Saturday, May 24, 2014


First of all, happy Mother's day to all the Moms in the World!  My children gave me their  personalized gifts when they came home yesterday and they insisted for me to open them up.  They did these art projects at their  art subject in school and bring them home every year..  O love what they made me last year and so   is this year!
This is what my son prepared.
The bottle was covered with  beads which is really pretty!
 Below is what my daughter  prepared for me.  The kids made an ordinary  lunch paper extra  special by expressing their feelings with their drawings.
 A duct tape wallet with personalized coupons inside.
 They made my  day so special, thank you Burritos!
 I would like to thank the  Art teacher, Mrs. Nancy Wright for always doing these   special projects with the kids!
These are special things that  a charleston sc wedding dj would not be  able to top with their performances.  They  make weddings extra special but  children's love for their Moms are  top of the world, the best!
  To all the Mother's out there, may you have a wonderful celebration!  May you enjoy each  second you spend with your kids!

9 travelers' comments:

Unknown said...

Those are very beautiful things that your children made you. Love the wallet and the jar with the flowers covered in beads. You are truly blessed.

Marie said...

Very sweet and from the heart gifts! There is nothing like them and such wonderful keepsakes!

Marriage and Beyond said...

Happy mom's day sis! You have such thoughtful and beautiful family. :)

Tetcha Figuerres said...

You are one well-loved Mom! Belated Happy Mother's Day, Rose!

Franc said...

You got a nice treat for mothers day.

FX777222999 said...

Glad they're learning arts and they've utilized their talents.

Mommy Peachy said...

Happy Mother's Day Rose! Those are very nice presents.

Mommy Peachy said...

The coupons are very sweet! Belated Happy Mother's Day!

Jhady said...

Oh how sweet and creative. My kids gave me their personalized gifts but I didn't take any pictures. Happy Mother's day sis.

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