Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Just Having Fun

Here's my son having fun wearing my sun glasses. He look like a salesman wearing that chicken little shoulder bag that we bought in Korea.
Nothing can compare the joy that parents feel when their children are full of laughter.
Their laughter are sweet music to our ears that makes us tear up for joy sometimes.
Kids might be ornery sometimes but most of the times, they are the fuel that makes us parents going.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

An Inch Worm and the Pennies

My husband has to print some papers but the ink to our printer was low already so we went to the library. While he was printing his documents, me and the kids busied our selves by reading some books. When my husband got done, he joined us.

We proceeded to my father-in-law's house afterwards but he wasn't there so we went to the nearby park so the kids can play. I saw a teeny weeny inch worm and gave it to Rylie. She had so much fun watching it move and stuff.

She put the inch worm in a leaf and let it move from there.
I looked down from the table that we were using and saw two pennies down the ground. Rylie picked them and put it in her piggy bank. Is it true that when you see coins on the ground, you're not suppose to pick them as you are picking the bad luck of the person who dropped it? I don't really believe on that saying but what do you think?

Daddy and EJ had so much fun together while me and Rye watched the inch worm.

After 30 minutes or so, we went to my FIL again and bond with him for while before going home.

Now that the heat of the sun is so intense, we prefer to go to a park where there are trees around it to avoid us from too much sun exposure. Going to the library is also a good thing for us and the kids. Putting sunscreen before swimming is also a good sun protection.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

2010 Father's Day

We started the Father's day celebration by attending mass in the morning. The kids attended their sunday school while we are listening to the Gospel and when they came back, they handed their artworks to Daddy (will post a separate one about it later). After the mass, we went to my Fil's house and meet the other members of the family. Below is a photo of the three that took inside the church before the mass start.

Some photos while hubby is hanging the flag that we got for Dad for Father's day. EJ played ball with Uncle Dave. And some shots while the men were talking in the front porch.
After eating, we hang out at the back porch while chitchatting with the rest of the family.

Rylie and EJ had so much fun!
Then after a while, we proceeded at my SIL's house to swim in her swimming pool. They had a blast. I did not swim though.

Thanks for visiting guys, will visit you back tomorrow as it is now 12:24. Gotta hit the bed for now.

Once in a Blue Moon

Our two burritos are like cats and dogs who seldom get along, but once in a blue moon they do. Just like last Saturday when we visited my FIL, they were so good the whole time we were there. They decided to play in Pap's backyard while I was watching them and savoring their melodic laughter and taking photos too.

Normally, I wouldn't let them roll around in the yard like this but as I have said, "Once in a Blue Moon" that they get along well so I don't want to spoil the moment.

See their happy faces? They never fought or disagree with each other that day which I was very happy about coz it spared me from having migraine lol.

I hope that when they grow up, they will get along each other god, as of now, its an everyday battle of telling them "No fighting please?" Does your kids get along with each other well?

It's been..

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