Friday, July 30, 2010

VBS - Third Day

This is the third day of our daughter's VBS at St. Joe's. We did not see much of what they did during that day because we got there a little late. The singing and dancing time was about to start when we arrived.
She likes this painting on her face. She said that she is a cat woman hehehe. Meow!
We plan to enroll EJ on VBS too next year, I think that he would be old enough to attend to this kind of activity. Hopefully, he will be able to stay without "MOM and Dad" on his side lol.

Apple Picking

Last weekend, we decided to pick some apples and bring it to my SIL. We had so much fun picking apples.

Our daughter took care of the branch that broke a couple of weeks ago. She picked some of the apples that were ready. Chelsea helped herself in eating some of the apples that fell on the ground.

My husband climbed on the ladder to reach the top. When he climbed down, I tried it too and even went farther lol.

While we were busy, the little one was enjoying his ice candy hehehe.

The fruits were not as big as you see in the store but they are sweet apples.

Business Minded

When my little darling came home from her VBS on the third day. She saw that there are some uncleaned dishes in the sink so she asked me if she could do it. I told her yes but of course I have to watch her do it and take some photos of it.

I am glad that even if she seldom do it these days, she still remember how to conserve water in doing the dishes (that's to turn it off when she is scrubbing the plates, etc.) I told her before that she shouldn't let the water run even when she's not using it.

Here's a short clip that I took while she was doing the dishes. Please listen at the end on how she convince me to hire her to do dishes lol. My little girl is a business minded person hahaha.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Nostalgia # 11 - Remembering my Father

My entry for this week is my beloved Father who passed away seven years ago. He died on July 31, 2003 when I was at the embassy in Manila with John to get our marriage permit. He was so excited of us getting married and he over celebrated it by drinking alcohol and forgot to eat.
Mama said that he told her, he is going to go to the nearby barangay to tell his friends that his future son-in-law is coming and that me and John are going to get married. If he could have celebrated his happiness in our home, he could have been still alive till now because my mother could have let him eat. But I guess it was his time. You may want to read the whole story here.

This is the only picture that my father and I had together.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

VBS - Second Day

Here are some photos I took during Rylie's second day at the Vacation Bible Study held at St. Joseph School. She wasn't shy anymore when we send her there.

She really had so much fun on this summer event as she had a chance to socialize with other kids her age.

Her favorite part is the body painting, she's always excited to show us what painting she had for the day.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Family Time is Fun Time

Below are photos of our usual activities during family day on Sundays. I believe I took these shots last month and never got to upload it here sooner. I am so glad that my husband's family ties is so close because that is what I want for my kids to grow up with. Here's Chris teaching my kids how to ride this scooter or whatever you call it (not so sure lol).

After they play in front of my FIL-s house, I gather all the kids and we headed for a long walk . It's a good exercise for all of us. EJ got tired and rode at the back of the baby stroller hahaha.

When we came back home, a nice tray of water melon is waiting so the kids refreshed themselves with it. EJ love water melon so much. If I ask him "Do you want some pakwan?" He will immediately reply "Opo!"

My SIL and her daughter Jen makes this washer toss games and sell them to eBay. It's always fun for family to work together while relaxing and chitchatting. EJ met some boys at my FIL's neighborhood and always hangs out with them every time we visit Dad.

I hope that everyone of you is having a great and blessed Sunday! We are heading to church in an hour so I am taking the opportunity to publish this before we leave. Thanks a lot guys for always dropping by at our home pages and leaving your trails

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