Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bonfire at Brady Bunch

The Brady Bunch invited us over for a dinner at their newly bought home near our area.  We were so excited because we miss Bumble Bee very much.  We only see her at church  ever since I stop baby sitting her.

Can you tell their excitement?
After dinner, we went to their  lawn for a bonfire.  It was very relaxing and fun especially for the kids.
We light  up the tiki torches.
The kids roasted some marsh mallows.
Bumble Bee was all smiles the whole time!
We miss having her everyday at our home.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Jeju Island - Nostalgia # 63

Hello there guys, this is a scheduled post for those who will be joining this week's Nostalgia.

Below is a shot of the hotel where we stayed when we  had our island hopping  in Jeju, Korea.  It was one of our last adventures in the land of the morning calm before we came back here in the States.

PS: I will visit your entries when we come back from our getaway this Saturday. Thanks for joining.


We are now back but I will just link this to Mommy Moments since I haven't upload any photos of our  trip  to Disney World yet.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Fitness Fun

Family walks are always fun.  Sometimes my husband talks about moving but when we   take a look of how good the neighborhood is, it  quickly erases the  idea.
 With big fields to run around to, it's hard to find that in other places.
 Since hubby is retired and currently attending school, we don't have to worry about moving.  The situation  will of course depend on his next job so hopefully he could get one where we don't have to move somewhere.
 The beauty of nature always  fascinates me.  The last photo showed a group of deer that tried to run away when they heard us from atop the hill.

Please join us and have fun at:


Board Walk Shoes - Nostalgia # 62

PhotobucketThis pair of Boardwalk shoes is the only high priced shoes I have ever bought when I was still working in Divine Word College of Legazpi. I think, I paid 1k+ pesos on this one ( for me that's expensive lol).  I brought the shoes here and it still in mint condition.  This pair of shoes is one of the pairs that I like  wearing.

Never mind the legs lol.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Splash Zone

There is a new addition to the Starvaggi Recreation Park this year, the Splash Zone. The kids wanted to try it out so we went there after church and the kids had a blast.
My husband said that this pool used to have a diving board and that it was deep.  Our neighbor, who is a manager there, told us that there is a leak at the bottom of the pool and they couldn't fix it so they just made it into 6 feet in order to fix the leak.  Now, there is no diving board anymore.
THe Splash Zone  get packed whenever  a time out or the pools are being checked.

It was too hot where the kids pool are so  I went uphill where there is shade and just watched them from up there.  
It's funny that I don't want to get dark but  most  people are   laying in the pool chair t get tanned hehehe.  They must think I am weird as I wrapped  a towel in my arms.
Admission fee is $4.00 each.
Thank you for visiting everyone.

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