Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Mother's Day 2016

Mother's day this year  was great although we did not do anything fancy.  My kids gave me their present which I appreciated very much because they are the projects they made/did in school.  
 "Mom, but first tyea" mug that my daughter painted in their art class.
My husband   cooked some breakfast for us.  He let me slept in that day so I was energized when I woke up, thanks hon!  We then  headed out to Home Depot after we ate breakfast because we hd to  return the tools we rented in sanding the floors.  We also looked at furnitures at LaZ Boy and Bob's Furniture.  We did some gardening  when we came back home and then we went to Twister to treat the kids for helping me out.
Celebrating  MOther's Day always makes me appreciate my Mama even more.  She did so much for us and I don't think I can even do everything that she's been through just to raise 9 kids.  I only have two but sometime's it's even harder for me that's why ny mother is the best MOm I know!  Being a Mom is such a blessing!

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lencilicious (len reallady) said...

Wow you got sweet children Rose. I felt so blessed being a mom too. It even made me appreciate my mom a lot more.

Zwitsy said...

Happy Mother's day, mommy! Whoah, your mom is indeed one of the bests! 9 kids are no joke. I seldom find hard time in managing a son how much more there are 8 more of them? lol but really, moms are indeed amazing just like you. I hope you had a wonder mom's day last Sunday. :)

Ria C said...

You've got the sweetest kids ever sis! I hope they remain sweet even when they're all grown up. Mr. Burrito is getting taller, please don't grow up fast. :)

Jessica Cassidy said...

You have a very sweet kids and loving husband Sis. Wish everyday is Mother's day, would be nice if we get pampered every day, right? I missed my Mama so very much too.

Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen said...

Belated Happy Mother's Day mommy Rose! I'm sure you had a great one.

JOJO VITO said...

wow that mug which your daughter painted herself was really nice....very creative :)

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