Friday, April 29, 2011

In Black and White

The theme for this week at Mommy Moment is Black and White.  My first camera which is an Olympus has a  B&W  feature but my newer one which is a Sony Cybershot don't.  

Anyhow, the  first two pictures of our Burritos were taken when we were still in Korea.  I was exploring the  features of my first camera.

This one at the bottom was taken by one of the picture booth at Chuck e Cheese during Jake's birthday.
Thanks for dropping by everyone!

Thursday, April 28, 2011


What I like about the school where my daughter goes is that they teach them about religion and God. They also teach the kids how to share to others through outreach program for less privileged and donating something to others.  They are given these envelopes so they could give donation.  We usually drop our daughter's envelope on Sunday  mass.  Ms.  Burrito  gets  a dollar or two from her piggy bank and insert it here when we go to church on Sundays.

Cakes - Nostalgia # 50

I am no sweet tooth but once in a while I like to have some sweets specially if I found the right taste for my tongue. I am not a cake eater but I really do like the cakes made in Korea. Theirs has this addicting taste which isn't too sweet and at the same time, they always have fruits in them.

Below is the  shot I took during our last road trip in Daegu.  Every time our son would say "Let's go home to the blue house" cake and bibimbap are the ones to comes to mind hehehe.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Porch Renovation Project

After some thorough deliberation whether or not to pursue our porch renovation project, we finally decided to. We found a very low interest rate that could finance our summer project. We initially applied for a personal loan to USAA but the agent discussed t us the different options that we can get through them. At first, they suggested a home equity loan because the interest is lower than the personal loan but hubby and I did not want the loan to be tied up to our home loan so we declined it.

The agent suggested for us to just put it in our credit card which has a lower interest and at the same time will give us a flexibility for payment options. We thought about it and forgo with it especially that the agent found us a very low interest of 3.9% for a year. This work out great for us as I could transfer the balance to a 0% and we can pay it off quick. Thanks to USAA for being so accommodating and helpful!

We hired Robinson and Son because they came up with a very good plan and the price is  lower than the other ones who submitted an estimate to us.  The owner is very nice too, they gave us a $400 discount  because of me being a Filipina lol.  His  daughter-in-law is also a Filipina so he has a soft spot to Pinays.  Anyhow, the project won't start until  July so we only paid our initial payment of $5k our income tax return is gone now hehehe).  Aside form the loan that we got, we still have to come up with $2k so I need more  online tasks please? Lol!
Somebody called him on the phone when we were there, so we  had an opportunity to take some pictures of us too.  I had fun taking pictures inside his office.  It was so pretty inside.
How about you folks, how did you spend your Easter break?  Ours was a busy one. I have three balikbayanboxes that I ordered and have to fill it with stuff to go to my family in the Philippines. I have been neglecting to do this but I really have to. Have a good week ahead everyone.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Egg-Cellent Day

We bought a pack of Easter egg coloring kit for us to use. We did it at Dad's house and we all had fun!
Mr. Burrito  engaged  into coloring the eggs this year.  Last year, he did not care to much.
Doing this kind of thing with my Burritos is so much fun.  We never had these type of activities when I was a kid so whenever I am doing it with them, I feel like a kid too lol.
You can see how involve Mr. Burrito is.  I always keep an eye on the Miss because she tends to be  controlling at times.
I don't know if you guys use this kit calles PAAS but it's a really good one.  It comes with pills (which are the dye), stickers,  labels, and other  stuff that you can use.
These two were my favorites among all of the eggs that we colored.
Pap was cheering on Mr. Burrito so the latter was very inspired to do it.
These eggs will become devilled eggs tomorrow.
How about you, did you color eggs this year?

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Air Show Rainbow Fun

In my  6 years of living here in the States, I have never seen a rainbow yet.  Can you believe that?  This is the closest rainbow I have seen here lol.
Anyhow, I would like to invent a rainbow through my pride and joy, my family!  Below are some  some of the photos that were taken when we attended an air show in Ohio.
I hope that we could attend again this year.
Here wishing everyone a Good Friday and Happy Easter! We will be coloring eggs today.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Displayed Animals

Reading the news online about the kindergarten student who brought a gun in the school reminded me of the time we went to a gun place nearbty our place.  This place was located in the middle of nowhere, we thought we were lost when we were heading to the place as it was in the woods.  
Anyhow, what struck me when we came is the stuffed animals that are displayed inside the store.
The owner of the store is a certified hunter.  He said that he went to different places to hunt and most of the  animals displayed in his store was shot by him.
They don't have many guns in the store but lots of animals.
We went there just to see if my husband could find one that he likes and he did.  We did not however brought our checkbook when we went so we told the owner that we would come back.  When we came back, the gun was gone.  The owner said that it got sold after we left.  My husband was  pissed as he already told him that we will get  it.  
Anyhow, we ended up buying online and we have it delivered to this guy, just to show him that we we meant business that day.  
Although my husband was mad that da but I  have  lots of memories captured, in and out of the store.  See how pretty it was outside?

Have a Happy Easter!

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