Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Top 5 Tips For Moving Interstate

So you have decided to move interstate? It’s a big move by anyone’s standards, and will take a lot more work than simply moving to a different suburb in the same city. Not only will you and your belongings need to travel a long distance to get where you are going, but you will most likely find that the weather is often different in a different state. A big change like this requires some thought and care in organizing and planning. Here are 5 tips for moving interstate.

What to Keep

Being smart about things can save you a lot of time and money. Working out what things you will need to keep, and what you can let go of is definitely worth putting some effort into. For example, if you are moving from Victoria to Queensland then it’s likely that you probably won’t need as many heavy, warm clothes as what you are used to. There are probably some larger items such as furniture etc that you might want to get rid of, so now is a great opportunity to let go of some ‘stuff’.


Depending on how far you are moving, you will likely want to hire a removalist to help you with moving your furniture and belongings. Choosing a trusted removalist will ensure that you are getting someone that will get the job done well, and look after your stuff as though it is their own. Some companies will be great at doing furniture while others may specialize in doing fragile stuff, so if you need to, hire a couple of them to make sure that everything gets there in one piece!


Rather than taking everything with you, you may want to think about storing some stuff in a self-storage unit, and move it later when you are settled in. If there are things that you know you won’t be needing straight away then storing them in a lock up storage unit will give you peace of mind. There are some great storage places that will keep your belongings safe and secure, such as Fort Knox Storage Australia. If for whatever reason, you need to move back early, you will be glad to have not taken everything with you!

Labeling Everything

One important thing to remember with packing is to have a labeling system where you know which box everything is in, so you can find it easier when you get to the unpacking stage. Labeling everything will save you heaps of time later, and if there is one item in particular that you need to unpack quickly, you won’t need to mess up the whole lot to find it!


It would be a very wise call to get some insurance on your things that are being moved. Scratches, dents, and breakages can sometimes happen, even if you are very careful with packing, and even if the removalist takes as much care as possible. Accidents will happen, so factor it into your plans by insuring your belongings, and save yourself some money replacing things later!

2 travelers' comments:

Teresa Martinez said...

These are really very sensible tips for moving. Doing them can save us a lot of headache.

Unknown said...

Yes, if you're planning to move with moving companies so don't forget to take an insurance services. By doing this you'll be free from your moving stress & about your goods security. As much as possible, try to pack your important stuff by own.

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