Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Naval and Military Park in Buffalo New York

After attending the mass at St. Joseph Cathedral, the priest  talked to us and he happened to have been  a chaplain in the military before  dedicating his time to a traditional church.  Upon learning that my husband was also in the military, he suggested for us to check the Naval and Military Park nearby.
I am so glad that the downpouring rain have stopped  as we  came out the church.  God hooked us up  by having a clear day after the mass, we got to enjoy the park and the rest of our time in Buffalo.
We live in mountainous region so when my kids see a body of water, they are excited.  Not to mention that  military  parks are also one of their favorite places to visit.
I love the location of this military park because you can both enjoy  a tour inside the ship or just enjoy exploring the land park.  We did not do the tour because we have seen a ship like this in  Corpus Cristi, Texas sometime ago when we visited San Antonio.
Besides, we were just there for a short amount of time so we really did not have time to  see  every nook of the ship.

We are a military family so we are always excited to see setting such as this.  The nearest one in our area to have a similar setting is Pittsburgh al;though it is a submarine and not a ship.   
What I like about going to a place like this is, it perks up my husband's spirit.  I think he misses being in the military sometimes.  I hate the constant moving when in  active duty but I do miss the travel part of it.  I think 20 years is long enough to say "I served my country."
Anyway, here's the entrance to the  tour to U.S.S The Sullivan.  I think if you have never been to a ship, I would highly recommend to go to one of these tours, it's really cool to see what's inside a military ship.
I love all of these monuments and statues, you get to learn so much info by reading each o them.
My husband's last tour  in the Navy was in South Korea.  WE HAD SUCH GREAT MEMORIES OF OUR STAY THERE.  This definitely bring back memories.
I like that their are   different dedications to every monuments.  This one is for all the Hispanic Americans who served/serving.
I just notice that I captured my husband's reflection on this  Rust Bucket display, can you see it (first shot below)?
As we walked around, it makes me sad to think that a lot of these sacrifices  is sometimes being overlooked by new generation.  I feel that it is less appreciated.

The anchor is always my favorite in military parks.  I guess it has to do with the fact that hubby is a retired sailor.
It's really nice though that the park is open for public.

The park is well kept  and maintained, it is so relaxing to walk around there.  I am so glad that we were given a chance to  see  this beautiful park before we  came back to our state.
The Buffalo River is  such a perfect background for this park  It makes you want to stay and hang out.  If only we had time, I would have explored more.
Who would forget the tragic event in Pearl Harbor.  Lots of lives have lost.
This park is complete with so much information.  I don't think they left out places  that the US has been ivolved  to when it comes to preserving the peace and protecting  citizens.

I hope you enjoy this virtual tour of  the Naval and Military Park.  It is a beautiful place to visit, really.  I hope you get the chance to explore there someday too.

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Family Adventure in Ontario Canada: September 2018

During our 2-day adventure in Ontario Canada to see the Niagara Falls, we made sure to use  all of our time exploring.  We stayed a night at Ramada Hotel, we also purchased their all-inclusive  tours of Niagara Falls.  
 We found a Korean restaurant  a few buildings from our hotel so we really lucked out on finding a great place to  eat after our long drive.
 Going on a trip on Holiday like  Labor Day is not the best when it comes to prices of accomodation but it's the memories that the family creates that counts.  We want our children to enjoy traveling as much as they can while we are still around so they can remember our journey when they have their own families.
 There are so many  beautiful hotels there but finding it during holiday especially  at the last minute is tough.
We did not really plan for this trip, it was just an impulse that we thought would be fun.  Crossing a border was also exciting for all of us.  It was our first time crossing the border from US to Canada.

Before we left on our last day, we explored by foot and shop a little.  Glad we woke up early that  day because around 9ish, it started raining.  God gave us  enough time to look around and shop a little.

 We were going to let them try  one of their  amusement park but the rain was threatening to dump so we abolished the idea.
 Ontario is a beautiful place, I wish we have more time to really explore but that the two days was enough for us to experienced and see beautiful things.
 While waiting for the pedestrian lights, a lady approached me and was asking question in a different language, I told her I don't speak French and only knows English so I couldn't  be of help.  It  would be nice to learn different languages.  I can understand Spanish a little bit but that's about it lol.
We would love to explore Australia and New Zealand if given an opportunity. It's on our bucket list.  Our brief stay in Canada was fun and memorable.  Our next goal is to visit Philippines, it's been  almost 10 years since we last visited my family and I do miss them terribly.  Saving for it (travel cost) is quite challenging, with four of us it's really expensive.

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