Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Museum on the Bay

Our trip to  Corpus Cristi, Texas was  full of fun.  We mainly visited the USS Lexington or the Museum by the Bay as it is popularly known as.  It's nice that they turn this old military ship into a tourist attraction.  People can learn   things about the military.

I wish that we could have more time to spend a day or two so we could have explored  it more but we were only there for certain hours as it was a bit far from San Antonio, Texas.
Our family friend is  lucky that they live  where they can just drive and see  it.
Despite the time constraints, we managed to have fun and learn a lot of things about the  military history.  The kids got to enjoy swimming in the ocean and it  was  an adventure worth remembering with the Dias Family.  Little by little, I will be  posting photos, I just can't do it  right away as I have so many things going on whew.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Hoodied Sweatshirt from Allied Shirts

We are now in  low 40s here in West Virginia which is for me is  already cold although my husband said that it isn't hehehe.  Well, can you blame me, I  was born and raised from the tropics  so I was used to warm weather all year long.  That is why, I am very happy when I was offered to  review a Hooded Sweatshirt by Allied Shirts.

"Humility is the  the solid  foundation of all the virtues"  is what  is imprinted on this  sweatshirt.  The   text are pretty small so you can't really read it from the photo.  I love it though because it is a classic fit heavyweight sweatshirt   which is perfect to keep me warm  this Fall season.  It is made of 80% cotton and 20% Poly Fleece.  Allied Shirts offers customized  t-shirts  so whatever design you want, just leave it to them and you can have it.

Disclaimer:  The author did NOT received any monetary compensation for writing this review.  The product mentioned above was  provided for FREE for evaluation purposes.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Rio Loco at Sea World San Antonio

Here they are taking off to a wild ride in Rio Loco at Sea World San Antonio. After I got soaked from a wild safari adventure in Disney World before, I wouldn't want to experience that again wahh.  On the positive side, if you are hot and would like to be refreshed, this would be a ride that you would enjoy as you would be soaked for sure.

Me and son  just got contented   watching the birds and  waited for them to come back.

Top 5 Tips For Moving Interstate

So you have decided to move interstate? It’s a big move by anyone’s standards, and will take a lot more work than simply moving to a different suburb in the same city. Not only will you and your belongings need to travel a long distance to get where you are going, but you will most likely find that the weather is often different in a different state. A big change like this requires some thought and care in organizing and planning. Here are 5 tips for moving interstate.

What to Keep

Being smart about things can save you a lot of time and money. Working out what things you will need to keep, and what you can let go of is definitely worth putting some effort into. For example, if you are moving from Victoria to Queensland then it’s likely that you probably won’t need as many heavy, warm clothes as what you are used to. There are probably some larger items such as furniture etc that you might want to get rid of, so now is a great opportunity to let go of some ‘stuff’.


Depending on how far you are moving, you will likely want to hire a removalist to help you with moving your furniture and belongings. Choosing a trusted removalist will ensure that you are getting someone that will get the job done well, and look after your stuff as though it is their own. Some companies will be great at doing furniture while others may specialize in doing fragile stuff, so if you need to, hire a couple of them to make sure that everything gets there in one piece!


Rather than taking everything with you, you may want to think about storing some stuff in a self-storage unit, and move it later when you are settled in. If there are things that you know you won’t be needing straight away then storing them in a lock up storage unit will give you peace of mind. There are some great storage places that will keep your belongings safe and secure, such as Fort Knox Storage Australia. If for whatever reason, you need to move back early, you will be glad to have not taken everything with you!

Labeling Everything

One important thing to remember with packing is to have a labeling system where you know which box everything is in, so you can find it easier when you get to the unpacking stage. Labeling everything will save you heaps of time later, and if there is one item in particular that you need to unpack quickly, you won’t need to mess up the whole lot to find it!


It would be a very wise call to get some insurance on your things that are being moved. Scratches, dents, and breakages can sometimes happen, even if you are very careful with packing, and even if the removalist takes as much care as possible. Accidents will happen, so factor it into your plans by insuring your belongings, and save yourself some money replacing things later!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Create a Gallery

Museums are the place where  your imagination could  soar  as high as a mountain and  as deep as the  sea.  It is great that  even museums nowadays have high technology that let kids  explore on things especially arts.  Below are photos taken  at the Cleveland Museum of arts when we went there for my daughter's 8th birthday.

