Thursday, April 2, 2020

Travel Plan Cancelled Due to #CoronaVirus: Things we can do At Home

Our plan for this year has been cancelled.  It’s a hard decision  but it’s for the best.  This world pandemic is taking a toll in all of us worldwide.  2020 is suppose to be an exciting year for us since we will finally visit the Philippines after 11 years but now it’s down the drain.   My Mom who has been waiting for this moment will be very disappointed ☹️ but there’s nothing we can do but to stay home.

  The kids have been doing cyber classes for three weeks now and I have to say, I kind of like it that they are home all the time.  Even my husband gets to work from home.  He goes to work from time to time which I worried constantly but other than that, we are surviving this Nobel Corona Virus 🦠 pandemic.   

Just like the rest of the world,  West Virginia is also doing home quarantine and observing social distancing.   We do however make sure that we stay active and eat healthy despite the quarantine situation.  Here are the things we do to keep busy while staying safe.
  • Play Tennis - Although we are doing home quarantine, we can still do fun outdoor activities.  We just Need to find a place that isn’t frequently visited by a crowd.   We played at our local Starvaggi tennis court before it eventually locked up but we still have another option, we go to Marland Heights tennis  cour and play.  Being out for a short period of time is good for us physically especially when the sun is out.   Sunshine vitamin is very important.

  •  Family Walks - I would say that walking is a very safe thing to do these days because everyone is staying home and you will hardly encounter people outdoors.  There are occasionally runners 🏃 but you can always do the social distancing.  our neighborhood is pretty much safe to walk so we do it regularly with our kids.

  •  Eating Healthy - I am a work-at-home-mom so we always eat home cooked meals.  I make sure that what we put on our body is something that will help us keep healthy and strong.

  •  Photography - I’m not a professional photographer but I love taking photos.  Thanks to my husband for providing me the materials I need to enjoy this hubby.   I am taking this unfortunate times into an opportunity to put and capture the Spring time.   I get very conscious taking photos when there are so many people around but this time, I can freely do it with no worries.   I went on a a walk yesterday and brought my DSLR camera and took some photos.  I can’t download them yet since my phone is getting full but I can still use the photos I took with my iPhone.   I would love to have a new desktop 🖥 computer to use for my blogging, it’s easier.

  •  Baking as Bonding Moment - my daughter and husband has been doing some bonding by baking goodies in our kitchen.  This pandemic is really giving us an opportunity to do things that otherwise harder with normal schedule before Corona Virus erupted.  I’m glad that we could turn this tough time into something memorable, sweet memories that we could happily look back to in the future.

  • Cleaning, Washing Hands, and More Cleaning - we have been keeping our home  clean and ourselves as well.  Luckily, we still have a stock of hand sanitizers that we can carry on our purse when we go out to get groceries and gas. This worldwide pandemic is turning people into chaos and  a lot of people are panic buying which we didn't do.  I don't understand why  they have to buy a truck load of toilet paper or buy all the  sanitizers in the store.  Before the panic buying started, we thought it was only happening in some country but we were late to realized that even in the US, people are panic buying as well, ugh.

  • Playing with Our Pets - our dogs are loving the extra attention that they are getting from our kids.  They get to do their  classes at home and also have extra time for the pets since they don't have to leave home.

  • Watching Home Videos - We watched  the videos that we filmed when our kids were little and it brought us  tears of joy and lots of laughter. Seeing how they were when they were little gave them the appreciation of how both hubby and I are dedicated to them ever since they were born. My daughter has been very vocal with her love for us ever since we watched the videos.  She's been a big help around the house and also helping his brother with his cyber work.

  • Family Time at Home  - Aside from watching  mass on TV on Sundays, watching movies together in our family room, we always sit together in our hangout room (which is our master bedroom) and talked to the kids.  Our dogs  are always there too participating in the discussion lol.

