Thursday, November 20, 2014

Bonding with Friends at Lake Arthur Regatta - Moraine State Park, Pennsylvania

We met some  good people when we got invited to a Filipino gathering at Lake Arthur Regatta - Moraine State Park in Pennsylvania last August of this year.  We seldom  attend  this kind of event  but since  we want our kids to be around the Filipino community once in a while, we decided to go.   
 It was nice because we get to eat some great foods which reminded me of home.
 You know when  it's a Filipino party because  camera keeps flashing lol.
 I don't think  there would be a Filipino gathering with no picture.  It is just part of being Asian I guess.  We even take pictures during funerals.
 We also got to see Chelsea again the Pomeranian dog that we used to have and we  gave her up for adoption to another family.
 She was still the same, she still knew us too.
The kids were so happy to see Chelsea  again.  It was a great time for me  and my husband as well.  We got to explore the  other part of the park which was very nice.  Definitely a place that worth visiting.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Music-Related Journey

Below are some photos that  I have when my daughter was still taking  ballet lessons to a dance place here in our  area.  She didn't like it too much so after  several months, she decided that dancing wasn't for her.  Her journey doesn't end  there though.  Her interest in music was shifted into playing an instrument which is really good because she loves it.  Hubby and I supported her decision not to continue with the dance lessons because I couldn't  be a good dance Mom anyway.  I am not into make up and other cosmetics so I wouldn't really know how to dress  up daughter during rehearsals.
I think her motivation was affected by the fact that she didn't like  how they were  being  trained during the lessons.  I think that if you want  your kids to be good at ballet, they should take ballet lessons at this dance studio where  teachers are professional and really knows what is best for your kids.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tips on a Long Road Trip with Kids

Let's face it, traveling with kids is not always pretty especially if you are taking a long 7-8 hours of r driving.    My family love traveling, it's one of the many  pleasures in life that we enjoy as a family.  We love to go on a road trip especially if we can't afford to go on a  major vacation.  Local trips or just plain  JoyRides is fun with these  Burritos of ours.  These photos were taken when we were coming home from our one week getaway in Ocean City this year.  That's a very  long  drive so hubby and I make sure that we are ready to deal with the travel woes.  Below are some of the  tips  that really works for us when we go on  long road trips.
 1.  Bring Music CD and Movies - Listening to music or watching movies can really occupy their time.
 2.  Bring Coloring Books or Crossword Puzzles - My kids love these kinds of stuff so I make sure that I pack  these with our stuff.
 3.  Pack some  Finger Foods - Bringing some snacks  during the trip is a must when you have kids because they tend to get fuzzy when they get hungry.  A well-fed tummies  means happy travelers.  This also eliminates the need for  stopping at food chains.  Cut up fruits and veggies are great to keep them full.
 4.  Keep them Engage - Engaging them in a conversation makes the trip really exciting.  We  sometimes challenge them to look for certain color of cars or type of car.  It makes them aware and alert.
 5.  Ask Trivia Questions - Even on  road trips, we  somehow incorporate learning.  My husband would always asks about certain characters in a movie and stuff like that.
 6. Tell a Story - Hubby is a great story teller so the kids always ask for stories when we go on road trips.  You can share your childhood  memories and  life experiences,  our kids love to listen to that.
 7.  Bring some Board games that they can play.  - We let our kids bring their favorite toy or games when we go on a road trip so that they could play with it when they get bored.
 8.  Are We There Yet? - This is the common question that kids ask when  traveling so  tell them the location, things that you see, and  the time period that you still need on the road before reaching the destination.
 9.  Riddles i this plays a big part as well when we are traveling.  Hubby has a lot of these lol.
10.  Point Out to them the beauty of nature.  Luckily for us,  both of our children love outdoors/nature so they enjoy what they see especially farms with animals.  Industrial buildings is also one of their favorite topic.  If you involve your kids in a conversation, they would surely show enthusiasm and boredom is unlikely to happen.  
11.  Lastly, make sure that they are well-rested the night before the trip so they won't be so tired and fuzzy.  

