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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Busy Weekend

Hello there everyone, whew, what a busy weekend we have over here.  I went to bed at past 1 am and woke up at 8 am.  Below are my tasks done and to be done for today.
  • Cooked some breakfast (tinapa, rice, and  salsa).  We love  eating this combo every weekend, so when we went to Asian store last month and saw a big stock of tinapa, we bought a dozen packages lol.

  • After breakfast, daughter and I reviewed her lessons last week, read her take home books, and did some math exercise.

  • Cleaned up the kitchen, vacuumed the floor, and did some dusting with the kids help.

  • Sorted out the laundry, I usually have five loads of them.  I started one and while the washer is going, I cleaned up the basement a little bit.

  • Did my 30 minutes work out at our treadmill (walking and running), I burned 350 calories.  I thought I would be able to do sit ups but I only did two and quit lol.

  • Hubby did painted our railings at the back porch and did some workout at the bowflex.
  • Still have three more loads to go to the washer.

  • There's a shooting of the film again in Bookers Street so hopefully we could watch.
Anyhow, sharing here the top that I got from Listia for free.  I did not spend even a cent because the shipping is free.  I am not into black color but when I find a style that I like, that's when I get this color.  This zips down the belly so you can adjust the cleavage you want to show, since I don't have big boobie, it's always up lol.

You can wear it alone or you can wear it with leggings.  Above were taken at our kitchen and below  was taken at my laundry room.  Who says you can't have fun while doing laundry hahaha.
Now I am fresh, sore but I feel good to have  done my exercise again.  It was funny  because when the kids realized that both hubby and I were downstairs and working out, they both came down and cheered us up saying "Go Mommy, go Daddy!"  Thanks kids fr the encouragement.  Hope you guys are having a lovely weekend!

20 travelers' comments:

Gee of said...

Ever since I got married, I forgot about exercising. LOL! Not that I used to do that when I was single but I usually would walk about three blocks on the way to the office and back home too - it's been my exercise.

PS. I have to add, I used to go window shopping on weekends to exercise too. It's better that way: you can walk, walk and walk and you'll never realize how far or long you've walked because you've been busy looking around and it's not hot.

Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

Following back from the hop ~ thanks so much for stopping by!!

Yami said...

You look fab in that black outfit, sis. Dami mong chores but you still manage to look relax. :)

admin said...

sexy Ate Rose.. (=

Wilma said...

Hi, first bloghop after so long time... ikaw pala tong naka black di kita ma recognize hehe. First time I saw ur whole body na nakablack at nakita ang binti.
Nice pix, and nice pose bagay sayo. thnx for sharing

♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

My weekend was also dedicated doing my mommy/wife duty.

SassyChick said...

Love the pics madam, especially the last one...super busy mommy,eh?...natawa ako dun sa "after two sit ups you quit"...LOL!

Aimee said...

cute! with all the stuff you were trying to get done during the day, you had time to look cute and pose around your chores (kitchen and laundry). love your breakfast of tinapa and rice (sinangag ba?).

have a great week!

Mel Alarilla said...

You look so good in black, para kang professional model sa mga poses mo, lol. Wala ka namang love handles at very sexy ka lalo na sa last picture mo na talagang slim at very sexy ang dating mo. Mabuti at nakuha mo ang pagiging health buff ni John at pati mga anak ninyo ay nahilig din sa exercise at tumulong sa house chores. God bless you all for being a model family to be emulated by all your readers. Thanks for the sexy post. God bless you all always.

Mama Ko said...

Sexy ng labandera ahh hehe joke lang bading. i love your laundry room

anne said...

ang galing naman hehehe, who thought laundry is not fun at all with clicking of the camera. Surely it would be a lot of fun hehehe

Sassy Mom said...

Good for you, that's a lot of calories burned. Go, go, go!

Pixelbug Weekend

Clarissa said...

One of my exersice is walking din while window shopping--di kasi namamalayan ang oras sa kakatingin lol!Gorgeous Ate Rose as always^_^

Lulu Post said...

i love the dress... mas glam pag walang leggings... malandi kasi ang lola mo kaya i prefer showing some skin lol

Dhemz said... some! sexy natin bading! nice deal...matagal na ako wala sa listia...ala na kasi akong!

nuts said...

who's that sexy lady in the laudry? hihi.. ka sexy mo naman mommy rose.. inggit naman ako,lalo ako na inspire mag diet hehe.. galing ng team niyo and na-imagine ko lang the two kids while cheering.. haha. cute.

Ebie said...

You look so great in that outfit! I wish I had the motivation to even go walking in the afternoons after work.

Keep on!

kat said...

ay grave, ka sexy ba sa chef diha..tapos naa pa jud time mag exercise hehehe...

agi ko hehe

Tita Beng said...

..ang body, pang dalaga pa din eh!
keep it up sexy Rose!

MinnieRunner said...

You're such a busy bee.. My weekend is a busy one too :)

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