Monday, June 25, 2012

Best Hosting

"How do you manage so many blogs?"  I get that question a lot hahaha.  I admit that  blogging takes so much time  but at the same time it is  addictive and a good way to express your thoughts and emotions.  Aside from  photography and  gardening, blogging is also one of my  best favorite hobbies.  So far I   have  nine blogs of my own and a member of two   blogging community that hosts a meme  once a week.  Sometimes, I would  give up some of my zzzz time just to catch up with my blogging  stuff.  I can only blog in full force whenever  my  kids are sleeping already.  Call me crazy but I just added a new blog on my list lately.  I got the best hosting provider,    that is why  I don't have any issues with my website.  

I have read so many good things about  transferring  blogs from different platform but I love  where my blogs are.  Their  services are great  and  the  features  are very user friendly.  If you want to see the the top ten web host providers, visit the Best Web Hosting Geek website.  They provide a list of the top  web  host provider that are recommended by  customers.  Just  click the link above to visit the website and learn more details about the  best hosting  around.

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5 travelers' comments:

Diane said...

I must take a look at that website but I am not sure I can go through the stress of changing! Have a great day Diane

sexyjessie said...

You are totally crazy having nine blogs and still have the time to manage it. :p

Do you get paid by all these hosting sites?

Chubskulit Rose said...

Hi Jessie, I pay for my own domain.

Schotzy said...

Hi Rose... You have graciously visited my blog, Wings of Eagles a few times, and Ive been remiss in visiting you back... and then I am really upset with myself when I saw that you are Korean... We adopted out daughter, Amanda, from Jindo Island in 1985. She is 26 and a cancer researcher outside of Boston....You a re so lovely... when I saw your photo I thought to myself you could be Amanda's cousin!!!
You both share an amazing smile and happy countenance!!!
What wonderful blogs you keep... a fabulous reflection of lives well-lived!!!!

Chubskulit Rose said...

Thank you so much Schotzy, I am actually a Filipina but we lived in Korea for a couple of years due to my husband's line of work. I love it there! Thanks for visiting!

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