Quick Getaways for the Holidays

The holiday season really is a wonderful time of year when you can stop for a little while, look around, and take in all of the blessings in your life. They are also a perfect opportunity for reconnecting with family and friends you have not been able to see for a while as a result of a busy life keeping you apart.

But the holidays can also be extremely stressful. Shopping for gifts, making plans with many different people, and finding time to stay sane through it all is definitely tough. And, sometimes, all you really need is to get away for a little while, especially if you are experiencing a lot of tension in your relationships. So what are some quick getaways you can book?

Antigua, Guatemala

Antigua is a city in Guatemala that is known for its beauty, its slow pace, and its relaxed attitude, so it is absolutely perfect for getting away from the winter blues and from the stress created by the holiday season. You can find a variety of places to stay, such as apartments and hotels, but do not expect to see high-rises, so you will feel like you are travelling back to a much simpler time.

London, England

London is a vibrant, diverse city that truly has something for everyone. If you are yearning for some excitement and you want to do something a little different this holiday season, try booking your stay in some serviced apartments in London, as you will not be disappointed by all that there is to do and see. From theatres and museums, to a variety of tourist attractions, museums, and historical sites, you can take some time to take in new experiences rather than following the same old holiday routine that you have done every year so far.

The island of Aruba is one of the most gorgeous islands on the planet, so it is no wonder that so many tourists flock to it throughout the year when they need to get away from it all and recharge their batteries under the warm sunshine and in the crystal clear waters. Book a stay at one of the many beautiful resorts, where you will be pampered with easy access to a soft sandy beach, a large swimming pool, delicious food, and friendly locals and fellow travellers.

Miami, Florida

For those who want to head to the United States, and for those already living in the US who want to get away from it all and head to a tropical destination, Miami is highly recommended. Beautiful beaches, exciting nightlife, and restaurants serving delicious cuisine will make your stay interesting and memorable. You can even take a short cruise while you are there to the nearby islands of the Bahamas.

With so many amazing things to do and see around the holidays, there is no reason why you should spend them at home if you don't want to. Or, create a balance between family time and getaway time by planning a quick getaway to one of these destinations. You won't regret it.

Ensure That Your Pet is Looked After While You're On Holiday

Having a pet can be a really lovely addition to your household they can also be a burden when it comes to going away on holiday. Whether you're away for a few days or a few weeks you need to make sure that there is a plan in place to ensure that your pet is looked after while you're not at home. The good news is that you do have options when it comes to ensuring your pet is ok while you're not at home. You need to make sure that you look into all of your options in plenty of time. The last thing you want to do is be left with a few days to go before your holiday and still nowhere for your pet to stay.

Where Will They Stay

The options that you have regarding looking after your pet while you're away really depends on the pet that you have. If you have fish, for example, then all you really need is someone to come in a couple of times to feed them. A cat is also relatively easy to arrange care for as they are quite independent. You'll just need someone to come in every day to make sure that they are fed and watered.

Small caged animals can often be moved to a friend's house if they're willing for this to happen. Bigger caged animals require someone to come in and feed them as and when it is needed. A dog will probably need to go to the place they are being looked after for someone to care for them. They'll need to be walked and fed every day, so someone coming into your home to do this doesn't always work as well.

Who's in Charge

When you are looking for someone to take care of your pet you have a few options. If you have any friends or family nearby that would be willing to do this for you then that can sometimes be an option. Just make sure that you choose someone that is reliable and who you can trust to do a good job. You don't want to be on holiday worrying about your pet. 

If this isn't possible then it could be time to get in some professional help. If you have a small pet then there are often pet services where people will come into your home as often as you need to look after them. You'll need to give them access to your home so it is essential that you use a company who has a good reputation. Looking up your options online is a good way of doing this. You can then check out reviews and posts on social media to get an idea of how reliable they are.

For larger pets then you might need to consider boarding kennels. Make sure that you look into this with plenty of notice. That way you have time to go and visit to check out the conditions before you put your pet there. This is another option that can be read up on via the internet and all of your options research.

If you have no one to look after your smaller pet at home then you can often find services where your pet can go to stay. Catteries or places for rabbits to stay while you're on holiday can usually be easily found if you search online. Just remember to include the name of your local area in the search phrase so that results are near enough by to be able to help.

