Thursday, December 30, 2010

Nostalgia # 33 - My First Christmas

Holy molly, it's 10 pm already whew! Sorry nostalgia travelers, I babysat "Bumble Bee" from 3 pm till 8:30 today so I did not have time to blog. By the time she got picked up, we had to get the burritos ready for bed so here I am just posting my entry.
Anyhow, I want to share my first Christmas here in the States way back in 2005. I arrived in the States on May of 2005 when I was 7 months old pregnant with the girl burrito. I'll elaborate the story on my next post hehehe. The picture below was taken 5 years ago when our princess burrito was only 5 months old.  Can you tell  that the clan have sweet tooth?  The first  foods served in the dining table are all  sweets hehehe.

Photo Fanatic

All of you  guys have known how crazy my family is in taking photos.  Our son and daughter  are  already developing their interest in photography in their young age.  The photo above is a photo taken by our son yesterday.   all of us definitely  love taking  fun and funny pictures and we laugh about it when we see it.  Sorry hon, I just think you are too cute on this one lol.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Pre-Christmas Malling

After we roamed around the huge campus of Robert Morris University last Thursday, we headed to Robinson Mall to give the kids something else to do rather than being confined in our house for days.  

We also  looked around for some  last minute  deals but we did not find any as our boy burrito was getting tired.  Oh, we did found two things, our daughter's gift to us.  She bought us something  out from the money that Pap gave her.
Ain't the eyes of the volcano perfect for Blue Monday?
Do you see the sweets at the background?  Our sweet tooth burrito wanted to  buy some candy from there but we did not as we have some Sarris chocolates at home.
EJ love this yellow car but every time he would  try to sit in the passenger seat, the boy in red would  tell him that it is his spot.  
After they got tired of playing, we went to the food court and  eat some food.  I took shot of the blooming peace lily for Today's  Flower.
How was your Christmas celebration everyone.  We had a great one!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Play - Last Part

Merry Christmas Everyone!
Hello everyone, I hope your day is not as busy as mine.  Hubby, daughter, and I clean the house this morning then  after we ate, my daughter and I started our scrapbook project.  We  finished at 7 pm, oh boy, my back hurts wahhh.  Cooked dinner after that and now just had the chance to peek at my blogs.  Thanks Hon for cleaning up the dishes for me, mwah!

Below is the second set of photos of the Christmas play of the kindergarten and first grade classes at St. Joe's.
After they perform, they sat on the benches for a while so I had the chance to take some photos.
I am amazed that most of the students knows Rylie.  I think that's the advantage of a  small community, the school has a pretty tight knit among students and teachers.
With her classmates Hannah and Daniele.
With classmate Leah and a fifth grade student.
Parents were  asked to bring two dozens of cookies to serve to family and friends who attended the event.
Below is the video where Rylie has to sing her piece. You can barely hear her though because the microphone was very far from them. I just wish that they could have hang a microphone from the ceiling so it's loud and clear.

Nostalgia # 32 - Coasters

So sorry guys for this late entry of mine. It's a shame to admit that am the author but late hahaha. Right now, I just had the time to sit in front of the computer after story telling with the burritos. I still have to clean the dishes in the kitchen and blah blah blah..  Okay, enough of my excuses, let's travel  down memory lane.
Below are the coasters I received as a gift from a Filipina friend I met in Korea.  She got this set of coasters  when she and her husband had their vacation in Thailand.
I just wish that we could have keep our communication.  I dunno what happen but during the last days of our stay there, you seemed to avoid talking to me and wouldn't respond to my emails.  Anyhow, whatever  it was, I hope that I did not  make you mad or offend you in some ways.  
The Cottrill's wishes you a merry Christmas!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas is Giving

Giving love on Christmas is the theme or topic for this week at Mommy Moments.  In relation to this I want to share the project that  my daughter had participated in school.  The kindergarten has an advent project called  the "Gabriel Project." heir teacher asked them to bring in some diapers and infant clothes.  So we bought  a pack of diaper and a pack of  baby clothes for Rylie to bring it in school.  The intention of the project is to teach the kindergarten students to share gifts to  others.  

On the other note, every year, the kids get two sets of gifts from us.. One set is from "Santa" and one set is from us.  My husband is never kuripot when it comes to buying gifts, let alone for the kids.  I don't  approved of his budget but I let him buy  what the kids wants anyway.  It only happen once so let it be.  although I still  think that it would be practical to just save the  money for their college.  e always have  gifts when he was growing up so that is why he wants the ids to grow up the same.  Mine on the other hand is a different story so that's why, my opinion is different.

