Friday, August 17, 2018

#Wonderworks in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee #LetYourImaginationRunWild

 Through blogging I get to discover beautiful places  that I want to  visit.  I've seen Wonderworks being featured in so many blogs that I thought it would be so cool to see it with my  kids.  So when we went to Tennessee last month, I was excited  that  there was one.
WonderWorks is an entertainment center focused on science exhibits which is right in my  children's  interest.  They like Science so this was a perfect place to visit.  Wonderworks has  different locations in the US including  Orlando, Florida,  Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, Panama City Beach, Florida, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina,Syracuse, New York, and Branson, Missouri.
Let Your Imagination Run Wild is the company's slogan, looking at it  from the  outside  made my stomach run wild  instead lol. Kudos to the  architect for building such complicated structure.  

 It was the afternoon after we did white water rafting that we decided to see this so we were all tired.
 We went inside looked at few things and did not really have the energy to explore. I did managed to  take some photos.
 While my daughter was  using the restroom, we  sat down at the bench and our son took some photos of me and hubby.
 Their displays are really interesting.  I love the mirror  in between the restrooms.
 The fact that we went there tired and  with full bellies at the same time, made us want to  go to our hotel and rest.  
We didn't get to do any activity inside but  glad that we were able to see what it looked like inside.  It is as interesting as the outside.  I would probably go to  other location if given the  opportunity and really explore.  For now, I am satisfied that we were able to see the one in Pigeon Forge.  

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Sydney’s Appeal still trumps any other Australian city – Here’s Why

Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and other cities in Down Under are fantastic destinations in their own right. However, we dare claim that Sydney is the best city in Australia, we’ll go so far as to say the best in the world. Here’s why.

World-renowned beaches
Sydney boasts crystal clear and white sand beaches that beat Melbourne as well as the man-made beach that is Southbank Parklands in Brisbane. In fact, you can find around 100 beaches in Sydney, so you can pick and choose to your heart’s desire. There’s Bondi for people-watching and Cronulla where you can quickly get a spot for yourself on the far-extending, sandy beach.

Unique landmarks
The Opera House and Harbour Bridge anyone? You could just sit down for a delectable meal or fine drink in Opera Bar while admiring both at the same time. The Opera House, as you know, is an architectural masterpiece by renowned Danish architect Jorn Utzon. The Harbour Bridge, nicknamed The Coathanger due to its arch-based design, was officially opened in 1932. It took nine years to build. People are permitted to climb over the arch.

Fantastic ferries
Admittedly, public transport is a bit better in Melbourne, but nothing will beat arriving to work via ferry. The ferries also double as a way to show visitors around the grand city. There are many routes to choose from, you can go to Manly, Taronga Zoo, and Watsons Bay, and each journey promises to be scenic and experience-driven.

Beautiful harbour
Sydney without a doubt has one of the most picturesque harbours in the world. Just check out the 200km of harbour foreshore via a quick stroll or by ferry in Darling Harbour and you’ll agree. Every day, there will be people cruising or sailing in their boats, swimming at a beach or just picnicking at one of the islands.

The Centennial Park
This leafy grand park is where Sydneysiders and tourists go for a run or just to chill while picnicking. Lots of parents have their children’s birthday parties there on the weekends and it’s got sporting grounds, ponds, formal gardens, statues and even historical buildings.

Sydney weather
Sydney also has some of the best weather in the world. For one, it has an extensive summer season with plenty of days with sunshine and a pleasant winter.

Head to Crown St Markets or Kirribilli Markets for shopping galore of designer brands. There’s also the Marrickville Markets if you’re looking to pick up a quick lunch – there are a plethora of options with so many food stalls to choose from. Head to Manly during summer nights for a bite to eat and go for dancing.

End Note
That’s just the tip of the iceberg – as you’ll soon see yourself when you get here. For accommodation, head over to The Star Sydney if you’re looking for top-rated Sydney hotels, suites, apartments and speciality themed studios. Here, your accommodation choices cover every scenario. Want the best?  The Darling, Sydney’s only Forbes five-star boutique hotel and the urban resort are here! You’ll find all the allure of Australia’s most extravagant city poured into a stunning cocktail of courtesy, charm and appeal.
Your choices here include special offers and packages. Currently, The Suite Darling and Suite Escape comes with 35% off, breakfast daily and champagne for two. The Darling Bed and Breakfast Package, on the other hand, allows you experience the elegant and boutique-styled hotel The Darling and wake up to a Japanese inspired breakfast at Sokyo.
We hope you enjoy your holiday or vacation trip to the beautiful Sydney!

