Friday, April 29, 2016

Weekend at Gables Care Center

After attending the Sunday mass last weekend, we went to Gables Care Center in Hopedale Ohio to visit my father-in-law.  It was  our first visit   since he transferred there  few  weeks ago as we  did not know about it.  The last  info that we knew was  that, he was coming back to the old place where he was  in  after he  was  brought to the hospital but when we visited there, we were  informed that he no longer stayed at the said facility.  
Anyway, the place is  30 minutes away from our place but we were excited to see him.  The kids misses their Pap and it was a needed  bond they need  with their grandpa.
Gables Care Center is a well-maintained facility for old folks.  You can tell that they  really  care for all their  clients there unlike the first place that Dad lived into.  I am glad that he was  transferred here.  They seemed to really take care of everyone that comes to this place.
After getting the information about Dad, we found him setting by the grand piano at the other side of the building.  He was talking to my brother-in-law Rick who was also visiting that day.
While my husband was talking to  his brother, the kids entertained their grandpa by playing some tunes on the piano.
It is so nice that they have piano there.  It gives visitors the chance to  play  some music for their love ones.  One of the couples visiting one of the residents, thanked my kids for playing as their Mom really enjoyed it.
If we could have known that there is a piano there,  the kids could have brought their [piano books.  They only have a few memorized  so that's what they played.  They do plan to bring their  books  on our next visit.  My daughter said that if Papa  will stay there for long that she would really love to learn how to play violin and entertained  Dad with it too.  Having said that, I am looking at the best yamaha violin at selection and the  cheapest price I can find is $699, oh boy!

 You can  hear one of the ladies  in the audience was  encouraging  EJ who is  very shy.   She was kind of  giving EJ a hard time, joking with him so he would play  but she was very nice.
It is a  relief  knowing that  Dad is well taken care of at this new place.  I think that Dad was  was not treated well at the  first  place  that's why he was retaliating to the  employees.  When he was taken out from that place, he had bruises on his  arms.
My husband does not really express what he feels sometimes but as his wife, I know deep inside that  it hurts  him seeing  Dad  this way.  Her could no longer  remember who we qwere unless we  introduce ourselves everytime.
The kids  played some board games  after they played the piano.
I was listening to  Dad talking to John and he told him that his wife (who is deceased for over a decade) was looking for John.  "Your Mom was wondering why you haven't come here yet", he told my husband.
I  told my husband that maybe, his Mom visited  his Dad there and was talking to him.
We noticed that Dad was getting tired so we  got ready to leave.  We took  our photos together before   heading out.
Before we left, one of the nurses  there  showed us a picture of Dad and a woman attending a prom.  I guess they  have an activity like a prom  at the said  facility every once in a while.  It was really nice to see how Dad is enjoying his  stay there and that the nurses there really do care.  I wish I could have asked her to send me thepicture, Dad really looked nice with his date!   It makes us  not to worry about him too much.  

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

How To Attract Birds To Your Garden!

Your garden is one of the most beautiful areas in your property and is an excellent way to appreciate the wildlife. If you want your garden to be a haven for wildlife, there are some ways you can attract them to visit your garden.

Bird seeds

Birds are so beautiful to look at. If you want them to visit your garden, you should be putting out bird seeds for them to enjoy. You could either put these on a bird table so they can perch and relax for a few minutes to eat them. Or you could throw them out onto the garden for them to nibble. It’s a great way to encourage them to visit your garden. Just make sure you are using the right bird seeds. And don’t put them out if too many cats are around!

Bird bath

An excellent way to attract wildlife to your garden is to buy a bird bath which they can enjoy going in. It’s an amazing sight which you will not forget in a hurry. You will soon see them visiting and having a drink and wash. They can also be a beautiful ornament for your garden as they come in so many materials such as cast iron or bronze. As you can see here, you can even get eco-friendly ones to help the environment!

Hedging plants

Another great way to get birds to come for a visit is a hedging plants. It’s a great place for beautiful birds to rest so you will get some amazing photos. It will also attractive other wildlife to your garden. Hedging plants can also make a beautiful feature in your garden, and you may even get some delicious fruit of it which you can enjoy!

