Friday, October 28, 2011

Oh La La! Nostalgia # 76

PhotobucketOh Lala, the letter for this week is O at ABC Wednesday. Look at Mr. Burrito's OPEN mouth, it's like he was saying "Oh Yeah!" These photos were taken in December 2007 at our humble abode.

Let me share a little piece of me, my maiden name is OpeƱa. Over in the Philippines, your children will use your maiden name as their middle name but here in the States, your maiden name is no longer visible in your children's full name.

Let's jump on saying YES in Filipino language, it's OO in tagalog and the respectful way of saying it to elderly is OPO. Okay enough of my sharing, I hope you learn something hehehe.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Our neighbor whom we went for a walk last weekend, took us to another neighbor's yard who told him that he could pick all the walnut from her yard. So off we went and picked some. The skin were already dried so it was
Here's hubby and Mr. Fancher picking up some walnuts while Ms. Burrito  is busy posing hehehe.  Mr. Burrito was trying to do flips lol.
We got so many, there are still a lot laying in  our neighbor's yard.  Most of the  residents in our neighborhood are old so they are really really nice and that's what I love about this area.
The weather today is windy and  very called, we  have a low 40's temperature.  According to the weather  channel, we might get some snow tonight or  in the coming days.  Oh boy, I am not ready for it yet, sigh.

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A souvenir given by a friend we met in Korea during my husband's last tour in the Navy. His name is Noel, he is a very good friend whom hubby and I are very fond of.  Thanks for being so nice to us Kuya Noel especially to the kids.  
He gave us this hand fan from Japan when he attended a function at US Naval Hospital   in Yokosuka.
This is what it looks like in the front side.
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ABC Wednesday

Baby Backpack Carrier

I tweaked  one   of my blogs that I seldom  visit and  found some of the photos I uploaded at their  free photo album feature.  Most of the photos I uploaded there was  when my kids were still  little.  I am glad  that they are bigger now but I miss those moments when I can just  snuggle with them when they are asleep.  I remember when we went for a hike at Mt. Jiri,  one of the Moms in the base lent me  her baby backpack carrier  so hubby can carry our son  in his back.  It was nice of her to  do that, our son had  a very comfortable position during our hike.  I never had a wrap baby carrier but I think that they are very convenient  for the Moms to have.  My husband was teasing me yesterday when I keep flipping all the photos back and forth.  It just makes me sad that  they are growing up so fast.  I feel like they are  slipping away from my very own hands.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Family Visit

My husband's Aunt and her husband who lives in Ohio, visited my FIL last week. John's cousin, Robert, the  son of one of my FIL's sister  came with them.
They stayed the whole day of Wednesday  last week which gave  most of us the time to catch up with them.
We've planned to visit them in Ohio a while back but it wasn't realized due to our porch's renovation and other school activities.  Dad was very happy that they came over and stayed a while.  Dad, Aunt Peg, Aunt Shirley (Dodge County, WV), and Aunt Rosalie (Georgia) are the only living among the twelve of them.
Aunt Peg is such a kind hearted and loving woman.  She always  have a smile in her face which gives you joy every time you see and talk to her.
Aunt Peg, Uncle Wes, and Robert, thank you for visiting us!  It  lifted the heavy feeling that we all have  with Dave's condition.  Thanks to all for including my BIL in your prayer.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bumble Bee's Birthday

Picture was taken during Bumble Bee's first Birthday last August.
Mr. Burrito  got a date during the party. He said that he likes Ivy because she is so pretty so she hang out with her the whole time we were there.
 There were games and lots of food during Bumble Bee's birthday party.
Wishing y'all  a great weekend!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Holiday Activities at Home

During the Columbus Day, my husband has to go to school but Ms. Burrito was off, so I let the kids do something so they won't get bored. Somebody gave these whole box of big puzzles for the kids and I whipped it out for Mr. Burrito.
He wasn't interested with this before but now, he is patient in matching every piece!
Ms. Burrito on the other hand, colored the big artwork book that our neighbor Angie gave her.
Have a wonderful and blessed Sunday everyone!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Janoski's Petting Area

The first thing that the kids did when we arrived at Janoski's farm is to pet the animals.
Even the Dads are up to the game.
I't been 4 years ago since we first visited this place.  Ms. Burrito was just 2 years old then and  Mr. Burrito was 9 months.
It's so nice to drive around at this time of the year because the leaves  are starting to show their Fall Foliage beauty.
We were lucky that when we went there,  it's free admission due to the Columbus celebration.  The kids love it there and they want to go back.  Linked with us with your favorite color  every Friday, just click the badge below. 


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