Friday, May 30, 2014

Saint Day Mass

These photos were taken on April 30th, when the kindergartner's saint day mass was held at the church prior to the Google special assembly.  It is so cute watching the kindergartner  read at the podium.  They also perform a religious  action song in front of the parents.
Involving the kids to the mass is a great aspect that I love about the school.  It's a nice  confidence booster for them.
I love all the flowers  in front of the altars.  I wish that my garden would have blooms like these lol.

Glad that Miss Burrito is starting to get comfortable in singing.  Before when she was just starting to sing in the choir, she was always nervous.  

5 Fantastic Honeymoon Destinations in Asia 2014

Disclaimer.  Photo Sources are indicated at the bottom of each photos that aren't mine.

After all of the stress, diplomacy and emotion that goes into planning a wedding, all most couples want to do once the day is done is escape to a tropical paradise, switch off from the outside world and relax.
Our HOneymoon in Maribago Blue Water Resort, Cebu City Philippine - 2003
And with its heady mix of sunshine, picture postcard landscapes and delicious cuisine, Asia is a fantastic choice for any honeymooners looking for that little bit of heaven.
So if you've got a wedding of your own coming up this year and are planning a honeymoon to remember, here are the 5 best destinations in Asia to kick your marriage off perfectly.

1. Bintan Island, Indonesia
The white sandy beaches, calm waters and friendly locals of Bintan Island, Indonesia, make it a fantastic destination for a holiday no matter what the occasion.

But with the sumptuous Sanchaya Hotel offering couples the very best in luxurious accommodation, the resort is a fantastic choice for honeymooners looking for that little piece of paradise.

For those who want to experience an extra bit of culture during their honeymoon, the city state of Singapore is only a short ferry wide away and makes a great day trip during a stay on Bintan Island.

2. Vietnam
Like many of the countries in the region, Vietnam has a coastline to be proud of with idyllic beaches, secluded coves and traditional villages to be found in abundance.

As well as the fantastic scenery, honeymooners will love the outstanding food, the exotic atmosphere and the welcoming locals.

3. Bali, Indonesia
Well known for its white sandy beaches, great atmosphere and array of luxury hotels, Bali has long been a favourite for honeymooners looking to combine a relaxing break with a bit of hedonistic fun.
For a more cultural experience, head to the island’s interior where the lush jungle and undulating landscape make for breathtaking views and an unforgettable holiday.  
Photo Source:

4. Hokkaido, Japan
Relaxing, peaceful and incredibly beautiful, Hokkaido, Japan’s northernmost prefecture, is a great alternative to bustling Tokyo.
In the winter, honeymooners can cosy up in romantic ski resorts, while in the summer months visitors can explore the island’s spectacular landscape and vibrant natural attractions. 
Photo source:

5. The Maldives

With its idyllic beaches, laid back atmosphere and top quality resorts, there are few places in the world that look as much like paradise as the Maldives.
Perfect for honeymooners who want to completely relax and unwind, the country boasts a wide range of beaches, some fantastic hotels and plenty of stunning landscapes.

On average, the winter months are dryer than the summer, but with the temperature rarely dropping below 27˚C, the Maldives’ tourist season lasts all year.

With so many outstanding destinations to choose from Asia really is the perfect choice for honeymooners looking to kick start their married lives.

So if you want to give your soon-to-be better half a holiday to remember, pack those bags, jump on a plane and head to one of Asia’s outstanding honeymoon destinations.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Exploring Doquesne University

We went to Doquesne University in Pittsburgh on February 22nd to see if Ms. Burrito would qualify for their music program. The head director evaluated her for her skills and she passed. She will be starting there in September. It will be a big change for us because moving there is a lot expensive that the tuition she is paying her in our area for piano lessons.  I will talk about the details in my music blog next time.  Meanwhile here are some photos we had during our  tour down at DU.
Doquesne University is a huge campus.  We had so much fun checking out every building out there.  In fact we had a good exercise during our tour lol.  Daughter will start going to their music program in September.
Shadow Shots

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Flight to St. Paul Minneapolis

We woke up at 4 am on May 20th for our flight to California.  We drove to the  extended parking lot  adjacent to the airport and parked at 9F.  I made sure to take a picture of where we parked because last time, we couldn't remember where we parked lol.
I just realized that I haven't adjusted the date of my camera yet (oh well).  The kids were  very excited so waking up early was never a problem for them.  For some reason, they want to pull the  luggage so we let them.
While waiting for the shuttle bus to that will take us to the airport, I took some photos of them at the waiting shed.
I was feeling chilly so I fired up my legs by sitting on the air while the bus hasn't arrived yet.  
We boarded at 6 am bound to Minneapolis.  We took off at 7 am  and arrived at St. Paul Minneapolis at 8:05.
I brought some books for  them to read coz I know that they will get bored after a while.
The  little Miss was busy with her iPod while the little Mister was reading the book.
Traveling is  fun with these two.  The only issue we had during our California travel is when  EJ's ear was hurting due to pressure.  Other than that, they have always been very good travelers since they were little.
More photos coming up, when I find the time hehehe.

