Monday, December 10, 2018

Buffalo, New York: Our Brief Visit

On our way back from our Labor Day weekend  getaway in Niagara Falls, we decided to explore Buffalo New York a little bit.  It was on a Sunday so we thought that attending a mass there would be meaningful and memorable.  Although we saw a lot of churches on our way, something was pulling us to go to St. Joseph Cathedral.  Our church here in WV is St. Joseph as well so it was symbolic for us.  
The cathedral was very beautiful inside.  We feel bad that we were not dressed for it but we were happy that parishioners there  did not seem to care of our  appearance.  They live to their welcome message of "You enter this church.. not as strangers.. but a guest of God" which is really nice.  
It was raining when we left Toronto and downpour continues as we reached New York.  It did not hinder us from doing what we planned to do which is explore a little bit of Buffalo New York before going back to mountain state.
 I love going inside old churches,  it might appear old on the exterior appearance but the inside is always stunning.
The St. Joseph Cathedral is located in 50 Franklin St. Buffalo, NY 14202, so if you ever wonder how massive and beautiful it is inside, you should check it out.  Even if you are not a worshipper, you can still go and see, they welcome everybody.  This church  was established by Buffalo's first bishop, John Timon, in 1847 and dedicated in 1855. A 171 old church is amazing, I am  so glad I got to see it.  I have to admit, I have never been to the cathedral (St. Joseph) here in my state which is in Wheeling but so happy to  see the one in New York.
This church serves as  the spiritual center for the Catholic community of the Diocese of Buffalo in Western New York.   It said that because of its downtown location,  it plays an important role in the current revival of the city.
We met Father Charles E. Slisz after the mass as we were about to go out, he talked to us.  I guess, he knew we were not from New York.  We told him that we were from "Almost heaven, WV" and it made him smile.  He even told us a little bit about his  experience as a chaplain in the military.  Him and my husband  had a connection with the military topic so it was  nice.  He suggested us to visit the military park nearby.
The music balcony in this cathedral is amazing.
We walked around inside the church after the mass.  My favorite part of old and big churches is always the  stained glass windows.
It's fascinating to see the  details of the church interior design.  Every little detail is beautiful.
I found this video on youtube for their documentary, it's pretty neat.

Saturday, December 8, 2018

How To Discuss Divorce With Your Teenagers

A divorce is a stressful event that can affect every member of the family. However, few feel the effects of this event like teens do. Young people who come from broken homes are more likely to run away, become homeless, and commit suicide, especially when they come from homes that no longer have a father present. While these statistics can be troubling, there are a few strategies you can use to approach the subject of an impending divorce between yourself and spouse to protect your teenagers’ futures.

Talk as a Family

While your family might about to go through some changes, this does not mean the permanent death of the unit. In fact, gathering the family and discussing the divorce together can help soften the blow and offer your teens the comfort and support from both their parents, their siblings, and anyone else who lives in the home.

Talking about divorce as a family can also help your teens understand that while the relationship with your spouse is ending, it will not affect your role as a parent. This is one of the most important points to impress on your teens, since they are at an age when parental support and presence are more important than ever, even though they might desire independence on the surface.

Allow Questions

As young adults, your teenagers will likely have a better grasp of what divorce means than their younger siblings. As such, they may ask many questions. While you might not have all the answers, giving them a forum in which to ask is important because otherwise, they may feel ashamed or unsure about the process. This can lead to mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.

There are a few common questions your teen may ask, and being prepared for them may help you discuss the divorce with more confidence. Be ready to answer queries about what caused the divorce, which parent will be moving out, whether they will be given a choice about where to live, and why you and your spouse failed to work out your problems. These questions will likely be asked out confusion and feelings of self-blame, so it is important to reassure your teens they did nothing to cause the breakup.

Ask Your Lawyer for Advice

Having an experienced divorce lawyer on your side can help you navigate the difficult process of explaining divorce to your teens. For example, the attorneys of Cordell and Cordell are skilled in handling situations connected with divorce and may be able to offer you an array of advice on how to phrase your words. This law office is especially familiar with guiding men through some of the specific issues they go through, so if you find yourself in this situation, it might be wise to seek out its attorneys.

Do Not Expect a Singular Reaction

Once you break the news to your teens that you are divorcing your spouse, you may expect them to react with anger or tears. However, since every adolescent is different, they may display a variety of emotions, from near-silence to curiosity to blaming themselves. Before you talk to them, consider each child’s usual temperament, as this may help you gauge how they are going to react.

