Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fun Bonding in the Kitchen

 Kitchen is where family always  convene to enjoy every meal.  In our  home, it is not confine on food only, it is also the place for FUN, FUN, and Lotsa FUN!
Wishing you all a great week ahead!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Big Things

The theme at Mommy Moments this week is "Big Things". Let us see what I have gathered in my archives.

First stop is the giant Christmas tree at Pusan Airport.  Can you still see my burritos amazed by the big tree?

A big duck  carrying four  kids.  Imagine if there's a real duck this big hehehe.
A dinosaur that the  male burrito loves to ride at the park.
A big anchor at Weirton Veteran's Memorial Park.
Looking at the different scenario, she think she's big enough to do everything and when Mommy sys no, she puckers up and do this..
How about a big smile and a big head compared to that very small bird?
Lastly, it's nice to have a big and strong husband because he can carry you when you want to play like a big baby lol..
Happy Mommy Moments everyone.  I'll be visiting back tomorrow, thanks for your visits and comments.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

So much Fun for a Dollar

 I asked my husband to buy me some marbles at Dollar Tree for my Christmas project at home and he found this  pack of Christmas decor.  
 He bought it for our daughter who love doing this kind of stuff but we all ended up doing  it.
 Even the  little burrito was so into it.  The kit  was only a dollar.
 The kit had  8  glass/plastic ornaments, a set of four colors of paint, and a paint brush.
 We borrowed three more paint brushes from my SIL so we could all paint.  Thanks Chris!
 We painted it at my FIl's house.  We had so much fun painting the ornaments.
 A dollar worth of  stuff brought us  an enjoyable bonding moment.
 We hanged them at our new Christmas tree today.
Below is a  Parenting Tip of the Day from parents.com.

How do you teach qualities such as responsibility and compassion? Try little games to illustrate honesty and healthy communication as each player finishes the sentence “I was scared (or happy or sad or surprised) when …” Good-Behavior Games for Preschoolers
Thanks for visiting  dear friends and for leaving  your thoughts.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Nostalgia # 28 - Thanksgiving In Korea

Hello memory lane travelers, are you ready for the next Nostalgia yet?  Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in the US,  I am posting the Thanksgiving we had in Korea  a couple of years ago.  

It was memorable to us since  it was our first time hosting one and we were in the Land of the Morning Calm.  We only invited  our Korean friends since most of  the people inside the  base had their own parties too.
Most of them are  friends we met at church, from work, and my Korean student.
I missed our stay in Korea.  It was a memory we will never forget.
Below is a turkey my daughter made.  Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone.  Be thankful of what you have even if it's just small.  Thank you once again for  joining and for being a good online friends with us.

Christmas Lights

We bought five boxes of Christmas lights  last weekend to  put all around our  gutter in front of the house.   We had a good weather yesterday  so hubby  tried to  put it up, he wasn't able to finish it though.  He said that he would finish it after Thanksgiving, hopefully we will still have a warm day.

Great Pretender

This is how the male burrito hides whenever he wants to play hide and seek.  He gets mad when you say that you found him.  He wants you to pretend too lol..  The knee in front is not his, that's Rylie who was pretending to be searching for him. 

Monday, November 22, 2010


Our daughter brought the shirt that they are going to wear on their Christmas Presentation this coming December 15th. Her part is to sing alone in some part of the musical presentation.  I asked her to  try it on before I washed it and she  willingly  did.  I then asked her to  smile for me and this is what she  did.
I showed her the photo I just captured and she started laughing so hard.  I want to record her laughter on video but then my camera was already set to photos so I just click click click.
I was laughing so hard too when I was taking photos so most of  it are blurry.
Children's laughter can melt your worries away.  
Being a parent is the most wonderful experience that God gave us.  We are lucky to have His most wonderful gift!
When hubby came home from  taking Rylie to school today, he told me that  Rylie's teacher   praised her for doing so well in her   part to the presentation.  She told my husband that Rylie exceeded their expectations.  Compliments  can make our hearts swell so big, I am gad God made me a parent! 

Sunday, November 21, 2010


 Champ and I were playing  outside  my FIL's house when EJ decided to join us.  He kicked the ball for Champ then when he got tired, he  laid in the yard full of  maple leaves.
 A perfect opportunity for me to take some pictures for mellow yellow  lol..
 "Mommy I can see the moon and the stars!",
"Make a wish Anak"

"I wish that Santa will bring me a lot of toys this Christmas"
"Nice  wish anak, can you wish something for me Mommy?"

"What is it Mom?"
"Tell Santa to bring Mommy more online task."
"Okay Mom, I'm done!"
"But you didn't say it"
"I did Mom, just in my mind.  I think Santa will hear  it."
 Oh how wonderful it is to have  children!
Have a great week ahead everyone!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Trip to Museum

Before we visited my FIL during the Veteran's day, we decided to make a trip to the small museum in downtown Weirton. The place was so small but we learned a lot of things about the town through the pictures and demonstration by the man who work there. Too bad, taking pictures is strictly prohibited so I wasn't able to get any documentation hehehe.

Here is how the  town looks like back in 1905.  (Picture was taken from their website at weirtomuseum.com)
1905 View of Holliday's Cove
We also learned that  there was an existing airport here in town back in 1950.  My husband  don't even know that it existed.  This is airport is now a shopping plaza where big stores like KMart and other establishments are located.
1950 Weirton Airport
Another interesting note is the former name of this town, it was formerly Holliday's Cove but then a rich guy who started/founded the steel mill  changed it into Weirton.   A woman named Elin Nummi who lived here in town  was a TITANIC survivor.  It is so nice to go to the museum as you learn a lot of things that you don't know.   There are so many  old stuff there that are preserved for future generations that is why  taking photos are not allowed.  The place was so small though, I hope that someday, they would find a big place for the museum because they have so many pictures to display but  there  is no place to put them.  

Anyhow, we proceeded to  Dad and we  caught him raking leaves in the backyard so we took  some pictures.  
My 88 years old FIL, still active and strong.
Hubby exhibiting his goofy pose lol.
A shot of these two ornery burritos who were in the mood to pose  for us. 
Thanks everyone for dropping by.  If you are interested on how our town looks like, you might want to visit the url that I  provided above.  Thanks to your comments.

Christmas Wish

Dear Santa,

I know that you are watching everyday to see who's naughty and who's nice.  I am sure that you know  that our second camera is full of scratches already because  one of my kids  dropped them on our cement patio at the back.  Just like me, they love to take pictures too so  I did not scold them when they  had that accident.  My wish for Christmas is that I could have a new camera.
Could you please send me one of those samsung cameras this Christmas?  I know that it is too much to ask for a new one but I can't help it lol.  I hope that you would be able to grant my wish for Christmas.  

Yours truly,


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