Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Year Everyone!

Okay, this year we tried to have our family picture taken with our new camera. So let us see. Take one. Oh no, EJ was crying. Champ jumped on his face, poor little guy... Since EJ was crying, the hubster wasn't smiling.
Take TWO... Okay guys, get ready. Champ will not be included since he bothered EJ hahaha. These photos were taken at my FIL's house. We will be moving tomorrow at our house.
Happy New Year everyone. May God bless us with good health and more blessing for the coming year!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Family gifts

Gift giving is one of the many highlights during Christmas. I think Christmas nowadays is being overshadowed by commercial stuff. Sometimes people tend to forget the real essence of celebrating this special occasion. I miss celebration in Pinas kasi kahit simple lang, nakakapagsimba ang buong pamilya.

But anyhow, the them for this week's "With Love Wednesday" is gifts. We asked our daughter what she told Santa that day she sat on his lap and she said that she wanted a set of princess clothes and barbie dolls. So that was we got her as "Santa's" gifts. We also bought her a musical instrument as "our" gifts for her.

We got this police motorcycle for EJ and he's been riding with it ever since it got charged hehehe. He also got some clothes and other toys.

My daughter went with her Dadin the mall without me and got me these stuff.

And hubby got me a set of business attire, thanks a lot Hon, luvya! Trying it out without a blazer.

With blazer but without a belt.

Now, here's the complete one.

Hubby just want a GPS for Christmas so that is what we got him. It will be delivered today (Hey better late than never diba hahaha). Join us for fun by clicking the badge below. So these are the new to us.

Sunday, December 27, 2009


A dear friend of mine from Japan, Clang of Kizuna sent us a package full of goodies which we received a day before Christmas. One of the stuff that was inside the box was a Japanese outfit called Yukata. Since I am not very particular about Japanese traditions,culture, and fashion, I did not get how that outfit works until she told me hehehe. Me and Clang had a god laugh about this Yukata thing.

But anyhow, Rylie gladly and happily worn it. So here are some of the snaps I clicked. Presenting the Ms. Yukata girl tadahhhh.

I love the color because it is perfect for my daughter's skin tone.

She even did the Asian finger thing when having their photos taken lol.

Good thing, she has a slippers that matches. Thanks to Tita Raquel who gave her the pair of slippers.

Champ wants to be involved with everything now lol.

Champ was biting her feet on this shot.

Mommy, so ticklish!

Okay, let's pause.. be quiet and pray.

Now I can play with my instrument.

Thanks for dropping by and for leaving your trail folks! Have a merry Christmas!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Our Christmas 2009

Our Christmas this year is filled with joy and happiness since we are back with our family. Last year was very mellow because we were in Korea. Our family and friends came over yesterday to celebrate Christmas with us.
Here's EJ with cousin Kalee Rose.

Shelby, Lexie and Rylie.

My friend Raquel and her husband Tom, came over and visit us for a while before she went to work at the hospital. Thanks for the gifts Manay!

Shelby and EJ.

Opening Gifts.

The love birds, Jen and Jim

Champ got a present too, thanks Chris.

My sister-in-law with Champ.
Rylie love the lite brite gift that she got from Tita Chris.

We did not give our gifts to the kids. We wanted it be a "Santa's surprise", Rylie even left some cookies for Santa under the tree. Here's Rylie investigating what "Santa" has left them last night.

It's fun to open gifts, a lot of mess too!
We got this instrument for Rylie. EJ has to share with Ate's blessing of course.

"Santa" brought her princess's outfits.

I saw this pexie outfit in the store and thought that she would love it.. and she did. Here's my two babies, Champ and Rye. Thanks Manang Dhemz for my sleep wear, love it.. so comfy.
We got Champ a present too.

Now, he won't be cold when he goes outside.

Hope you guys had a Merry Christmas. The Cottrill's wishes you a happy new year as well.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Fun in the Snow Part 1

We had so much fun yesterday playing in the snow. I did not go out with them in the morning because I was so cold and I wasn't really into the snow yet hehehe. I took these photos of them while I was inside the house just peeking in the door and out at the back porch.

Our dog Champ was very good, he participated and enjoyed the fun as well.

We did not have much snow in Korea so the kids were so excited playing in it that they don't want to come back inside the house.

I am so glad that hubby love being outside too and love playing with the kids.

Here are my men.

The old and young Jennings shoveling snow.

Champ had a great time chasing the kids in the snow.

Trying to make a snow man but the snow wasn't hard enough to form a ball just yet.

Champ wouldn't let John sweep the walkway lol.

I'll show the second and last part of our fun yesterday on my next posts. Merry Christmas Everyone!
Thanks for dropping by and for leaving your trail folks!

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