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Cross-Country Routes Across The US That Will Blow Your Mind

The US is famous for road trips. You might consider it the home of such things. After all, it was this country, more than any other, that popularized the highway and built a culture around the private motor vehicle. 

For many people in the world, the concept of spending a holiday in your car, van or RV, seems a little odd. But once you’ve experienced the vastness and variety that a country like America has to offer, it’s not hard to get a grasp on why it is so popular. 

In this post, we look at some of the most iconic routes across the US that will blow your mind. All of them are perfect for a road trip, whether you’re traveling with family or friends. 

The Great River Road

The Mississippi is America’s greatest river, literally splitting the continental landmass in two. It’s such an essential feature of the landscape that it has made its way into our daily vocabulary. People will say things like “I live in the greatest town east for the Mississippi” or “we have the largest emporium of mattresses west of the Mississippi.”

Your road trip, therefore, should attempt to discover what all the fuss is about. The Great River Road flanks the Mississippi, taking you through a variety of wildlife reserves. It starts in the north in places like Rosedale and Greenville. As you travel south, the cuisine begins to change, and you get into fried food territory. Then eventually, you wind up in Louisiana and the eclectic city of New Orleans. 

Route 66

Route 66 is the classic America road trip. People typically start at Lake Michigan and then make their way across the great American west to Los Angeles. 

The best way to do Route 66 is in an RV. Sites like show you the type of equipment you’ll need. Remember, unless you drive flat out, it’ll take you a couple of weeks to traverse the entire route. So unless you carefully plan your stops along the way, you’ll need facilities for cooking, showering, and sleeping. 

Along the way, you’ll discover things like America’s oldest church, the world’s largest rocking chair and diners, motels, and places where you can watch outdoor movies. 

The Loneliest Road, US-50

If you really want to get out in the middle of nowhere, you might want to check out the Loneliest Road, which also goes by the name of US-50. Going cross-country, you start in Ocean City, Maryland, and then follow the classic trail through the Rockies all the way to Sacramento, the oldest settlement in California. 

Along the way, you’ll experience some incredible scenery, according to, including the Great Basin National Park and Nevada beach. Be sure to take your camera with you. 

The High Road

The High Road might not be one of the longest road trips in America, but it is one of the most spectacular. The route has a Hispanic twist, being so far south, taking you close to historic villages like Truchas and Penasco.

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