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

UK Destinations To Visit This Summer A Guide

The travel bug has bitten many people as it’s summertime and the perfect time to explore. You, as a result, may be thinking about places you can go to around this time of the year solo or with loved ones. If you’re a regular traveler, you may have already been to quite a number of places already. If not, you may be keen on beginning your travel adventures this summer and be in need of places to go. The good thing is that you don’t have to go all the way to the Bahamas just to enjoy a good summer holiday. On that note, you’re going to find a few UK destinations that you can visit this summer in the following article.

If you’ve ever wanted to see what the UK has to offer in terms of beaches, then Devon is a destination to consider exploring. You could decide to see the magnificent beaches painted on the south and north coasts or explore inland Devon which has its appeal as well. If you happen to be going with family, you should think about staying in Bovey Castle as there are tons of activities for children and adults alike. For the most part, you’re likely to experience good food like lamb and seafood which are their areas of expertise and breathtaking outdoor views. Just in case you want to explore other neighboring beaches, try looking for some within your axis on

You’ve likely heard a lot about London, and this is likely because it has a lot to offer, especially in terms of holiday destinations. This busy, vibrant and cosmopolitan city is great for sightseeing and filled with activities. Some things that you can do include visiting the Big Ben, taking a ride on the London Eye, or taking trips down to the many museums that are plotted around the city. Other things to do in London include checking out the city from above the Shard, exploring the London Dungeons, watching a play in West End or watching tennis at Wimbledon. There are also several hotels which you can lodge at that should fit into your budget.

Lake District
In case you’re looking for something a little more tranquil, you should head over to Lake District as you’ll get a countryside feel. Characterized by lakes, valleys, and woodlands are ideal if you want to experience the outdoors and go hiking. For all of the creatives, you may be happy to know that Lake District has artistic and literary connections. Some places you can visit include Rydal Mount, Hill Top, Wordsworth House and Drunken Duck. For the most part, it’s great for relaxation and scenery.

This summer is a chance for you to see what the UK has to offer in terms of fun, luxury, scenery, and leisure. You should, therefore, capitalize on this opportunity and consider going to one or more of the destinations mentioned above. By doing so, you’ll be able to create memories that you can look back at next summer and smile.

Monday, August 6, 2018

Roadtrip to Tennessee and Things We Didn't Get to Do

Usually, when we go for a vacation, we spend the entire  week in one place because there are so much to do.  This year, we did it a little differently, we spent our vacation in two different states.  Our first destination was Tennessee.  Although we stayed in Pigeon Forge,  we did some activities that were not there.  You can check out our exciting white water rafting experience in Hartford Tennessee.
 Roadtrip is something we do enjoy as a family.  We  love hitting one different state every year.  It's part of the learning  process for all of us especially for the kids.  
 We left very early on July second as it will take us 8 hours to reach our destination.  It's 505 miles from our place to Pigeon Forge, it's a very long drive but we make it fun.
I always pack snacks and drinks so it is a must for us to hit every  rest stops along the way.  It also gives us  time to stretch our legs especially my husband who is  the sole driver for   all the trips we do. 
We actually arrived in less than 8 hours  in going there. 
This huge cross is one of those  Giant Crosses of James Potter.  According to the article I read online (CarpetBagger), Mr. Potter, who owns his own construction business, has created nearly thirty of these massive monuments along the highways. They range from 100 feet to the largest so you won't miss to see it if you are a keen observer while traveling. 
This towering cross is hovering over the Southern City of Sin Pigeon Forge, TN.  I have seen  three crosses all over West Virginia and I thought it was just our state thing but as we travel across the country, I have seen it.  Reading the article gave me an idea who does it, a priest  named  Rev. Bernard Coffindaffer is the one that is doing it.  You can read more about Fr. Coffindaffer here.
We even seen one along I-75 near Royal Blue, TN when we were on our way to Kentucky. This giant cross is erected  next to a giant pornography store named adult world.  M husband said "that's a n odd place to put a cross."  In a way, it make sense.

