Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

Celebrating Mother's Day ever since I became  a Mom is so special.  It's the precious blessing that I have that  no money can buy.  Being a Mom is such a huge responsibility but it comes with great rewards as well.   Anyway, we pre-celebrated Mother's Day in the  State Park but before we left that morning, my daughter made me breakfast in bed (I will make a separate post about that on my food blog), how sweet  After breakfast, we went to Tomlinson Run and had so much fun out there.  We went for a long walk
 My daughter is allergic to mosquito bites so I let her use my  arm protection sleeves.
 I love it that my kids  love to explore nature.  Not many kids  does these kind of activities anymore.  I think with the  presence of technology, most children nowadays are  contained  in the room playing games.
 We were surprised to see some shell casing along the  road of the park.  We thought that was odd that  someone   fired shots out there.  It might be from a sheriff or a police who wants to scare  away some coyote or something (I hope that was the reason).
 My kids look forward to  go to this  lake during warm weather.  Just seeing cray fish and other bugs and critters makes them so excited.  
 Ms. Burrito  does not have a perfect balance so her brother gave him his walking stick.
 Her goal is to  cross the other end and stand on the big rock.  It took a while but she did it.  She fell and had a  wet butt but she's happy lol.
 Mission accomplished, that's a smile of success right there!
 Mr. Burrito was busy picking  empty shells  in the middle of the lake then I asked him to turn around and  give me a smile so I can take a photo of him.
 He smiled, and feel on his butt too.  So of course he blame me for it lol.  I didn't mind being blamed as I got a sweet smile out of it.
 I love seeing my kids having fun if what nature has to offer.  This is the kind of fun that  no gadget can give.
 I always forgot to bring  extra clothes for these Burritos  but good thing, we always have  towels in our car.  
 We stayed quite a good bit at the lake, we let them have fun splashing in the water before heading back home.
 After our nature adventure, we  visited Dad at his house.
 My kids and husband bought me  a gift.  I wish they  look for some coupons before buying it, they could have saved some moolah hehehe.  On the actual Mother's Day, my husband  cooked some breakfast for us and hen we attended the noon mass.  My daughter served in the altar, I was pleased to see that.  It was her second time  being an altar server. 
   We didn't go somewhere  in that day but we are planning to do something special with the kiddos on Father's Day.  A day at Sky Zone would be great since  my kids love jumping on a trampoline.  That's why I am glad to find this Sky Zone coupons at Ann Coupons website.  This would help save some from our budget.  My niece-in-law told me about the new place  near our area so we might check that out.  
How about you, how was your Mother's Day celebration this year?

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Cold Temperature Once again Tonight

Our current temperature  is 48 degrees, can you believe that?  ThAccording to the weather  advisory, there is a possibility of a frist tonight so I cover  my vegetable plant  because I don't want them to die.  Having said that,  the drastic change in tempertature reminded me of these photos that I ook of my kids in early sprong when they were jumping in the trampoline.  These were taken  in April so everything seems dead stuill,  they are now in full blast green.  I just hope that  there would be no frost tonight.  
I ;ove it when these two  gets along so well and play together nicely.  Yes, there are days that they can't stand each other but most of the times, they  get along just fine.  I giuess, it depends on their moods and  things thatthey like to do.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The 7th Annual Festival of Nation in Weirton

The 7th annual Festival of Nation was held  at MILLSOP COMMUNITY ENTER on March 21st, 2015.  It was dfifferent this year.  I noticed that  the trees  outside the building are not even budding yet compared to last year.  (Just ignore the head on the photo, my husband was goofing off while I was taking the photo, lol).  

There  was  less number of participants this year as well comparedfrom the numbers of participants last year.  Even the Filipino community have downsized.  I am not sure what happened but this year was not as good from the previous ones.
 Nevertheless, I busied myself from  taking some photos.  Here's my friend's daughter, wearing of the costumes for their cultural dances.
 The St. Joseph Choir always participates and  sing songs.  The Music Director of the school is always  encouraging the kids to  share their talents to people.
 While waiting for the program to start, I got the chance to tke some photos of them while they were  asitting on the bleachers.
 One of the  things that I always find missing when  attending events here is the lack of  decorations in the stage.  When I  was still working in school, whatever events we hold (big or small), we always decorate the stage the details of the events like the theme, the guest speakers, and other  things.  Over here, there's nothing.  I guess, it doesn't mater but I am just used to those stuff  back home that I find it a bit odd.  Anyway, here's the City Mayor giving his opening  remarks to  offially open the  event.
 Sime snap shots I took during the  parade, the presentation of the participants.  There are not many this year.  I missed thecolorful  outfits of those participants from Ukraine last year.  I did not see them this year.
 Our son hasn't participate in the choir yet but I am thinking that next yearm he would be  in it as well as he  is starting to sing with the choir at church.  We will see.
 Most of the cultural dances we've seen this year reoresented Philippines.
 My favorite among their performances was the "Tinikling" dance, they were so good.  I wish I could have captured them in video.  I thought the performers represing India did a great job as well.
 I am glad that the kids are very interested in participating into this kind of events, it hones not only their   talents but their social skills as well.  This kind of exposures help their   self confidence.
I admire the dedication that the music director of the school is putting into this.  Practicing a bunch of kids is not easy but she doe it so well.  I hope that next year, there would be more participants to the said event.  It is always nice to see different cultures through the dances and food.  MY kids wer disappointed that  there was no  Funnerl cakebooth this year.  That's one of their favorite thing to get when attending this kind of  event.  Yep, there were so many things missing this year.  

It's been..

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