Saturday, October 30, 2010

Trick or Treat

Hello there everyone, howdy?  The first photo above was taken when we went for a walk at my FIL's neighborhood.  The second shot was a bit mysterious.  My son took that one and I kept it since it has shadow  and a perfect one for Shadow Shot, thanks EJ!  The last two shots was taken when we went to the store, the kids wanted to try on some Halloween  masks.

Tomorrow will be the trick or treat for kids.  We always go to my FIL's  place to celebrate Halloween.  Thanks to Tracy, the author of the Shadow Shot Sunday for including my entry last weekend to the gallery this week. Hop along with us and take a photo of those interesting shadows you see.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Painted Pumpkin

The kindergarten students painted some pumpkins in school and they were given each to bring home. She was so proud of this one and displayed it in our kitchen. I uploaded this photo a couple of days ago and was going to upload another image today but the upload process is taking forever. It is frustrating me to the highest level that I can't upload any image today.


Whoa, I finally finished  my tasks.  Now I can prepare some dinner and  fetch my daughter  from school  later on.  I have a bad  head ache now but at least I am done.  Lady Red  plus a headache equals a grumpy me.. oppps!  Do you have days like this where in you just want to lay in bed but you can't because you have so many things to do?  I guess all mommies have this moments.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Nostalgia # 24 - State Quarters

My father-in-law gave me this when I was pregnant with Rylie. He said that I could complete the collection of the state quarters and gave it to Rylie when she grow up.  I just complete all the coins a few months ago.  This collector's map has a certificate of authenticity.  Maybe someday, this would be of value.  Well, it's already has a sentimental value that Rylie could hold on to when Dad is not around anymore.
Thanks Dad for handing this down to us.  Oh, he also gave John a  booklet of old pennies.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Hulk

Are you a fan of Incredible Hulk?   My son is lol.  Jen gave these set of batter powered gloves to EJ and he love to punch with it especially if Champ is around because our little fella go nuts when he hears the sound of it.  Thank you so much Jen!

Here is a parenting tip of the day for those mommies with babies  who have irregular sleep pattern.  This article is from the newsletter I received from

How do you get your precious bundle to sleep through the night? We asked real moms what works. One mom swears by a bedtime ritual (bath, books, bed). Swaddling was key for another. Whatever you go with, be consistent. That’s the common denominator for sleep success.

Busy Weekend

Hello there everyone, whew, what a busy weekend we have over here.  I went to bed at past 1 am and woke up at 8 am.  Below are my tasks done and to be done for today.
  • Cooked some breakfast (tinapa, rice, and  salsa).  We love  eating this combo every weekend, so when we went to Asian store last month and saw a big stock of tinapa, we bought a dozen packages lol.

  • After breakfast, daughter and I reviewed her lessons last week, read her take home books, and did some math exercise.

  • Cleaned up the kitchen, vacuumed the floor, and did some dusting with the kids help.

  • Sorted out the laundry, I usually have five loads of them.  I started one and while the washer is going, I cleaned up the basement a little bit.

  • Did my 30 minutes work out at our treadmill (walking and running), I burned 350 calories.  I thought I would be able to do sit ups but I only did two and quit lol.

  • Hubby did painted our railings at the back porch and did some workout at the bowflex.
  • Still have three more loads to go to the washer.

  • There's a shooting of the film again in Bookers Street so hopefully we could watch.
Anyhow, sharing here the top that I got from Listia for free.  I did not spend even a cent because the shipping is free.  I am not into black color but when I find a style that I like, that's when I get this color.  This zips down the belly so you can adjust the cleavage you want to show, since I don't have big boobie, it's always up lol.

You can wear it alone or you can wear it with leggings.  Above were taken at our kitchen and below  was taken at my laundry room.  Who says you can't have fun while doing laundry hahaha.
Now I am fresh, sore but I feel good to have  done my exercise again.  It was funny  because when the kids realized that both hubby and I were downstairs and working out, they both came down and cheered us up saying "Go Mommy, go Daddy!"  Thanks kids fr the encouragement.  Hope you guys are having a lovely weekend!

winter Gears

My kids including our super hyper dog love outdoors.  So even during winter, you can not confine them inside the house, they have to go outside to play once in a while.  Our next  shopping goal is to buy them new winter outfits that they could use  when they want to play outside during the cold months.  There are    kids outdoor actvities that needs special clothing just so they could  stay in the cold for a longer time without freezing.  Mos of my kids stuff last year are already small for them so we definitely need new ones. 