I am an introvert so staying at home isn't hard but just normal to me.  I love the fact that I can be with my kids and husband 24/7 during this tough times.    I feel bad for extrovert people, this might be so hard for them to go through. I do hope and pray that this will end soon so everybody can get back to their normal lives.  This too shall pass, we need to pray for those who are very badly affected. 

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Buying Your Dream Home in 2020: Here is What You Should Know

Purchasing a dream home can be a life-changing opportunity and is one of the essential steps to make as a family. However, this process can be overwhelming at times. You may know the features that you want in your new home, but how do you find the dream house? It is more than just going through the pages online to check some of the latest listings that might suit your needs. Below are some tips to guide you on the things you need to know if you are planning to buy a home in 2020.

Image via Adobe Stock, by Smole

Thinking Ahead

Before you buy a house, you should sit down and think about your plans for the future. For instance, you may be planning to have an extended family in some years to come, and that requires you to have a bigger house. The same applies if you are planning to work from home, among many other factors. Accordingly, if you have plans to move out of the house after some time, consider its resale value and the ease to sell.


The thought of looking for a house to buy should not even cross your mind unless you have a mortgage pre-approval. Having it would help to narrow down your search strategy to look for a more specific aspect. Pre-approval will also help you budget well as you are given a maximum loan amount that you qualify for.

Aspects of the Neighborhood

You may like a home when you see it online, but once you buy it, you find out that you do not like the community. The best thing to do is to take a walk around the place where the house is located and find out if it fits your lifestyle. Social amenities and other features like the availability of safe parking space are crucial aspects that you should check on your list.


There are things that you cannot compromise when you want to buy a new home. These are the aspects that you should list down and make sure that the house you want to buy has all the things you consider must-haves. But again, you should be cautious not to have a very loaded list because you may have a hard time trying to find such a house.

Know your Budget and Stick to It

Your budget is the most crucial aspect that would determine if you will find your dream home or not. You need to set the budget straight and stay within limits. Checking out houses that are above your budget range is dangerous in a way that you will fall in love with the homes that you cannot afford and fail to prioritize what you really need. It is essential to keep in mind what you can afford and focus solely on that.

The Need to Renovate

Buying a house might come with the need to give it a facelift before moving in. If this is the case, then you should go for a price range that is slightly below your budget to give you financial flexibility for the upgrade. You again need to do your homework and find out how much you are willing to spend on repairing the house.

The Documentation

The process of looking for a house requires many things beforehand. When you are ready to buy, finally, you need to have the right documents before the deal is approved. Sometimes you may have to hire a real estate agent to walk you through what is required of you before you buy condo.

The Top-three List

Once you have prepared everything and you are all set, you can go ahead and check the available listings. It is recommended to have a list of the top three houses that click all your boxes then compare the three to get the right for you and your family. You can also use this list as a benchmark as you continue looking for other houses.
There are a lot of issues that you need to factor in when you are looking to buy a new house. What you do in the earlier phases will determine whether the process becomes a walk in the park or a stressful task. You should know what is required of you and what to do at the right time to avoid getting stuck with a house you do not enjoy living in.
The first thing to do is getting a pre-approval, and then proceeding to do your home search. Additionally, when ready to move in, avoid common mistakes parents make when moving with kids. It is advisable to customize your new home to fit the profile of your family.

Friday, March 13, 2020

How to make Egg-cellent Easter Egg Cake Pops in a Few Easy Step

Easter is one of the most important holidays of the year. Easter egg pops and candies have become a conspicuous feature during this holiday. In 2019, consumers planned to spend $2.5 billion on candy alone. If you are like most folks, you most likely indulge in sweet treats top among these being Easter egg cake pops.

It’s hard to miss Easter eggs in any form over the Easter weekend and while many people shop for these, you can now make these at home and add them to your Easter basket. This guide examines the main steps for an easy recipe for Easter egg cake cops.

