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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Trip to Museum

Before we visited my FIL during the Veteran's day, we decided to make a trip to the small museum in downtown Weirton. The place was so small but we learned a lot of things about the town through the pictures and demonstration by the man who work there. Too bad, taking pictures is strictly prohibited so I wasn't able to get any documentation hehehe.

Here is how the  town looks like back in 1905.  (Picture was taken from their website at
1905 View of Holliday's Cove
We also learned that  there was an existing airport here in town back in 1950.  My husband  don't even know that it existed.  This is airport is now a shopping plaza where big stores like KMart and other establishments are located.
1950 Weirton Airport
Another interesting note is the former name of this town, it was formerly Holliday's Cove but then a rich guy who started/founded the steel mill  changed it into Weirton.   A woman named Elin Nummi who lived here in town  was a TITANIC survivor.  It is so nice to go to the museum as you learn a lot of things that you don't know.   There are so many  old stuff there that are preserved for future generations that is why  taking photos are not allowed.  The place was so small though, I hope that someday, they would find a big place for the museum because they have so many pictures to display but  there  is no place to put them.  

Anyhow, we proceeded to  Dad and we  caught him raking leaves in the backyard so we took  some pictures.  
My 88 years old FIL, still active and strong.
Hubby exhibiting his goofy pose lol.
A shot of these two ornery burritos who were in the mood to pose  for us. 
Thanks everyone for dropping by.  If you are interested on how our town looks like, you might want to visit the url that I  provided above.  Thanks to your comments.

24 travelers' comments:

Andrea said...


Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Yes, it's great to visit your local museum to know the history of your place. Your research confirmed that your place was very historical indeed. You and Rylie have that professional model poses in front of the camera. Sanay na sanay mag pose, lol. And John was his usual goofy self, lol. Even EJ has joined her sister in posing for your favorite photo. Thanks for the homey and historical post. God bless you all always.

nuts said...

ang cute niyo mang mommy sa pic. natural model talaga hihi. and si EJ, artistahin.. naku sis, pag teenager na yan at andito, me career na yan. artistahin talaga.

Andrea said...

Hi, i stopped seeing the comment section as it popped! Andrea has already signed in, but it was not me, oh how lucky you are, visited by 2 Andreas in one post. Maybe i should visit his site too, i bet this one is a man! Wanna bet!

Mel Cole said...

May museum pala dyan Rose ha. Ang ganda. Ang cute nang mga burritos mo. So well bonded. BTW, Ang sexy mo. :)

O Sya, mag-blog Nostalgia hopping muna ako. XO xo

Lulu Post said...

love the last pic!

Yami said...

No doubt, good-looking kids!

love to visit museum too. Di ko ma-open yung link sis but it was nice to see old photos of your place. mahilig akong tumingin ng mga old pictures...

☆♥Shydub♥☆ said...

Like mommy like daughter. hehe bilib talaga ako sa family nyo bading game na game sa picturan hehehe. mga dragon ko ginugulat pa para tumingin lng sa camera. tapos ang big dragon sinusuhulan pa parang lng magpa picture o kaya picturan ako hehehehe

chubskulit said...

Kakaloka naman yang jowa mo hehehe, naku habibi ko eh alang kaproble problema pagdating sa picture taking lol..

Dhemz said...

thanks for sharing badingding...lahat ata nang museum na napuntahan namin prohibited ang picture taking.

haba na nang hair mo ang tangkad narin ni Rye, pretty soon mga anak natin sing kasing height narin natin...ehehhee!

btw, let me know lang kung magkano yung utang ko you accept check? ehehehe

Sylvia K said...

Such fun shadow shots for the day! And it does look as though it was a great day! Enjoy your weekend!!


Quilt Works said...

Nice family outing! Thanks for sharing with us. Your daughter is really beautiful ;-)

Ralph said...

Wherever we live, there is a heritage, a look to the past. In the Steubenville/Weirton area, most people think only of Dean Martin. Yet as you have found out, there is interesting history to Weirton. Nice!

☆♥Shydub♥☆ said...

adgitizing bading and hopping din

Diane AZ said...

What a beautiful sunny day, looks like everyone had a wonderful time!

Pagan Sphinx said...

A visit to the museum and a visit to grandfather's house. Good for the kids, good for everyone's soul.

Peace and as I'm pretty sure you're in the U.S. - Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.


KC said...

Great photos. Your kids are so sweet! Happy Thanksgiving.

Kelly said...

You have some very nice shadows in the picture of your family in the yard. Trees make such pretty shadows!

Thanks for stopping by to see my pinwheel!

Jazzbumpa said...

Nice pictures.

You kids are really cute.

And your father-in-law is my new role model.


Kristy said...

Congrats on you shadow shot showcase!

Rita said...

You have a lovely family. Nice to see the children at play.

urban muser said...

great photos. your kids are so cute.

Jona said...

Hahahaha! i love your huby's pose. pang -model hahaha!

A Time To Weep and A Time To Laugh

Square Peg Guy said...

Thanks for visiting and commenting on my shadow shot from 11/21!

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