Saturday, May 24, 2014


First of all, happy Mother's day to all the Moms in the World!  My children gave me their  personalized gifts when they came home yesterday and they insisted for me to open them up.  They did these art projects at their  art subject in school and bring them home every year..  O love what they made me last year and so   is this year!
This is what my son prepared.
The bottle was covered with  beads which is really pretty!
 Below is what my daughter  prepared for me.  The kids made an ordinary  lunch paper extra  special by expressing their feelings with their drawings.
 A duct tape wallet with personalized coupons inside.
 They made my  day so special, thank you Burritos!
 I would like to thank the  Art teacher, Mrs. Nancy Wright for always doing these   special projects with the kids!
These are special things that  a charleston sc wedding dj would not be  able to top with their performances.  They  make weddings extra special but  children's love for their Moms are  top of the world, the best!
  To all the Mother's out there, may you have a wonderful celebration!  May you enjoy each  second you spend with your kids!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Follow Your Heart

We flew to California this month but it was an educational-related travel. It was a lot of fun!
July would be our family vacation, it isn't International but still would be a nice one since we are heading to the beach this time. I literally miss  the smell of the beach, the sand, and just  the whole beach scenery. I wish that we could afford to visit and stay at  St. Kitts Marriott Resort & Royal Beach Casino.  It would really be a great treat to take advantage of the St. Kitts Marriott Super Sand Dollars offer that they have where you can stay 4 nights, and get 3 nights FREE!
 photo SKBRB_pool_2012-4RESIZEDREQUIRED_zps1719b7cd.jpg
 It would be awesome to wake up by the beach and go for  a morning walk at one of the sandy beaches at St. Kitts! One of the amenities that I would probably enjoy is the spa, I have never  experienced it in my life yet so that would be something I want to try.
 photo Friars1previewRESIZED_zps2e12eb1a.jpg
This island that was first spotted by Christopher Columbus in 1493 has a lot to offer. You can feed your eyes with its exotic natural beauty, sunny skies, and enjoy their  sandy beaches on a warm  weather. It would be so nice to get the Discover St. Kitts Package and other great deals someday. For now, I could only wish to go there but hopefully someday, that dream would come to reality.


 photo SKBRB_SE_Peninsula_2012RESAVED_zps1e207529.jpg

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Miniature Railroad Village #CarnegieScienceCenter

Aside from the Submarine that I posted here, my son also love the Miniature Railroad Village over at Carnegie Science Center.  He loves trains and cars so this is definitely a  sweet treat for him during our visit there last March 8, 2014.
Taking a walk-tour of western Pennsylvania at the world-renowned Miniature Railroad & Village was a pleasure for all of us.
According to the information I got from Carnegie Science Center's website:
This beloved exhibit's story began in 1920 with a man named Charles Bowdish of Brookville, Pa. Originally a holiday display on the second floor of his house, it moved to the Buhl Planetarium in 1954, and ultimately found its final home at Carnegie Science Center in 1992.

The Miniature Railroad & Village® features hundreds of wonderfully realistic animated scenes that illustrate how people lived, worked, and played in our region during an era spanning the 1880s to the late 1930s. A replica of the historic Manchester-Farms is the latest gem added to this extraordinary display.
More favorites include, Fallingwater, Forbes Field, Punxsutawney Phil at Gobbler's Knob, Luna Park, Sharon Steel Mill, a historic Pittsburgh incline, and more.
The Miniature Railroad & Village features:
  • 105 animations
  • 250,000+trees
  • 14 aircraft
  • 85 automobiles
  • 1 Incline (Monongahela Incline)
  • 60 trucks
  • 22 horse-drawn vehicles
  • 23,000 fans in Forbes Field

My son did not want to leave this  feature over at CSC.

I definitely enjoy this tour myself.  I think that it's a great addition to the Carnegie Science Center.  I love the fact that they included all the scenes for four seasons so you will be able to see how the scenery  look like  all year-round.  I hope you enjoyed what I shared through the photos.  Please leave us  your thoughts.

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