When you're leaving someone in charge of your pets well-being it stands to reason that you are going to want to make sure it is someone you can trust. The best way to do this is to look up all of your options with plenty of notice. You can then speak to them about your needs and any concerns you may have. They should be able to answer these and reassure you that they are a safe place to leave your beloved pet.

Treatments Before You Leave

The health of your pet is something that you should think about all year round, but especially if you're going away. The last thing you want is to hear news of your pet falling unwell while you're away. Carry out pet treatments via your vet or head over to to carry out worming treatments as and when they're needed.

If you're going to put your pet in any type of kennel then you should make sure that you check every pet housed there has been treated. You want to use kennels that insist on up to date vaccinations for all pets. This ensures that your pet is at as little risk as possible of falling ill while they stay there.

Take Your Pet With You

If you're holidaying within the same country then why not consider taking your dog with you? There are loads of pet-friendly holiday resorts out there and you can use the internet to find them. This means that you get to take your pet with you without having to worry about leaving them at home - which often means that you get to enjoy your holiday more. 
Going on holiday is meant to be a fun experience. You don't want to spend the whole time you are away worrying about your pet and wondering if they are being looked after properly. By spending time researching your options and being sensible in your choices this doesn't need to be the case at all. 

When you go on holiday knowing you have left your pet in safe hands you're much more likely to be able to get on with having a good time. That said, there is nothing to stop you calling in and checking on your pet a couple of times while you're away. At least that will give you peace of mind that everything back at home is fine! 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

When Our Feet Kissed the Sand

During our one week vacation  in Ocean City, our day always started with a morning walk in the ocean shore.  It is refreshing to breath the fresh air and letting your feet kissed the  sand is just therapeutic.  It makes me reminisce my  younger days growing up in a coastal part of the Philippines. 
 I found it very interesting that very early in the morning, a lot of people were already swimming.
 My kids were obsessed with finding seashells.  We  brought home a good bit of them.
 Watching my husband and son  talked  about  stuff  reminds me of my Dad and my siblings.
 We love very far from the ocean so my kids  were definitely  in paradise in Ocean City.  They  enjoy every little thing that they see, even the things that most people might not even paid attention to.
Even though we don't have a lot of money, we  see to it to  do a little getaway  once a year because we want the kids to enjoy the things that hubby and I failed to enjoy when we were kids.
 It's just a joy to see  them  have a blast.
 I am a big stalker of my kids so I take pictures of them all the time.  I just want to preserve the memories through pictures.  I want them to remember when they are grown ups and we  are gone that we do things as a family.
 Watching my  son adore the ocean, makes me smile, makes my heart sing for joy.  I will let the photos below talk  of how joyful he is  being in the ocean shore.
 The little  lady always brings this  bag to store the shells they collect.
I miss  Ocean City especially now that  it is getting so cold in here.  I would love to go back there even just for a couple of days.   Just to be able to let our feet kissed the sand again would be so awesome!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Incredible Hobbies Your Kids Should Try At Some Point During Their Childhood

Nudging your children in the right direction is a big part of being a good parent. While it can be tempting to let them sit in their bedrooms all day long playing video games, we all know that isn’t going to do much for their health. You need to encourage them to be as active as possible. Finding an enjoyable hobby is the best way of doing that.


Football is one of the best ways to keep your kids active. There will be lots of boys and girls teams in your local area they could join. Not only will this sport keep their bodies in good shape, but it could also help them to make lots of new friends.


Almost every town in the UK offers some sort of dance class to children. If you can’t find one in your local area, try getting in touch with your kid’s school. They are usually good at pointing people in the right direction. Again, they’ll keep fit and meet lots of new people. That is good for their personal development.
Scuba diving 

If you live near to the coast, you might like to arrange for your child to have a go at scuba diving. While this hobby is a little more dangerous than the other ones mentioned, you don’t have that much to worry about. Just make sure the provider you use has appropriate insurance.

It’s important that everyone has a hobby, and most people discover theirs at an early age. You should never push your kids into doing something they don’t want to do, but there’s nothing wrong with giving them some encouragement.

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