What You Need For Easter Egg Cake Pops
  1. unfrosted baked cake, any flavour
  2. a can of prepared frosting
  3. Assorted small candies and sprinkles for pops decoration
  4. Several cups of cups candy coating
  5. Enough lollipop sticks for your guests
Directions For Preparing Easter Egg Cake Pops

Start by crumbling the unfrosted cake into small, entirely fine crumbs.

Add about two-thirds of the container of frosting

Mix the cake crumbles and the frosting and ensure even moisture distribution. The purpose is to ensure the cake can stick together when you fold into a round shape. Ensure the mixture holds together well if you squeeze it into a ball.

Form small ball shapes with a cookie scoop using the cake mixture. Make sure the shape is not round but oblong to resemble an egg.

Place the egg balls in a tray and cover them with a waxed paper-covered baking sheet or foil.flavourPlace the balls in a freezer for about thirty minutes to firm them up.

Heat and melt the candy coating in a microwave. Stir it to get a smooth mixture.

Take the eggs and using a skewer, poke a hole into each of the eggs to create a hole. This is where the lollipop stick will go in.

While holding the lollipop stick, dip the egg balls into the heated coating. The coating wraps around the cake egg and solidifies to ensure the stick doesn’t fall off. Repeat the procedure for all the egg cakes.

Start decorating your Easter egg cake pops using the sprinkles or any other decorations you have.
Presentation in an Easter Basket

Now that your cake pops are ready, it’s time to present them beautifully in an Easter basket. For this you’ll need:

  • Styrofoam 1/2 Ball with cling wrap
  • Clear treat bags
  • An Easter basket
  • Easter grass

Take the Styrofoam in cling wrap and use it to line the Easter basket. Take your cake pops and wrap them with the clear treat bags and place them in the basket. You can use this recipe to surprise your kids on their birthday party or any other holiday.
Final Thoughts

If you want to throw a memorable party this Easter, how about learning how to make Easter egg cake pops. Your family will love the sweet treats, and if you have guests coming, these treats will be the highlight of the holiday. Go on and try this simple recipe and wow your guests

Saturday, February 29, 2020

Senior Diets to Eat Well and Live Long

As we age, our eating habits and dietary needs change. We need fewer calories as we get older, mainly because the metabolism slows down in addition to getting less exercise as we age. We all want to eat healthy, but there may be several reasons why seniors don’t—easy access to food delivery, no longer able to go to the grocery store, maybe they want to make things easier for their caregivers, or the kitchen may become a dangerous place if they have any physical or mental limitations. How can those who are aging in place eat a healthy diet and live a long healthy life?

First of all, food delivery services like Uber Eats and Door Dash are a tremendous and much-needed resource for those who are unable to get out of the house for whatever reason. This doesn’t mean those seniors should only eat fatty, greasy fast food! Try to make healthy choices even when using a food delivery service. Salads, lean cuts of meat (roasted or baked), and fruits/vegetables are available at many restaurants for not that much more. 

Another great way to eat a healthy, sustainable diet is to order your groceries online for delivery, or pickup if your loved one can still drive. This alleviates the need to find a motorized cart if you have trouble walking, and you can still make healthy choices that will be delivered right to your door. Services such as Instacart and Amazon Fresh allow you to continue doing your own grocery shopping. This can give a senior a much-neededboost of independence as well as healthy food choices.

If you are having trouble making healthy choices, a quick search on the Internet can help you gather all the information about a healthy diet for a senior that you need. The government’s recommendation for healthy meals can be found at, which is a great resource to start with. The National Council on Aging also gives some simple guidelines. Basically, it is recommended that you eat the rainbowbright and colorfulvegetables should make up the largest portion of your plate. Lean sources of proteins include beans, legumes, and nuts in addition to lean cuts of chicken or turkey. Whole grains and low-fat dairy choices are also very beneficial to a senior’s diet. The American Heart Association even provides a simple and easy eating plan for seniors that is very easy to follow and remember.

