Thursday, July 2, 2020

Kennywood 2019

 A friend gave us 4 free tickets to Kennywood last year, thanks Linda!  It's been years since we last went to Kennywood.  Although it is an annual  fundraising thing for the school, we don't buy  anymore because the kids are not really  into going, they're probably got tired of the same place, thus lost interest.  Anyway, since it was free, we went.  It was different, the kids are no longer super excited with the rides as they used to.
 I am glad we were able to go though, with this pandemic erupting this year, we chose to stay home and do home improvement projects rather than going on places.
 The thing I don't like amusement park is the long queue. You're basically  wasting time falling in line just to get to a ride that doesn't even last long.
 Our son is not really crazy with rides, he prefers to hang out with me and wait for my husband and daughter while they finish with the rides they go into.
 It's funny because now that they are in a good height where they go on a lot of rides, they are no longer interested.  They used to be disappointed when they don't meet the  required height for the ride.
 My daughter is the adrenaline junkie so she went on few rides before we went home. 
Hot weather can really suck out  the energy out of you so we didn't stay  very long.  It was good enough to enjoy a few rides and get out of the house for few hours.  
Looking at these pictures, our children have grown so much in a year.  They are now taller than me and  almost at my husband's height.  Our son became a teen in January and our daughter will turn fifteen in 5 days. Oh how time flies, her freshman year went by so fast.  This will be the last year for our son at St. Joseph, son he will join his sister at Madonna High School.

It's been..

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