Saturday, June 28, 2014

Family Photos at Kennywood

Last few shots before we finally departed from Kennywood Park. It was such a fun day for all of us especially for the kids. It gave us time to have our exercise too as it involves a lot of walking.
The little Miss got soaked  when they  went to the Raging Rapids.  That was their first time  going to that ride.  Thanks to the Velegol family for taking them.  Hubby and I watched our stuff including the Velegol's things.
The little Mister did not want his picture taken with us lol.
Going there early is the way to go to avoid traffic and  to  explore  more exciting rides.  Food and  tokens  for rides were all provided by the  Industrial Scientific Company.  Thank you!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Festival of Nation 2014 #Part 3 - Traditional Dances

As promised, here are some of the traditional dances that I was able to capture during the Festival of Nation is year. First up is Ukraine.
The first photos were taken at the hallway when they were  practicing their dances.  The second set of  Ukraine photos were the actual performance on the stage.
I like the Chinese performances as well representing the traditional dances of China.
The last set of photos were traditional  dances of India.
The event was really something  that you can learn from.  We will definitely be watching again next year.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Storage Products For Personal Weapons

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Modern gun vaults are made of reinforced steel that is also combined with other metallic alloys for extra durability. Sometimes, concrete is used to bolster the composition of gun safes that are already protected by engineered metal. Fireproof properties are essential in any gun vault. For example, all of the weapons inside the safe can be free of any damage as a fire burns for several hours near the safe. However, there are time limits as to the fireproof properties of any material. 

Doors on gun vaults are usually designed with concealed hinges that cannot be leveraged anyhow with external tools such as crowbars. Only a manual or digital entry of a code can open up a gun safe. Some of these storage units can be powered by a home's electrical supply. However, batteries can be used to provide backup power to digital keypads on gun safe doors. Additionally, the electrical supply also provides power for some of the lighting fixtures inside the safe. For example, small LED light bulbs provide plenty of illumination when the safe's door is open.

The interior of a gun vault may be upholstered wit fabric, leather and other materials that provide long lasting protection against scratches and other surrounding conditions such as humidity. The inside of a gun vault has a tight seal when the door is closed. Therefore, the temperature inside may be drastically different compared to a nearby room. A company like Gun Safes Now and other suppliers are examples of businesses that offer gun storage solutions.

Companies that sell gun vaults may also give customers incentives to purchase simple accessories like trigger locks. Additionally, government sponsored gun safety brochures might also be included with each purchase of a gun storage unit. Extended warranties on heavy duty gun vaults may be valid for years. Users can always contact the vault dealer for any questions regarding service, maintenance and other issues that need some sort of attention.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Festival of Nation 2014 #Part 2 Filipino Groups

During the Festival of Nation this year,  a lot of Filipinos attended the event .  There were two separated groups of Filipinos performed.  My husband even think that 75% of the  people  during the event were Filipinos.  

Their performances are always entertaining.  It always brings you back to the Philippines.  Aside from their performances, they also   bring lots and lots of food  to eat after the event.  Both groups invited us  but we only got to visit the other group since we had  to go early that day, thanks Mommy Norie!

This event also gives our kids a chance to mingle with other American-Filipino  kids that were there.  Festival of Nation is something  that we look forward to every year.  It's  nice to see different cultures, different cuisines, and different traditional dances.  I will be posting the individual dances next time.  Thanks for visiting.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

7 Holiday Adventures I've Always Wished I Could Go On

Holidays are the ultimate opportunity for adventure. Knowing where to begin though is often the hardest part of the whole experience. With the world being as big as it is, those looking to go on an adventure must learn of the best places when in need of an adventure holiday. There is no need to worry, however, as there are, in fact, a few must see destinations; that will allow for you to get your adventure fix with ease. 

The Siberian Rail

Found within Russia, the Siberian rail is a great place to check out for those looking to go on an adventure. Well known for being a cold region, this railway route will allow for you to experience some of Russia's best sights, as you get a chance to know the locals better. 

USA Road Trips

The next best alternative for those looking to find adventure is the USA. A US road trip can expose you to a number of different worlds you did not even know existed. Each state has its own personality, and you'll find that each location has something different to offer.

Backpacking Across South Africa

A relatively hot region, you might find that backpacking across South Africa is a great way to fulfil your sense of adventure. The region is often popular amongst those on a budget, since it is not that expensive.

Experience Japanese Culture

Possibly one of the most foreign cultures for those who live in the western world, Japan has a whole host of new experiences on offer. Though you might not be going through a jungle filled with trees, the urban jungle there is amazing, with towering skyscrapers that light up the night sky.

Rock Climbing in Europe

Europe, being as diverse as it is, has a wide variety of different rock climbing pursuits on offer. If you're not an experienced rock climber, you might end up injuring yourself. It helps, therefore, to take someone with you, who knows what they're doing. You might also benefit from taking out some rock climbing travel insurance, just in case you become hurt whilst climbing.

Scuba Diving in the Indian Ocean

One of the richest oceans in the world, when it comes to the marine life on offer, the Indian ocean is amazingly abundant with different forms of wildlife. A great suggestion for those who love nature, scuba diving should always be kept top of mind.

Safari in Africa

Though it might cost you a bit more than everything else on this list, there is no experience quite like a safari. Make sure you choose a company that knows the area well, since they can help you spot some of the best animals with ease.

Awesome Adventures

Adventure holidays can be awesome ways to enjoy the world and experience some sights that you would not have been able to witness ever before. Hopefully, you should now have a few ideas, in terms of where you can get started should you want to experience an adventure holiday, and experience the world at its best.

Festival of Nation 2014 #Part 1 - St. Joseph Choir

This is a long over due post. The 6th Annual Festival of Nation celebration was held last March 14, 2014 at Weirton Millsop Community Center. We have been watching for three years now but this is the first year that our daughter have participated to the St. Joseph School choir. 
The Music teacher in school, Ms. Bernardi is responsible for assembling /forming the  group.  She recruits students who wants to volunteer  and  sing.  The St. Joseph group was the first one in line during the procession of the participants.
They sang many songs during their number and the little Miss  was so excited for participating on this event.  We used to just watch  the  performances but now, she's part of  what we are watching.
With one of her best friends in school, Lizzy.

I will post some more next time.

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