I found some great selection of kids winter gear at Play Outdoors online.  Since  my daughter walk from  home to school and vice versa, she needs a  new boots as a replacement for the one that our dog Champ had  chewed out and ruined.   Aside from that, both of them needs a coat as they outgrew their  coats already.  Kids really grow so fast and that means that our expenses always goes up as they grow.  

Monday, October 25, 2010

Raking Leaves

My FIL's front yard was full of leaves the other day, not because the leaves from his maple tree feel already but because his neighbor's trees were. Since the wind was blowing towards my FIL's yard, most of the leaves were  in his lawn hehehe.  My daughter and I decided to clean up a little bit. It's a good form of exercise and it's fun to rake it and play with it.  Below are series of photos we took of each other.  Enjoy!
Two days later after we did this, the leaves  were thick again so EJ, Rye, and I cleaned up again.  I don't have my camera but my husband took some pictures from his cellphone.  Now I have to figure out how to download it lol..
Our Weekend Memoirs

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Yes... but No!

Oh no, It's almost 12 am and I just have the time to make my Couple's Corner entry wahhhh.  Last week's theme was  about saying Yes and this week is no.  If you would ask my husband, he would tell you that I  say a lot of No compared to Yes lol.  My husband has a way of making a very convincing reason/explanation whenever he wants to buy us something.  I usually say Yes  but at the end there is big BUT which will end up in No  lol...

Below were taken last Sunday after church.  

Do you see the three pounds of bilbil that I am trying to lose.  Grrrr, it's the most stubborn and unwanted fats  ever that won't leave me alone lol..
Rodliz’s Nest

Forever In Blue Jeans

Nostalgia # 23 - Blogging Friends

My entry for this week is a friend whom I met through blogging. Isn't it amazing how blogging gives us the opportunity to meet great people? I met Mel months ago, I happen to see her picture at one of the blogs I visited and she reminded me of my very kind Tiya in Bicol. From then on, we viited our blogs regularly. Thanks for being a friend Mel!
Below are some of the precious gifts she sent us during my daughter's birthday.  Your kind and generous heart is greatly appreciated sis.
Holly will be part of our Christmas celebration starting this  year hehehe.
Belated happy birthday sis.  I am sorry that I wasn't able to post this yesterday but I was so busy (nice excuse lol).  Truly, I wanted to post it today because I want your birthday to be special in Nostalgia, wink!  May the Lord grant all your wishes sis.
Hi! I am Mel Cole.
Hearts content blog button
Thank you for joining us once again this week!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I posted these photos when we were still in Korea but posting it again here for Mommy Moment's theme this week.  I got tired of browsing my photo folders si I just dug these photos at my archive in blog hehehe.  We always have stock of bubbles at home because the kids love to blow them.  
I would not want to be a bubble because your life span is just a matter of seconds.

EJ misses this house very much, we all do..

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bonding in the Morning

One fine morning while we were getting ready to walk down Ate Rylie to school, I asked them if it's okay  if we take pictures first  since it was still early.  They're  game on it but the little girl immediately asked me if we can do one with silly faces, I said yes  and they both said "YAY"!  So here we go, I need to make face too lol!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Reading is Fun

Our daughter has a take home book every weekend for us to read.  Once I read it to him twice or thrice, she can read it by herself already.  Every page has just one line sentence so she could pick it up real quick.  The other night, after she read it to me, she asked EJ if he wants to read the book with her.  Brother agreed so she read it to him.
Reading is fun especially if your students are willing to learn.
While she was reading the book, the brother kept asking her some questions.
Oh I love my kids so much, they are pain in the butt sometimes but it's all worth it lol.  Goodnight everyone.  My day off is over so I gotta go to bed a little earlier than normal hehehe.  Early for me is eleven o'clock  lol.. Thanks for visiting and for commenting.

It's been..

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