Monday, January 31, 2011

Silly Bonding Moments

We went and visited my FIl yesterday and before my hubby and I went to store, Ms. Burrito was in the mood to cuddle and  make faces with me in front of the camera so click, click, click.  
This one was taken today after church, we went  to see Dad again.  This was taken in  his bedroom.
Aha, we matched lol.  Have a great week ahead guys!  Thanks for visiting and for leaving your thoughts.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Camera Entertainment

This freezing weather is driving our burritos  crazy being stuck at home most of the time.  Mommy has to get creative with activities to do so these two would't go nuts. 
 Thanks to the entertainment that  the camera  is bringing us.  It is always fun to ask them to pose for me to pass the time.
 With Ms. Burrito it's easy because she's natural in making poses, while Mr. Burrito, it's hard.  He is always goofy hehehe.
Below are the latest family pictures, my entry for this week's Mommy Moment's theme.
New Year's eve
Taken on the first Sunday of 2011.
Take  on the first week of December.
Taken on Bumble Bee's baptism.
Thank you so much for dropping by and for  giving me your time to leave your thoughts.

New Horizon

New Horizon, the first two words that comes out my  mouth when I saw the outcome of  photo taken a couple of months ago.  I took this when we were driving  going to my FIL's house to visit.  PS.. Don't underestimate the  beauty of the photos you can  take while driving.  Sometimes, you get it just right.  Just keep snapping.. click..

Happy Birthday Mama! - Nostalgia # 37

Good morning everyone! I am feeling nostalgic because I miss Mama wahhhh. She is turning 58 tomorrow so this post is dedicated for my  loving and caring  Mama.
The photos were taken when I was leaving for the first time.  I was seven months pregnant with Ms. Burrito then.  Gosh, look how fat I looked lol..  My port of entry  is in Guam, my husband was waiting for me there.  I was nervous  because that was my first time flying alone, will not really alone because I have  Burrito in my tummy lol.

The funny experience I had during that flight was when an older woman took home one of my luggages.  I  did not claim my luggages right away as I underwent some interview so when I came to get my  stuff,  I couldn't find the  luggage where all my maternity dress.  I told the security or the man in-charge of the luggage area that I have to find it or else I will be walking around  naked in Guam for  two days lol.  

We went to the hotel where hubs was  staying then after  few hours, the airport called  to inform me that my luggage is back.  Whew!
Dear Ma,

I know that you won't be able to read this Ma but I want you to know that I love you very much and I am missing you a lot!


Me, John, Rye, and EJ,

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fear of Driving

Okay, it's time to tell a little secret about me.  I am a licensed driver here in the States but guess what?  I haven't drive for  a long time now.  It's funny because I practice  a couple of months ago to see if I can still remember how to drive hahaha.  I still know, I just don't like driving because of fear that I might have an accident.  Driving is not really for me but since I have two kids, I have to drive.  That's my goal for this year, to be able to go back on the road  confidently.
Right now, we have a Ford truck and a Honda Accord.  Hubby drives the latter most of the time so if he is in school, I walk going to school in getting my  daughter.  It's funny isn't it?  A lady  stop by when she saw me walking the other day and offered me a ride but I told her that I just live nearby.  I think she is thinking that I am nuts for  walking  in the freezing weather hehehe.  I don't mind walking  as it gives me an opportunity to exercise and stretch my  muscles a little bit..

Fashionable Scrub for Burrito

I shared these photos before but  today, Ms. Burrito was pretending to be a  vet to our dog  Champ once again so I  thought of  posting these again.

 I have found  some  scrubs for children online which  gives me an idea of my little  future vet for her birthday hehehe.
What do you think of my Vet?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Precious Moments with our Angels

Hello everyone, how's Monday kicking at your side of the world.  Mine is a little chilly and busy.

Every moment with our children is precious so let us make it memorable  as possible each day.
Thank you so much for  dropping by and leaving your mouse print through your lovely and inspiring comments.


Can you tell through the pictures that my family is getting so addicted with Bumble Bee already? Yes, we do!
She is  our favorite eye candy these days.  It's  a warm feeling that Ms. BB is  so comfortable with us too.
The "I Love You" from Mr. Burrito is puoring whenever she is with us.

She also  very cooperative when I am taking pics, I think she love the camera as much as my Burritos does hehehe.
Oh I miss having small babies hehehe.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Art Day

To make our lessons at home more fun, we scheduled an art day for these two burritos. Hubby bought some pompoms, google eyes, and pain for them to create some art stuff.  My share for  MellowYellowBadge and Blue Monday.
Both of them love to do this kind of activity where they can express their own creativity.
The first one is the one that Ms. Burrito  has made and the next one is Mr. Burrito's.
My job is to take photos, give ideas, and clean up the mess afterwards.  IT's  a joy to watch them work together though.  Have a blessed Sunday everyone.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Nostalgia # 36 - Breastfeeding

Having Bumble Bee at our family  makes me  miss when my burritos are  still babies.  I breastfed both of my burritos and that is one of the many things that I am missing.  The special bond that you  build between you and the baby is priceless.  Not to mention that it is very healthy for the babies as they build a strong shield  against sicknesses.
Both of them loved nursing.  Ms. Burrito continued to nurse with me until the day that Mr. Burrito was born.  It was funny because when we brought Mr. Burrito from the hospital, she cried and said "That's my meme."  So I had to nurse both of them.  It was like  giving birth to a twin.  After a week, I couldn't handle the two so I forced  to wean Ms. Burrito, she resisted at first but there's nothing she can do anyway.  

Trivia: Ms. Burrito  was weaned when she was 18 months old while Mr. Burrito nursed until he was a little over two years old.  He actually did not want to be weaned too because  he  loved it so much.  In order for me to  wean him, I put  some vinegar on my nipple so he won't like it.  He doesn't like sour stuff so when he tried to nurse an tasted the  vinegar, he said "Ewww, what is that."  I told him that my milk is spoiled already lol.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Big Boy Burrito, our Rock Star!

Oh time really fly so fast sin't it? Look at my little man, he is now four but I feel like, it's just yesterday when I had him.  My burrito's birthday celebration was a blast but I was stressed out lol.
Thanks to the Worthington family for coming down all the way from Pittsburgh PA to West Virginia.   We're so glad you guys came as it made the burritos really really happy!  I think Champ's new favorite playmate is Justine hehehe.
Thanks also to the Brady family, salamat for the help Manay.  The beautiful Bumble Bee was so behaved that day.  The only photo I had that day hehehe.  Thanks to hubs for taking this one.  Ang ganda ni Bakla hehehe.
John also played with  Jake  for a little time at the burrito's bedroom.
EJ did not like the singing hahaha, he said it was too loud.  Hey big boy, you've gotta to get used to it okay?
We bought the cake at walmart.  I am not fond of eating cake but this one is really good.
We also bought something for Ms. Burrito to open.  It's actually one of the gifts that  I bought for her but since she got so many, she didn't pay attention to it so I put it away.  Then I gave it to her during Mr. Burrito's birthday, she appreciated it more.
hanks everyone for the presents.
Our big boy burrito wants to be a rock star so we bought him this  battery operated guitar.  Special thanks to these  thoughtful mommies for always remembering my burritos b in ever special occasion.  Salamat badingdings!

It's been..

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