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Best Cities in the World for Expats with Families

It used to be that moving abroad for work was daunting and a massive challenge, especially for those with families. As the world has become more globalized, more and more international cities have made themselves far more attractive to expat families. 

Companies need foreign expertise all over the world and so it’s important that they create an environment suited to precious employees that have a family. This has included offering free healthcare, subsidized education, helping your partner get a job, free housing and free transport to and from work. 

In this article, we look at the best cities in the world for expats with families.

1. Taipei, Taiwan

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Taipei is friendly, modern, safe and one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The Taiwanese are amazing people who work hard, play hard, and respect their city and their environment. 

96% of expats that live in Taipei said they feel safe living there and 94% say that national healthcare is way above average. Expats report feeling at home and find it easy to integrate with locals. The Taiwanese are genuine and hospitable people who welcome foreigners with open arms. 

Taipei is a large international city that has all the amenities an expat family could ever want. The transport here is fantastic making it easy to travel around and you are never too far away from a trip into the local nature including a dormant volcano. 

Taipei also has an amazing food scene with its own unique cuisine plus access to quality international foods. Nightlife is varied and fun including a big focus on music, art, and dance.

2. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

A combination of historic cultural buildings with brand new modern spaces makes up the wonderful and exciting city of Kuala Lumpur, or KL, as expats call it. KL is a melting pot of different ethnicities where local and foreign cultures intertwine with one another creating a unique and interesting scene.

The city has seen immense growth over the last 20 years and today still continues to expand exponentially. KL is an Asian metropolis defined by its wide range of Asian cuisines, fusions, street foods, and fine dining.

Expats feel at home here and the city has been designed to cater to a business lifestyle. Amenities are plentiful and of great quality with easy access via a solid infrastructure that allows people to move around quickly and freely. 

Families will enjoy the large number of fun things to do here and the chance to explore Malaysia’s stunning tourist hotspots like Penang, Langkawi and the Perhentian Islands in the north of the country. 

3. Kemang (South Jakarta), Indonesia

Indonesia is quickly becoming one of the best places in the world for expats to live. Why? The country is currently experiencing a boom with buildings going up everywhere, foreign investment pouring in and tourists arriving for the Indonesian experience. 

Kemang in South Jakarta is the number one place for expats in Indonesia and for good reason. There are tons of quality international schools here and private perumahan (housing) areas designed with expats and their families in mind. 

Kemang is also home to some very active expat communities that will help you get settled and show you all the best things to do in the country. Entertainment is plentiful with modern super malls, entertainment centers, and restaurant areas. 

Kemang is also home to some wonderful works spaces where expats can meet other people, network and collaborate on projects.
4. Lisbon, Portugal

There is an international buzz about Lison right now. It’s considered one of the hottest cities in the world and dream city to live in by millions. The reasons for such popularity are easy to find. 

Lisbon has had a recent economic revival which has created a huge spark in the business and cultural scenes of the city. Quality of life here has grown massively over the last decade with 96% of expats saying they feel safe and 74% saying they feel right at home.

Lisbon is far cheaper to live in when compared to other expat cities in Europe or North America, it retains its western feel at an affordable rate. Expats living here will be exposed to a different type of city living, one that is very relaxing, that moves slowly and is focused in work/life balance.

Those with kids will be happy to know that the beach is not too far away, the food is simply sublime and the number of entertainment choices is limitless.     

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