Thursday, May 26, 2016

Red Nose Day 2016

Today is Red Nose Day so my son is participating to this great cause.  Thanks to my husband for bring us a red nose.  The aim of this  event is to raise awareness  about children living in poverty all over the world.  A lot of stars are putting on a show to raise money fo this great cause.  All the  money raised   by Red Nose Day will help support projects in some of the neediest communities in the U.S. and some of the poorest communities in the world. People from all walks of life are encouraged to get involved, have fun and raise money by buying red noses sold exclusively at Walgreens stores nationwide, organizing fundraising events and watching and donating during the television special.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Super 8 Experience

Our  road trip to Hershey Park was an spontaneous type of trip.  We did not plan it as wehave cancelled our summer trip last year due to kennel issues but my husband said that we should  take the kids to a road trip at least for a couple of days if we can find someone to  look after our dogs.  So we went to Hershey  Park and it was the best decision as we had a blast.  
 LOng trips such as this is very tiring but glad that our kids are  good travelers.  They are up for long trips as long as we are together.  We have never been to Hershey Park so we a were all excited.
 These photos were taken when we first arrived at Super 8.  We didn't make any reservation but glad that they  had  vacancies that day and we were accomodated.
 We had to walk around the parking lot to stretche our legs.
 The kids  were creative and used the blocks in the parking lot to walk on.
 YOU Would think that after a long trip, they would be grumpy but  they are always looking for omething fun to do which I am grateful.  It makes traveling a lot easier.
 We don't have a plan of going on a vacation this year so we might go on a spontaneous trip again somewhere depending  if we can find someone to look after our dogs.  That's the downside  of having dogs, you can't just go.
 But anyway, Super 8 was a nice little hotel.  They were on the budget and it was near Hershey Park so we didn't have a hard time driving around.
 This was my firstr time staying in this hotel and I thought they are family-friendly.  Not the most luxurious but  they offer free breakfast and the rooms are super clean so I was satisfied.
 All the employees there are Indians and they are all super nice.
 There were two beds in a room so it was perfect for us.
 Their bathroom is super nice too.
I would stay there again if we ever have to go back to Hershey Park because it was near everything.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

My Little Man's Desire to Become a DJ

Once in a while, my son still mention his desire  of learning  how to be a DJ.  He also wants to be in a band.  I told him that he can be good in intertaining because he is  a natural when it comes to it.  Who knows, he might tell me what the  GC's mpc 1000 is for when he is DJ already lol.  We will see what  the future brings for my little man.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Top Sites to Visit In Dublin, Ireland

Americans love Ireland—that’s no secret. Between the very friendly people and the fascinating sites, it’s no wonder tourists flock to it for vacations and expats see it as one of the best places to retire. If you happen to find yourself in Dublin, you might not know exactly what to do—it is more than a thousand years old, after all, meaning it has built up a lot of important sites over time. With so many things and places to explore, these are some of the more popular choices for you to visit while visiting Dublin:

Guinness Storehouse
A bit of a ways from city-center, Guinness Storehouse is a mecca for beer-lovers—although really anyone should visit, because its enormous keg-shaped facility rises seven floors and peaks in a bar with a 360-degree view of Dublin and the surrounding mountains—something you really can’t see anywhere else.

Trinity College, its library, and the Book of Kells
Trinity College was established by Elizabeth I in order to form a trio with Cambridge and Oxford—but since Ireland is not part of the United Kingdom, that affiliation seems to have gone by the wayside. Either way, its campus is more than 400 years old, and features a stunning Old Library (which may or may not be the library George Lucas used for Star Warsyou be the judge) and the Book of Kells, a 1200-year-old book of the gospels that is one of the most stunning examples of illuminated manuscripts around. Also keep an eye out in the library for a copy of the Easter Proclamation—the document which declared Ireland a republic separate from the U.K. and launched them on the road to true independence.

St. Stephen’s Green
If you’re feeling weary from all your sightseeing, St. Stephen’s Green is a beautiful park for a picnic, a nap, reading the book, or just sitting on your rump in general. Its flower beds, fountains, pond, and shady trees are the perfect place to take a break, and it’s located in city-center, meaning once you’re done, tons of sites are right nearby.