Another hurdle that many seniors face when it comes to mealtime is that they want to make things easy for their caregivers. Seniors often feel guilty about asking for help, sothey are content to eat cold sandwiches or cereal for dinner night after night. This isn’t the healthiest choice, especially for senior citizens who may have health issues or conditions that need to be managed with diet such as diabetes or heart disease. It’s okay to ask caregivers to help in meal planning and preparation. If no one is available to help, then seniors who live alone can sign up for Meals on Wheels in their community. There are even subscription services that provide easy to make meals such as Hello Fresh or Blue Apron.

Sometimes a senior’s eating habits decline simply because the kitchen has become a dangerous place for them. If they are no longer able to stand for long periods of time, they may not be able to cook on the stove without needing to sit down. If they drop something in the kitchen, bending over may make them dizzy and unsteady on their feet - this is also a good reason to invest in a life alert system for your senior in case they fall (and check the most suitable through one of the medical alert system review sites online).

If seniors are not too steady on their feet, they can increasingly rely on healthy food gadgets such as juicers, food processors, pressure cookers, or slow cookers to provide quick healthy meals. Precut veggies are available for grocery delivery as well, which should cut down any prep time that a meal may have. Throwing a pot roast and precut veggies in a slow cooker is a great way to have an easy, healthy, home cooked meal with absolutely no fuss at all.

One thing to keep in mind is that Americans eat too much food in general, so if your loved one doesn’t eat 2,000 calories a day, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Our caloric needs decrease as we age, so if nutrition is kept up, this should not be a problem. Seniors’ preferences or taste buds may also change as they age – this is very typical in anyone over age 65  so just make sure that they are getting the nutrients they need.

Following these few simple tips should give your loved one the healthy meals and nourishment they need as they age in place.Good nutrition is possible at any age!

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Planning A Wedding: Tips From Engagement To The Big Day

When it comes to weddings, it can be a very stressful thing to go through and plan. Many people out there are currently engaged, or even hoping their partners are going to pop the question, and with Valentine’s Day approaching and it being a leap year, this could be the year that you start the planning process. So you might be in need of some information and advice. So from engagement through to the big day itself here are some of the top wedding tips to help you through the process.

Let’s talk about getting engaged for a moment

Indulge me a little, having just been proposed to I am feeling on cloud nine. So if you are hoping that your partner will pop the question you might be wondering how to go about it. A few tips would be to start talking about the future and enter weddings into your conversation every now and again. Often it’s just making sure you are both wanting the same thing that can set the wheels in motion for your future wedding. Talking about getting engaged isn’t even a taboo subject if you have been together a while. Perhaps you already own a house together and have dogs or children. The beauty of planning your engagement together means you can go shopping for your ring. A look online at websites like can be a great source of inspiration. Choosing your own engagement ring might be the dream for you. 

Don’t get swamped with planning

A marriage and a wedding are two different things in reality. Getting married means making a commitment to be together through sickness and in health, for better or for worse. A wedding is the event itself in which you celebrate this very act. So if you keep things simple or go for something more elaborate and big then make sure the wedding planning doesn’t overwhelm you. It’s easy to step on the roller-coaster of wedding plans and not be able to get off, while you watch money mount up and cost escalating. The biggest tip is to ensure you get yourself a planner and no your budget and wedding size before you begin, it helps to be able to keep yourself in check.

Make the important decisions together

Let’s be honest here, the man in your life might not want to try every piece of cake or look at endless color samples of a different shade of blue or pink, but he might want to know about the venue or have a say on the food. You know your partner better than anyone, so involve him in what he will be interested in, and don’t bother him with the little details. Wedding planning can be stressful without it causing unnecessary arguments between one another. 

Don’t let the emotion of the big day take over

Finally, try and make sure you don’t let the emotion of your big day take over. Instead, don’t feel overwhelmed by the at but embrace the wedding day and enjoy yourself. It’s going to be one of the best days of your life. 

Let’s hope these important tips help you with your wedding planning.

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