Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Baby Backpack Carrier

I tweaked  one   of my blogs that I seldom  visit and  found some of the photos I uploaded at their  free photo album feature.  Most of the photos I uploaded there was  when my kids were still  little.  I am glad  that they are bigger now but I miss those moments when I can just  snuggle with them when they are asleep.  I remember when we went for a hike at Mt. Jiri,  one of the Moms in the base lent me  her baby backpack carrier  so hubby can carry our son  in his back.  It was nice of her to  do that, our son had  a very comfortable position during our hike.  I never had a wrap baby carrier but I think that they are very convenient  for the Moms to have.  My husband was teasing me yesterday when I keep flipping all the photos back and forth.  It just makes me sad that  they are growing up so fast.  I feel like they are  slipping away from my very own hands.

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