The Volunteer State, Tennessee is gorgeous!  If you are an outdoor  kind of person, it's a great place to visit.
There were tons of things to see and dfo in Pigeon Forge but unfortunately, we didn't have much time to do it all.
I wanted to go see the  Titanic Museum but  we did not have time.
It would have been cool to see  what's inside.  I am a big fan of the movie so it would have been  exciting to see  what's actually in the museum.
There lis a Hollywood wax museum there  that we did not get to see.  The kids were not really interested and  again, we did not have time.
We didn't even get to  see Dollywood, sigh.  I would say, If given another chance., I would go back there again.  I'll have to share the Wonderworks  building that we went to next time.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

HorseBack Ride at Ponderosa Big Rock Riding Stables

My husband told me that when he was a kid, one of his brothers had a horse and he  remembered riding on it.  His experience wasn't really a memorable one because nobody taught him what to do and just told him to ride the horse and figured it out.  So on our vacation this year, he wanted all of us to have a  nice experience in horseback riding.
 This is what we did on our second day in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee .  We went to High Rock Riding Stables, a little drive from where we  stayed at.  I really love Pigeon Forge because it's like a high entertaining city with lots of things to do but I love the fact that you are also closer to nature. 
 The photos above and below  is where all the  horses are.  They have so many! This place also prohibits you from carrying anything during the ride for security reasons so we couldn't take anything.  It's also their way of  getting you to buy the photos they took of you before you go to the trail, pretty good strategy if you asked me.  It would have been awesome to  take photos of the trail because it was beautiful!
 My son's horse  was well behaved despite the warning that our guide told my son that  his horse is  kind of lazy and needed to be wept but my son didn't really have to weep him.  The horse's name was Moonshine, she was really good actually.

My daughter's horse was energetic, she was running  when she get a chance so my daughter experienced how riding on a running horse feels like.  Her horse's name was Haa, she was the sister of the horse I was riding.

I have never really rode a horse before so I was excited and at the same time  a bit anxious because I didn't know if I will be able to maneuver the horse or not.  The guides are really good in explaining what to to do before you embark on a journey.  My horse's name was Gee and  she was giving me some attitude.  She was going on the side trail and eating some leaves which the guide then told me not to tolerate because she would not listen to me.  Other than that., she was a good horse.

My husband's horse's name is Maryland.  She was old and she actually look sick, I feel bad.  The guide was keep telling my husband to give the horse  a good weep but hubby felt bad to do it.  

I was very surprised that  the  guides that takes people to the trail  doesn't get paid a salary, they rely on tips that customers give.  We made sure to give our guide  some because he was very entertaining which made our experience more enjoyable.   The trail that we went to is not flat at all so I am glad that our horses did not   give us a hard time. 
We needed to cool down after our rides so we spent the rest of our remaining time   exploring all the other parts of the ranch.  They have a store for  souvenirs but you know how it is with business like this, the prices are  way up there lol.
 After our relaxing ride, we got to  spent time at the petting zoo.
 There are different kinds of animals  that  you can feed and pet like goats, rabbits, llama, and there were two peacocks which sounds like  cats.  I never really heard a peacock made a sound and I was surprised to learn how they make their sound. 
 My son is  into taking videos so he was  busy filming some of the animals there.
 The package we paid for includes  some food for the animals  and bottles of water.  The kids get to enjoy feeding some of them after our horseback ride.

My son love all the  different farming tools that they have on display.
 Packages  that they offer varies.  You can buy the ones that include  gem mining, fishing, horseback riding, and other things.
 Some people go there to experience fishing.  They gave you all the things that you need to  fish on this pond.  You have to release the fish after catching them though.
 My son found some snails and he was excited about it.  He  filmed them at the kiosk before releasing them back to the pond.
 We watched a video of want to do and what not to do  before going on a ride and someone also explained it really well before we  saddle up.  Overall, it was the most relaxing thing that we did while we were there.  The white water rafting was full of adrenaline and rush but horseback riding is the most enjoyable for me.


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