Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fear of Driving

Okay, it's time to tell a little secret about me.  I am a licensed driver here in the States but guess what?  I haven't drive for  a long time now.  It's funny because I practice  a couple of months ago to see if I can still remember how to drive hahaha.  I still know, I just don't like driving because of fear that I might have an accident.  Driving is not really for me but since I have two kids, I have to drive.  That's my goal for this year, to be able to go back on the road  confidently.
Right now, we have a Ford truck and a Honda Accord.  Hubby drives the latter most of the time so if he is in school, I walk going to school in getting my  daughter.  It's funny isn't it?  A lady  stop by when she saw me walking the other day and offered me a ride but I told her that I just live nearby.  I think she is thinking that I am nuts for  walking  in the freezing weather hehehe.  I don't mind walking  as it gives me an opportunity to exercise and stretch my  muscles a little bit..

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Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Sayang naman yun natutunan mong knowledege sa pagda drive kung hindi mo rin ipa practice. Napaka hirap sa States ang hindi marunong magmaneho dahil sobrang mahal ang taxi fare diyan. Mao overcome mo naman yung fear of driving kapag nagmamaneho ka na. Mas grabe ang driving conditions dito sa Pinas. Parang karerahan ang driving dito, lol. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

Unknown said...

I had an accident before but it did not stop me from driving again. I know you'll get over with that fear when you concentrate on driving and always pray before handling that wheel.

Chubskulit Rose said...

Thanks Bing, yeah I know. I just need to really focus working on my self confidence coz I know I can drive, it's just am scared lol..

Azumi's Mom ★ said...

my goal for this year naman is to get a japanese license. Ang hirap kumuha dito kasi super dami test and mahal. Sayang naman license mo kaya drive once in awhile naman, of course with your hubby para safe hehe.

nuts said...

go mommy rose!! gusto ko mag drive wala naman ako kotse, lol.

☆Mama Ko☆ said...

kaloka ka bading, mag drive kana para drive ka dito sa amin kunin mo ako wahahahaha nag request ba naman lol. shopping tayo

Dhemz said...

hhaaha....korek si tsang...para sunduin mo sya at punta kau!

you can do it sis...ako kain lang nang gum para d masyado!

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