Here are my burritos posing for Santa

The girl burrito ants a kitchen set and the boy wants stinky.  Hubby bought them online the other night online.  It was delivered yesterday already.

Parenting Tip of the Day

Even preschoolers can learn how to make a difference in the world. Choose a project you can work on together, such as sending clothing and food to a U.S. family in need through The Box Project (  

Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Play @ St. Joe's

The kindergarten and  first grade classes at my daughter's school had a Christmas play last Thursday.  The invited guests for Thursday were the parents and relatives of the  students and they played  again yesterday for the whole  school to see.  
I was nervous for my daughter as she sung solo on some part of the play but  she did really well.  She wasn't nervous at all.  Took this shot before th play started, our son was getting bored waiting for it to start hehehe.
Our daughter is the smallest  in her class that's why even the smallest shirt available for their play is still big on her.
While everyone was watching the  play, my son found a buddy and they sat  together and play.
Below is the first part that I recorded

Thanks for your comments.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Reward Yourself

Clicking  email ads is not that bad.  I am a member of  mypoints and I am happy to say that at the end of the year, I always redeem my points earned from reading those emails.  Just from reading those emails for 11 months, hubby and I earned $250 worth of gift cards.  

Earning points from mypoints is very easy, for every email they send you, you will get  5 points just by clicking it.  Now if you love  shopping online, you will earn points even more.  So if you are in the States and want to have some extra shopping during Christmas, join mypoints, I assure you that it's worth your time.  It's worthy than playing games on facebook I guess lol.

If you want to join, just give me your email and I'll send you the invitation.  It is free to join.

I used my $150 gift card the other day in buying the wool coat that I want from Macy's.  I got this Kenneth Cole coat for only $126.  It's original price is 326 dollars but since it is on sale   last Wednesday, I got it for a very good price.

This was taken inside the  fitting room, hubby thought I got lost inside as I took my sweet time in  trying it  on hahaha.  I told him that it took me a while because I took a picture of myself inside the booth lol.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Nostalgia # 31 - Modern House Christmas Gift

Hello everyone, howdy. I am so busy today that I wasn't able to post the nostalgia entry earlier. The sarris candy that the school had for fund raising has arrived today so we picked them up and delivered it to those who ordered around the area. Also tried to finish the cards and stuff that I have to send tomorrow, unfortunately, I ran out of packaging tape so I quit lol.
Anyhow, below is a Christmas present that a Korean friend gave me last year.  Her name is Lim Mi Suk and her English name is Mia.  She is a teacher and she also work as a florist in the church inside the base and at the same time work in the  day care of the church.   She is very good with kids and  loved to do arts and crafts with Rylie.  
Kamsa hamnida Mia for this wonderful remembrance.  My family ill never forget your kindness, we will treasure your friendship forever.  
We have two more week of Nostalgia for 2010.  I thank all of you for traveling  down memory lane with me. Hope we could continue on till next year and  the coming years to come.
Thanks a lot folks for playing along.  I am now off to bed as  I have to get up early again tomorrow.  My daughter's Christmas play will be at 12 noon tomorrow and we have some preparations to do.  I am also a home room Mom  on Friday for their Christmas party so I am  fully book.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

First Visit

Last Sunday, the Brady family  dropped by at our home before we all headed up to the church.  The kids were very happy to see  Sophie once again. Boy, she is getting big and prettier.  My burritos really wants another sib hehehe.

Thanks for visiting folks.  I am baby sitting Sophie today.  Her Dad dropped her off at 3 pm today and she will go home at 8:30...  She is now taking a nap so I got a chance to  peek at my blog while cooking  some chicken..

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hot Wheels

 "Boys will be boys," I guess  this  over used  phrase is true.  Every time our son would go with us to store, he would ask if he could have one  car.  Most of the time, I say no but last week I wasn't able to say it as he showed me a very sad face.
 Usually he would say "Okay Mom" if I say, "NO" but this time he really wanted this one so I bought it.
 He was very happy and proudly showed it to his Pap when  we visited him.
 One  thing that amazes me with our burrito is that he  knows every car the he has.  So when he is doing inventory, he knows which one is missing.  what I don't like is that I am the one cleaning up all of them all the time wahhhh.
 He already one  set of this but it was a different type.
Thanks for visiting folks.  I just now had the time to face my PC hehehe.  We just got back from My FIL's home.  We  headed there after the mass.

Happy Blue Monday evryone!

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