Saturday, June 30, 2012

Water Fountains

 Water fountains are great features in any amusement park.  It helps relax park hoppers when they get tired  of walking around.
Photos were taken at Kennywood, a traditional amusement park that is  beautifully landscaped and designated as a national and state historic landmark in  West Mifflin, PA.
I like this one that looks like a sea urchin.
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Monday, June 25, 2012

Lil' Phantom

Another ride  at Kennywood that Ms. Burrito   love is the Lil' Phantom.  It is kind  of like a kiddie version of roller coaster.  The three of them   went but I  decided to just watched outside so I could take a photo.
As you can tell from the photos below,  Mr. Burrito  was with his Dad holding on for his dear life lol.  Ms. Burrito on the other hand  enjoys it a lot.
She  rode Lil's Phantom twice, I was with her on the second time.
Lil' Phantom, is a 7-foot, 2-inch tall kiddie coaster with an oval layout and a rated top speed of 15 miles-per-hour. Lil' Phantom is the perfect size to introduce young children to roller coasters.

On the other note, have you ever heard of the word Xylotomy?  According to Wikepedia, Xylotomy is the preparation of small slivers of wood for examination under a microscope, often using a microtome.  The person doing this type of  test is called Xylotomist.

Best Hosting

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Friday, June 22, 2012


The Burritos' favorite ride in Kennywood was the Whippersnapper. They came c back on this one three to four times before we left.
According to Kennywood's   website's info, Whippersnapper is a  smaller version of the large Mangles Whip found in the Lost Kennywood area of the park. The Whippersnapper was one of the first four Kiddieland rides Kennywood purchased in 1924. It is still a favorite today.

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Father's Day Tribute

Here are some more of the photos we took during our recent   fun picnic at Raccoon State Park last Friday.  It was the perfect day to go there because  it was warm and  it wasn't crowded as  most of the people are  working.
I am not sure if this bird that was  serenading me while I was relaxing was an oriole but he has a an orange color in his wings.
To honor the best Dad  at our home, this post is dedicated to  my husband, the  best Dad that my two children  could ever have!  He is full of humor and wit, he is fun to be around and most especially, he is loving and caring!
Happy Father's Day Daddy, we love you very much!
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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hanover Park in Burgettstown PA

Some of the parents of the First grade class organized a small get together at Hanover Park. This place is Hanover Township's nine acre rustic park with three picnic shelters, one tennis court, one volleyball court, one basketball court, and  horshoe pits.  
There are two full play lots with Pirate Ship and Amish playhouse, restrooms, free parking and paved walkways all handicapped accessible.  Except for the picnic shelters and One Room school House Picnic Pavilion, a usage fee is not charged for park facilities.
I like the place very much because it is  safe for kids to run around.  No traffic at all and  the whole are is fenced in.
Kids and adults alike had fun mingling  with each other.    The Dad's  shoot basketball and the Moms enjoy  some margarita  that was prepared by Ms. M.

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