She did not have an elegant birthday party  but one thing is for sure, they both learned a lot during that day.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Traveling through Museum

Let's travel through  Cleveland Museum of Arts.  Museums is just a perfect place to  have kids's imagination soar.  It's a 2 hours and 15 minutes drive from where we live but it's worth the drive and the time.  The kids had so much fun exploring the endless possibilities of information and entertainment.
I am not sure  if they closed when the government shut down but I figure that they did because it's a government operated facility.  Isn't that awful that government officials can't come up with a unanimous decision and could not come with an agreeable conclusion?  

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Aruba: An Exotic and Beautiful Island!

This post brought to you by Aruba Tourism Authority. All opinions are 100% mine.

Aruba is one Island that both hubby and I  wants to explore someday.  Our  neighbor here  always tells us to try it as they go there every year, specifically on Winter times, for their vacation.  It must be nice to have a  time share just like what they have as you can   go anytime you want to.  Looking at the the Aruba travel website further ignites my interest.  I think that I would love to explore their culinary scene and their island's hidden gems and beaches.  That would be totally relaxing and enjoyable.  

I think that anyone who  goes and visit the island would attest to how  beautiful it is there.  Just take a look at the video below to see what  travelers  are saying about  Aruba.  

The photos below  are just some of the most beautiful places you can visit when you visit Aruba.

Aren't those  gorgeous?  I really love to visit the island for one of hubby and I's anniversary.  That would be  thrilling weee.  If you are to go in Aruba, what occasion would you choose and why would you want to celebrate it there?  Share  with me your thoughts about the possibility of  traveling to Aruba.  You may write it through the comment, thanks!
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Wednesday, October 9, 2013


I was  relaxing and enjoying the  fresh air at the back of  One room School at Hanover Park  when hubby took this photo.  He said that he wants a bigger swing such as this at our back porch.  The only problem with that is that, we have a small porch.  When I told him that  our porch is small, he said "That's why I want it enlarge" wahhh.

Shadow Shots

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Hanover Park Fun

These are some of the photos we took  when we attended one of  my son's classmates birthday over at Hanover Park, PA.

Ms. Burrito and Lala

Son and Hubby  chillaxing.

A friend of mine saw our photos in a social media and she pointed out why I am so skinny.  Is that a bad thing?  I mean, I don't  really want to  gain weight because it makes every part of my  body swelled up as well including the parts that's very undesirable.  For my height, I think my weight is just right for my body.  What do you think?

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Four Miles Family Walk

We did not go anywhere last weekend except  attending a  mass and  went dining at a Mexican restaurant.  The food we ate was heavy so we asked the kids if they want to go to the park and of course they said yes.  To make it more exciting, we asked them if they want to walk going there.  The park is about two miles from our home, and we were surprised that both of them said yes.

When hubby and I walked without the kids, we thought that it was far so we expect the kids to complain but we were surprised again that they did not complain at all.  They absolutely love it as  we can see  everything.  Do you see the crow on top of the  church cross?

They saw the new elementary school that being constructed up close.  Three of the elementary schools in our area will be consolidated in this one  big school.  I figure that this would  cause  heavy traffic when they open up as it is  by the main road.

When we arrived at the park, there was one family in there  with four  kids.  One of the kids got hurt as she fell from one of the  monkey bars.  They left so suddenly and we noticed that they left some belongings including an iPad, my husband tried to wave at them hoping that they would stop but they didn't.  We did not want to leave those items in the park as we don't want them to  think that we  took it so we  called the police station and reported it.

It took a while before the police came.  A young police officer came and explained to us while it took him  long before coming.  He said that they don't really know what to do with this type of cases but they found a form  for it so they let  my husband  sign it.  The  paper is intended to protect both the policeman and  us as it states what are the items that were there. 
My kids learned  few  lessons that day.  They learned to be a good Samaritan, learned to be cautious, and  practice CARE for others.

Although  we walked far, my kids were still enthusiastic in walking back home.  As young as my kids are, hubby and I try to instill in their minds that being healthy does not only mean physically but also  emotionally and  spiritually.  Sorry for the long post.  

It's been..

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