you down.
A lot of people remove their  shoes and  soak their feet in the rim of the  fountain.
I think this is the  perfect location  for a water fountain because you can see the  river, the bridges, and the beautiful views in between the  rivers.
I wonder how  often they clean  the water because it was kind of murky or maybe it was the color of the concrete at the bottom that makes the water looks dark.  Nevertheless, it was really relaxing to just sit there for a while and  soak your feet or just  enjoy the sound of the water.
We saw many people getting their  sun tan too and some are  taking a nap even.
My son always  throw a coin and make a wish when he sees water fountain  and this  one is no different.
This is the very first state park  that I went to  that is located  in the city.  Most of the state parks are  far from the city so this is a really neat  place.
We would have stayed a little longer if we went there a little earlier when the  it wasn't too hot yet.

The  Heinz Field you see in the background  is located across the street where the Carnegie Science Center is.  We've been there a few years ago.  It is on the other side of the river and  is one of the four Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 
My son  wants to  attend one of the  games of Steelers someday.  Hopefully  we can all  go and watch the Steelers although I am not a big fan of football but I would go just because the boys love football.

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