Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Family Photo Fun After Christmas Eve Mass

After attending the Christmas eve mass, I asked my lovelies  not to change their clothes first so we could have a little fun in front of the camera.  Even our  fur babies were up top it as well so they were included in the photos.  
 These two always carry each other.  It's one of their favorite thing to do when I try to take photos of them.
 Look at those bright eyed  little Miss hehehe.
 IN this pose she is trying to  guess what Santa might bring her for Christmas.
 Then she  put on silly faces.
 Finally, she gave me a real pose.
 Then hubby and I joined the fun.  Thanks to the self timer.  My camera's tripod is broken already so it is so hard to  get a good shot of all of us.
 The boys including Champ.
 They always object when I asked them that we need to take photos but once I started  clicking, they are all up to it.
 What I  love is my  husband's sportsmanship.  He definitely is a big "kid".
 Family photo at last.. but.. wait, Champ was in the way..
 There you!  I was   laughing at the last one because I was  very ticklish of Bolt trying to kiss my  cheeks.  Can you see him in between me and my daughter?
It's always  nice to let loose once in a while  d document  it.  I wish you a happy and prosperous 2015!  May the new year bring us all   much love, peace, forgiveness, and grace!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

6 Fantastic Tips For Traveling With Kids

To help you enjoy your time traveling with your family, we have put together a quick family-friendly travel guide below.
1. Plan in advance

Whether you are planning a family camping break or an around the world trip, it pays to plan in advance.

Never underestimate the importance of planning when travelling with kids in tow. Make sure to book your flights, accommodation and transfers in advance. There is nothing worse than being stuck with tired children and nowhere to stay or no available transport. So, ensure you always plan and book everything in advance.

2. Allow lots of time

Make sure to always allow extra time when you are travelling with children. Kids love exploring and looking at new things and don’t like to be hurried along. To ensure you don’t miss your flights, factor extra time in for things like toilet trips, stalling and even temper tantrums.

3. Be prepared

Think about where you are travelling to, and be prepared for it. Make sure to dress your children in suitable clothing for the climate you are travelling to.

Children who are dressed correctly for a new place will be happier and more comfortable. Do your research and find the best clothing options for them – the last thing you want is a sulky toddler who is too hot or too cold.

Don’t just think about their clothes, think about their shoes too. If you are going to a tropical country, think about whether they will need beach shoes. Is the sand too hot to walk on? Do sea urchins lurk underneath?

If you know you are going to be sat in the car, on a train or a plane for a long time, make sure to bring enough activities to keep the little ones entertained.

Crayons, coloring books, hand held puzzles, and travel games always go down well. If you are planning on taking crayons and other art materials, make sure to pack crafts that are simple for adults to do too – kids love it when mommy and daddy join in with them.

If you are flying and have to travel light, leave the toys and games at home and load as many child-friendly apps onto your phone or tablet as possible. A fully charged device loaded with lots of children’s games can make one of the best traveler toys. Best of all, it doesn’t take up too much space.

5. Pack a mini first aid kit

Kids seem to have a habit of getting sick whilst travelling, so make sure to pack a mini first aid kit in your suitcase. Fill it with Calpol, plasters, antiseptic wipes, antihistamines, and anything else you might need. Always ensure you pack a thermometer as well.

6. Don’t lose them

Kids love running off and exploring, but when you are in a foreign place, this kind of disappearing act can be incredibly worrying.

Before you travel, look into the best child location devices. All you need to do is clip part of the device on your child, then if you lose sight of them, activate your controller and follow the sound till you find you find them again.

You could also write your phone number on your child’s arm or leg, so that if they end up getting lost you can be easily contacted.

Christmas Parade in Weirton 2014

We tried to incorporate attending to  community activities in our family activities this year.  This is our first year of watching ta Christmas parade here in Weirton.  The  parade  was on the 29th of November
 It was cold that night so I made sure that we were all bundled up so the kids won't get sick.
 While waiting for the parade, I had the opportunity to  take some photos of the beautiful display at the   business establishments  in downtown Weirton.
 There were actually so many who participated but lots of  it were businesses and some schools have participated as well.  So here are the photos, I hope you enjoy  them.
 There  were some interesting  ones but most of it were just okay.
 I feel bad for these majorettes whose  outfits are  shorts and their legs were exposed to the cold weather.
 These cute little  girls from a Dance company are wearing warmer clothes which is nice.
 Fuzzy Peach used the "Frozen" theme  which looks really nice.
 It's funny, my kids  picked some candies that were being thrown but they never really ate them.
 It was a nice event to end the month of November.
Since we were standing right in front of a chinese restaurant, we ended up ordering some chinese food and took it home.  We were not impressed by the food but oh well, it was  cheap and at least we knew now not to  eat or  order anything there.

It's been..

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