Saturday, March 25, 2017

Time Flies!

I came to realize that  the school year is coming to an end soon.   We are on the last week of March and we will only have a couple of months and my babies will be in 7th and 5th grades, whew, time does fly!  These photos were taken on the first day of their classes this school year.  
 I am glad that  they are still doing great and have  good grades.  It's always nice to see straight As on their report cards.  My son sometimes slips through  higher Bs in his tests but he pulls through it and still  get A in the report card so I am very proud of these two.  
My eldest will be   learning how to drive in few more  years and  soon I will have a high school student.  Sometimes, I have these thoughts of  stopping my kids to grow.  It makes me sad to think that soon, they will leave and have their own lives and hubby and I will go back to just the tow of us.  Hubby and I always reminds ourselves to raise them  well so that we can look at them in the future and say "I think we did good in raising them".

Gospel Songs

Our son is  serving today at the 3rd grader's mass.  Him and his sister  are also scheduled to serve on tomorrow's mass.  I am glad that they were given this opportunity to serve.  I never got to do it as a kid so I am so happy to see them doing it.  The new priest at our church  is a very good  singer.  He reminds me of the priests I worked with in the catholic school back home. It's great to attend mass and listen to the gospel songs.   But anyway, if you are looking for a fender hot rod deville check it out at GuitarCenter.  It's amazing to learn how many music accessories there are available these days.

It's been..

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