Compost bin

A compost bin is ideal for attracting lots of animals to your garden, especially birds. It’s a great way of recycling all your garden waste into organic compost. Animals will often use it as a form of shelter. And birds will stop and enjoy any seeds and insects which are around in the heap!


If you want some birds to come to your garden, a native shrub is fantastic for encouraging them to visit. A shrub is an attractive feature in the garden. They are perfect for feeding birds such as sparrows and tits! As this article says, you may even see some thrushes in the summer months who will come and visit your garden!

A tree

A perfect way to encourage wildlife to your garden is to plant a tree in the area. They are a fantastic place for birds to nest, and you may even see some other wildlife visiting like bats or squirrels. As this feature explains, smaller trees such as conifers or yew are perfect for birds. And if you have space, you could even have a couple of large trees which will attract a lot of wildlife, and make a fantastic feature in the garden.

Just remember to be wary of other animals that may harm the birds, so don’t put anything in places where they may be in danger!

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Planning for a vacation? Make sure you have a cell phone tracker app in your list.

Whenever we plan for a vacation, be it within the country or abroad, we usually make a long list of things we might need before going. We make sure we have made arrangements for our home security, someone to feed the pet, etc. We also make a list of places to visit and things to do when we are planning on going abroad. Another item that is becoming an important necessity in the things to do list is getting a cell phone tracker app such as this is more so in the case of family vacations. Before we go on to describe why this trend has gained momentum, let us have a brief look at the importance of smart devices in our life and why such apps are necessary.
These days almost all members of a family have some sort of smart device in their use, be it a smartphone or a tablet running Android or iOS. For kids it’s a source of learning as well as an entertainment item, for adults it’s more of a personal computer and a communication device and for others it might be their entire office on the go. Whatever the reason for having a smart device, it has become a necessity of sorts and it contains our personal and/or business data that needs protecting. If kids are using it, it needs to be monitored to see that our children are not exposed to anything inappropriate or are protected from people who might take advantage of them through the use of social media and IM chats. All these monitoring and securing aspects can be carried out through the use of apps like xnspy.
Back to Vacation Planning
Having mentioned the importance of smart devices and the necessity of the cell phone tracker app, let us get back to our vacation planning and see why it has become an important part of it. The same reasons that you might use the app at home, also apply abroad; if you have teenage kids and they want to visit a certain place you would still want to keep a check on them. Most of these tracker apps have a location tracking function that shows you where the device, you have installed it on, is currently located and where it has been. Some apps also allow for a geofencing feature, this allows you to mark certain areas so that when the device enters or leaves them you are notified of it. For example, your teenage kids say they want to visit the museum, but you and your wife have your own plans and you tell them that you will join them there later. In this scenario, you can track your kids through the online dashboard that is usually accessible from anywhere in the world. Having set the museum as a predefined area, you’ll get a notification when your kids enter it and if they were to sneak out and go somewhere else you would also know about it.
This also brings us to a very important and critical issue, as previously mentioned in an article on our site about ‘International Child Abduction on the Rise’ and the things you can do to protect yourself and your kids. This cell phone tracker app can be a lifesaver if you are fearful that your kids might be targeted for abduction, teach your kids to always keep and hide their smartphone in a way that it does not get noticed. In the worst case scenario of an abduction, you can track your kids and give the information to the local authorities so that they can take immediate action.
Partial Backup
This brings us to another worst case situation when travelling – the loss or theft of your smartphone or tablet. Modern day smartphones and tablets come with such powerful cameras that the majority of people use them to capture their enjoyable moments. That brings two things into mind – if you were to lose or have your device stolen – you lose your precious memories and someone might see them, both are terrifying prospects when you think about it. This is again where xnspy comes in handy; using the many remote features that monitoring and tracking apps have, you can first of all remote lock or delete all data from your smart device so that it does not get viewed or used by a stranger in the case of loss or theft. Second, almost all commercially available monitoring apps keep a record of pictures and monitor videos that have been taken. So that means technically you have a backup of all your precious moments that you can access via the online control panel.
We hope you find this article useful. The example cell phone tracker app – xnspy that we mentioned has all the features we talked about and much more that can be of use regardless if you are on vacation or not.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

International Child Abduction on the Rise: What You Can Do to Protect Yourself

International child abduction is on the rise. As more individuals travel and live overseas, immediate action can help locate a parent or grandparent before they are lost forever. The following are red flags and tips that can help protect your children.