It is also important to remember that your teens’ reactions may create unexpected emotions for you. This is normal, as divorce is hard for every member of the family. Consider consulting a law office blog, such as one from Cordell Cordell, that can give you some idea of what men might experience as they navigate the difficult journey of divorce. o

Divorce can be a potentially devastating to any family member, but teenagers can be especially vulnerable to self-blame and other destructive behavior. Knowing how to talk to them about the end of their parents’ marriage can lower this risk and help them through the changes your family will likely endure.

Friday, November 30, 2018

Baseball Theme Baby Gifts

To be perfectly honest, a nursery is typically decorated in a theme chosen by parents. It often reflects their interest or their idea of an ideal nursery theme.  Parents should enjoy this decorative freedom because things could change when the adolescent and teenage years arrive. Parents who are devoted baseball fans may choose a baseball theme for their nursery. If so, there are lots of gift ideas for those who are invited to the baby shower. 
Baseball Décor 

Nursery décor items are popular baby shower gifts. Nursery accessories such as lamps, pictures, rugs and wall decals are gift ideas for a baseball theme nursery.  You might want to give something a little more unique such as baseball switchplates and outlet covers. You might consider giving some type of baseball figurine or bank as a gift. This type of gift can become a keepsake that will remain a part of the child’s décor throughout the years.

Baby Clothing

If the parents have chosen a baseball theme for the nursery, they most likely can be seen wearing clothing and accessories that show their support for a specific team. Baseball onesies, coveralls, infant socks, a cap or beanie that display the team name or logo of the parent’s favorite team would be a practical gift. It would also be something the parents would be delighted to receive. 

Nursery Items

You can please the baseball-fan parents and delight the baby with some baseball themed nursery toys and bedding. Babies are often mesmerized with the movement of a mobile. You could support the nursery décor theme and please the baby with a baseball theme mobile or ball and bat rattle. Crib sets, blankets, sheets and changing pad covers are available with a baseball motif. 

By choosing a baseball theme for a nursery, many of the decorative items can transition to a more mature décor as the child ages. Photos of the baby wearing baseball fan attire can become one of those treasures that remain on display in the home for many years. Your gift can become a family treasure.  

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Taking a Vacation for Your Health and Wellbeing

Did you know that more than half of the working population in India doesn’t use all their holiday allowance? Most people only get two weeks of vacation time a year anyway, so that means many millions of hard-working Indian citizens are getting little or no time off from their jobs. Not only is this likely to be affecting their health and wellbeing, but they’re missing out on some of the most rewarding experiences life has to offer. 

Taking a break each year gives you a chance to boost your energy levels and allows you to relax and divert your mind away from the stresses of everyday life, including your job. If you’re one of those millions who doesn’t use all their leave, consider all the benefits of taking a vacation and start planning for next year.

Why Indian workers aren’t taking vacations

There are several reasons why workers don’t use their leave allowance:
  • Worry about catching up with work after the vacation
  • Feeling guilty about using leave when colleagues aren’t using their allowance
  • Feeling that two-week vacations are frowned upon by their employer
  • Fear of being judged by workmates if they take extended vacations
  • Fear of asking for a two-week vacation
Surveys show that almost all workers carry leave days over into the next year, and in many cases, they end up losing days altogether when they don’t take them within the permitted time period. Of course, India isn’t the only country where this takes place, and in fact, it’s a common occurrence all over the world. Far Eastern countries and United States workers, in particular, report a reluctance to claim their full entitlement, especially in high-pressure industries. In some countries, workers are required to take their full leave entitlement, but in others, it’s not mandatory, and if you feel under pressure to keep working, it can be hard to ask for time off, even when you’re fully entitled to it. 

This isn’t just a problem that’s confined to low paid workers either. Although the low paid often have harsher working conditions and may well be discouraged or even prevented from taking leave, mid-range and high earners are affected just as badly. In their case, it’s often that employers expect their workers to commit over and above the contracted hours if they’re in a professional or more well-paid position. Employees then have concerns about being passed over for promotion, missing out on the best clients, or being ostracized by their peers. They may even fear for their job security, so it’s not surprising that people from all walks of life feel they can’t take the time off they should.

The importance of taking a break

Downtime is essential for health and wellbeing, and even the most industrious of workers will start to suffer if they never get a break. Employers who push their workers into giving up their leave or working unpaid overtime are behaving in a short-sighted manner because extensive research has shown that improving productivity is best achieved by valuing workers and taking positive steps to safeguard their wellbeing and promote their self-esteem. 