National Museum of Ireland – Archaeology
In 841, Vikings made a huge settlement in Dublin in what is now known as Wood Quay. Sadly, the site was largely destroyed by the construction of government offices after it was discovered, but the National Museum of Ireland was able to spend several years excavating the site, uncovering two million artifacts. These now can be seen in the archaeology museum, along with the mummies of people found in Irish bogs, plenty of important Irish artefacts, and exhibits on ancient Egypt and Cyprus.

Kilmainham Gaol
Ireland’s road to independence was paved with blood and sacrifice—and no location can tell this story better than Kilmainham Gaol (“jail”). Many of the leaders of the 1916 Easter Rising were imprisoned and executed here—an action which at last stirred the Irish into their final rebellion against the British crown. It finally became a republic free of the United Kingdom in 1949, after a civil war.

Mother's Day 2016

Mother's day this year  was great although we did not do anything fancy.  My kids gave me their present which I appreciated very much because they are the projects they made/did in school.  
 "Mom, but first tyea" mug that my daughter painted in their art class.
My husband   cooked some breakfast for us.  He let me slept in that day so I was energized when I woke up, thanks hon!  We then  headed out to Home Depot after we ate breakfast because we hd to  return the tools we rented in sanding the floors.  We also looked at furnitures at LaZ Boy and Bob's Furniture.  We did some gardening  when we came back home and then we went to Twister to treat the kids for helping me out.
Celebrating  MOther's Day always makes me appreciate my Mama even more.  She did so much for us and I don't think I can even do everything that she's been through just to raise 9 kids.  I only have two but sometime's it's even harder for me that's why ny mother is the best MOm I know!  Being a Mom is such a blessing!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Best Tips For Keeping Cats And Dogs Together

It’s commonly accepted that cats and dogs are natural born enemies. However, it’s completely possible for them to co-exist in the same house. This kind of peace and harmony is possible, but it isn’t always easy to achieve! You’ll need to put in a fair amount of work if you want to keep both pets healthy and happy. Here are some great tips for keeping both a cat and a dog.

Ideally, you should get both pets when they’re a puppy and kitten. At this stage, your pets will be too young to have any bad experiences with their rival species. You won’t need to worry about instincts working in the wrong way. Obviously, this isn’t always practical, and you probably already have a cat or a dog. In this case, you should still go for a younger animal. This way, you’ll know that at least one of your pets won’t be automatically aggressive. Even if you do manage to get a puppy and a kitten, you should always make a point of supervising them together. A puppy’s play is often a little too boisterous for kittens. You shouldn’t need to take out an extra pet insurance policy, but a slow introduction is definitely recommended.

If you already have a cat or a dog, then try to find another pet that matches their behaviour. This will reduce the chances of any big fights, and make the whole settling in process easier. Ideally, you should ask for a dog with some experience around cats, or vice versa. The workers at the shelter will be happy to help you narrow down the perfect candidate for your home. Try to get a feel for the animal’s personality as well. If you already have a lazy dog at home, then look for an equally lazy cat. If your dog’s young and full of beans, then an energetic cat is a better choice.

Finally, set out a safe haven for the cat in this situation. Most cats sleep for at least 12 hours a day, and I’m sure you know they can sit around for extremely long periods. Dogs, on the other hand, are more liable to go stir crazy, and actively look for stimulation. Whether the cat was here first or not, you should have a place in your house which is off-limits to the dog. Make sure it has a litter tray, food and water, and a scratching post. If you already have your cat, it might be worth getting them used to this room before the dog turns up. When your cat knows it can get away from the dog when it needs to, it will be far more relaxed. Remember that cats can run away with relative ease. Regardless of the animal you prefer, pamper your cat and keep the whole experience as relaxed as possible.

These three tips will make your pets’ lives much easier during this transition. My final piece of advice is to know when to quit. I love living around animals, but that’s no excuse to make two of them unhappy.

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