Child Abduction Red Flags
Visiting overseas can be an educational trip for your children. It allows them to learn about different cultures and see the world. There are also areas in the United States that may give off European vibes. If you’re worried about a family member abducting your child internationally, there are red flags that you need to be aware of. A partner who has threatened abduction or done so previously may be more likely to do so in the future. They may also have no ties to the state where the child resides. Another red flag is when family or friends live abroad. This provides them the location where they can easily escape. They may even have a strong network in which to hide. Marital instability, past criminal records and a lack of employment can all be signs pointing to international child abduction. You may not want to live in fear, but you need to be watchful of the many signs.

Consider Mediation
If you’re fearful, you may find solace in a mediating or counseling source. There are missing childhood organizations that specialize in international abduction. Before it’s too late, keep your own list handy. If the time comes, you’ll have information available on a former spouse, partner, family members and friends both abroad and in the U.S. It can also help to keep immigration statuses and passport numbers at-the-ready. If you’re going through a divorce, a parent may feel threatened. They may also see international child abduction as the only answer. A custody mediator can keep the attention focused on what’s best for the children. The can also come up with better child-rearing strategies.

Seek a Custody Order
Seeking a valid decree or custody order is imperative in preventing child abduction cases. Relationships between citizens of varying nations are more commonplace today. Ideal Legal Group has a skill set to handle classing cultures. An international child custody lawyer also has the experience and knowledge to navigate the global diverse laws and overcome any legal obstacles that may be standing in your way.

U.S. Passport Restrictions

If you’re going through a divorce, your custody arrangements may not be amicable. This can leave a parent feeling that they have no other choice than to abduct their child to international locations. Fortunately, there are U.S. passport restrictions in place to prevent this situations from occurring. Children 14 and younger must have the permission of both parents when a U.S. passport is issued. Federal law also requires the children to appear with the parents and show the proper identification and parental relationship proof. When parents have dual citizenship, an issued U.S. passport doesn’t prevent them from automatically getting a foreign passport. Foreign embassies don’t have to honor a court order or request that restricts a passport from being issued. The U.S. Department will be able to confirm the issuance of a child’s passport. If a child has not been issued a passport, your attorney can ask to have their name placed into the alert system. If an application is received within the United States or consulate of another country, you will be immediately notified. If you have a court order that states you have full custody, the U.S. department can refuse to issue your child a passport. Your attorney can also require your child to get a signature from the custodial parent before they are allowed to travel anywhere. 

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Looking Forward to Summer

The kids were bummed out to see  the snow  last night.  They thought the warm weather  is already here but the  cold weather is obviously not done with us.  Even though it was  very cold today, our daughter couldn't take it anymore so he asked her Dad if they can play with her new volley ball outside.  Anyway, the photos below were taken years ago during Father's day at Pittsburgh Zoo.  
 The Burritos had a blast out there.  They want to see everything and tried  things that they could.
 IT was funny, on the photo below, EJ sat on top of this baby elephant statue and it was way too hot that he said it was burning his butt.
 So he go up and stood on top of it.
 ..then jump!
 Kids had so much energy,  it's amazing how they could do things that  makes us adult, so tired while watching  them do it lol.
 What I love about it is that, on the way home, they always crash inside the car and  take a long nap on the way home.
Between the two, Rylie is always the one who runs out of gas first.  EJ is always  full tank when it comes to energy.
 When we go to public places, EJ is never shy  mingling with other kids but our daughter  is always too shy to talk to other kids.
Although we don't have plan on going somewhere this year, I hope that we could take the kids  in places nearby where they could have fun at least for a day especially on  school break.

It's been..

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