Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Craw Fishing Adventure at Tomlinson Run Stream

Hubby always tells the kids that when he was a kid, he used to catch  craw fish whenever his Dad would take him in the river.  I was the same way, we always  catch crabs in the river when I was  growing up.
We found some live shells, this is the first my kids seen  them alive.  The shells reminds me of my life back then, we used to  gather this and  cooked them.  We put the shells back after  I took a photo of them.  We found so many craw fish swimming around so we started to catch them. 
At first, I showed him how to catch  them.  MY husband found some  bait containers which  helped us in catching the craw fish.  Catching the craw fish brought the youth in me, I felt like a kid again lol.
It's funny that both of them fell  and got so muddy but they just laughed it off.
Both hubby and I were surprised of how much enjoyment the kids had  with this simple activity.  
We caught almost  40 pieces of good size  craw fish that day.  You might ask what we did  with them, well, you'll find out soon hehehe.  Below are some  mother and daughter photo opp before finally leaving the place.
It was a fun-filled weekend for us.  The kids got to enjoy what me and hubby enjoyed as a kid.  They  appreciate nature even more.  It's just sad that  most of the kids nowadays don't even enjoy what the nature has to offer.  
My daughter  told her classmates what did during the weekend and she said that they don't really care and not interested with that kind of stuff.  I told her not to be bummed out about it as not all  people think the same or appreciate the same things.  Some just  enjoy gadgets  and others enjoy simple things, just like we do.  I also told her that  the activity that we did is healthy for all of us.
Shadow Shots

Tomlinson Run Views

 We planed on going to church last Sunday but the kids  asked if we could skip on going that day so we decided not to go.  We wanted them to have a good  weekend so we took them at Tomlinson Run State Park.  Initially, I thought of doing the paddle boat but hubby opposed as it was very hot that day and the kids legs are still shorter to do the paddling anyway.  So we said, maybe we can go for a little hike. 

We started by watching a bunch of  fish swimming at the bottom of the creek.  Then we saw a trail leading to the stream so we followed it and   our adventure and fun has started.  Tune in for the fun part.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fun and Relaxing Time at Home

During our anniversary, we did not go somewhere far.  We attended church, have dinner at Deejays, and we spent the whole evening relaxing at home and bonding with the kids and fur babies.  Mr. Burrito took some photos of us.
Moments  like this is extra special.
In ten years of marriage, hubby and I only gone to a date once for our anniversary.  We don't like leaving the kids out in the picture.  We always say that while they are  little and wants to be with us, we will enjoy every minute of it because  when they grow a little older, they will have their own preference and might now want to  be with us all the time.  But t is just us, our opinion...

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Music Enthusiast

I took this photo of my daughter  at my FIL's basement when she was trying to learn how to  play piano at my FIL's old piano.  Dad actually gave this to her but hubby does not want to get it  to avoid  complication with  other family members.  That's one reason why we bought our own and I can't believe how  she progressed  in 7 months.


We bought  a set of microphone  a couple of years ago  for us to  use whenever we feel like we need our lung exercised lol.  Anyhow, we have been using it since and  the kids just love to sing even though they don't know the tune of the song.  I love singing and my husband can sing good too so having this set is like having shure specialty microphones to use whenever we want to belt our voice out.

Then and Now

Looking back to ten years after we said I do, brings tears of joy to my eyes.  
I feel like it is just  a year ago but it's been ten years.
Thank you for finding your way through me.
I think it's FATE that brought us together.
I was  scared to try but glad I did
I would have missed  everything that I have  to this date if I didn't.

Thank you, for putting up with my stubbornness, 
Thank you, for  understanding  my moods
Thank you, for everything.  

Looking back after ten years, my life has changed.  
I became a better person because of you and the kids.
My focus in life switched from a career person to a devoted  wife and Mom.

My love for you have changed after ten years.
It grows even stronger each day.
I look forward for more wonderful  years
Happy Anniversary!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Car Show In New Cumberland

As part of our wedding anniversary, we thought of taking the kids to swim at my brother-in-law's pool  in Chester, WV.  On our way there, we saw a car show in New Cumberland so we dropped by and  see some vintage car on display.  It was hot that day but we had fun.  I am glad that I brought the kids' hats.  Will post our swimming adventure separately.  Thanks to all who wished and greet us  on our special day!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Little Equestrian

It's been almost two years since we visited  my father-in-law's younger sister   down in West Union.  That was the first time that my kids experience  to ride  a horse.  We got lost and stopped by at this ranch with horses and other animals and they invited us to stop for a little while.  It was so nice of them to let the kids   rode the horse although they did not have a proper equestrian clothing with them.  That was one memorable experience that the kids  treasures.
originally posted on 4/20/12

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Pittsburgh, PA , Strip District

We went to the Strip District in Pittsburgh Pa to buy some asian goodies last month.  While driving to  the Asian  store and trying to  find a parking area, I took these shots.  Let me give you a little tour of what you can see in downtown Pittsburgh at a Strip District.

I always admire how colorful their bridges are, no wonder Pittsburgh is known as the City of Bridges.

I love the  structure of this  commercial building.  It creates optical illusion when you are dirivng around it.

Pittsburgh is an hour  drive from our  location, depending on the traffic, you can either get there faster or slower.  We don't have  Asian store here in  our place so we go there  every once in a while and buy the things that I miss from back home.  The only thing that I don't like there is the parking availability.  If you get lucky, you can park for free in  front of the store but most of the time, it is  packed so you have to  park in the spaces where you have to pay.

It's been..

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