Workers who never get a proper break will inevitably slow down over time, and may be more prone to making mistakes. They’re also more likely to suffer from mental and physical health problems, which would further impact the business’s productivity. There needs to be a change in attitudes to taking time off work, so it is encouraged as a necessary and beneficial activity for both staff member and employee. 

Indians on vacation

The figures for vacations abroad taken by Indian citizens reflect the overall lack of enthusiasm for using their leave allowance. The average global outbound leisure share is currently 53%, but India only reaches a share of 30%, a significantly lower figure. That equates to 4.8 million trips out of India for the purposes of going on holiday, which in a country of almost 1.36 billion is a drop in the ocean. 

A report co-published by internet vacation giant Expedia says that Dubai, France, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand are the countries Indians visit most frequently. That means millions of Indians aren’t embracing global travel and are missing out on the delights of places further afield, including most of Europe, Africa, Australasia, and the Americas.

Financing a vacation

India still has issues with poverty that can’t be ignored, but the country’s prospects have been improving for quite a few years now, and there is an increasing number of middle class and wealthier citizens. Educational opportunities and economic prosperity are on the rise, and that looks set to continue. However, the worry of funding a holiday does add to many people’s reluctance to travel abroad. 

If you’ve been worried about paying for your holiday, then well-managed credit facilities are worth considering. While getting into unmanageable debt is inadvisable, using reputable credit facilities is an effective way of paying for a trip without overloading yourself with a financial burden. 

The options for borrowing money even when your credit rating isn’t very good range from loans and credit cards with exorbitant interest rates and penalties charged by some providers to far more reasonable and affordable terms from others. Look for a reputable broker who can provide sound advice for prestamos con asnef and credit cards that will allow you to budget sensibly for your time away.


The world is full of amazing places to see and experience, and the cost of traveling and staying in many of them can be surprisingly reasonable if you shop around. Choosing a self-catering lodge, cottage, or apartment will save you a significant amount of money over hotel stays, and heading for places away from the most heavily populated tourist destinations can bag you a bargain too. Have a look at a variety of alternative destinations and accommodation arrangements before making a decision. 

Taking time off work will do you and your family a world of good, and you’ll be able to work far more effectively on your return. Start a revolution in the workplace, and let’s see many more Indians taking a well-earned break and exploring the rest of the world! 

Monday, November 12, 2018

Newport Aquarium: Discovering the Wonder Together

During our met-up with the Dias family  this summer,  we were not able to make it on time to go with them  at the Noah's Ark due to time constraints.  Even though we left Tennessee  early that day, it  wasn't enough time for us to make it so we  just rested  when we arrived and planned our adventure  the next day.  
We went to Newport Aquarium the next day.  It's a fun place to explore as it showcases thousands of animals from around the world in a million gallons of water.  I did  not get to see the enormously popular “Sweet Pea” and “Scooter,” which are the stars of the first shark ray breeding program in the world but I enjoyed every animal that I saw.  My kids had a blast too.

I did not know it  but this state-of-the-art facility  acquired quite a bit of recognition so it was worth visiting.  Below are the awards;

  •  the No. 1 aquarium in the 2012 Readers’ Choice Travel Awards from; 
  • the Best Rainy Day Outing in 2006 in Cincinnati Family Magazine; and 
  • the Best Aquarium in the Midwest in the Zagat Survey’s U.S. Family Travel Guide in 2004.  

When you have children zoo and aquarium, are always the best places to visit  because not only it's fun to see different kinds of animal species but it  is also very educational not only for the kids but for adults as well.
It's so much fun to do it with friends, you get to learn while catching up with the  people you don't get to see very often.  What more could be fun than discovering the wonder together right?
Our children are definitely growing up.  I remember the first time we  met up in Florida, these kiddos were still little, now they are  almost teens.
They live in Texas so meeting each other is  a bit hard but we  try our best to do that once in a while when  time permits.
Gladly, they are still friends  just like us, parents.
My daughter is almost my height.  They will be taller than me soon.  They grow so much while I think I shrink as time goes by ha ha.
It's neat that they have this height and weight measuring  features at the aquarium.
After we  have explored  inside the aquarium, we tried to find a good place to eat but almost all of the place we checked are packed so we asked siri some nearby places we could go to.
We ended up eating at  Chick Fil A which was nice because we all love the place.  I am not sure when we can meet up again but I hope that it would be  sometime soon. 
Anyway, one thing worth mentioning  for about the aquarium is that, they give discount to veterans  so if you have your military ID you can avail some savings such as photos and other  stuff.  We did not use it during the  admission though.  I am not sure if they allow it but we  were able to have a discount for the pictures we  claimed upon  getting out.


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