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How To Use The Internet To Increase Hotel Visitors

Hoteliers need to be tech savvy these days. Any hotel that does not take advantage of the options offered by the internet will be doomed to fail. In many cases bankruptcy could have simply been avoided by taking advantage of what the online world offers, according to the work of Patrick Imbardelli.

There are so many things that have to be understood about this topic. You need to use various channels and you should take some smart steps during management phase so that you can increase hotel visitors. Here are some of the great channels that can be utilized.

Using Social Media

Social media now stands out as a tremendous way to be able to connect with the potential customers. This does include YouTube, Facebook and Twitter but there are so many others that should be taken into account. It is not that difficult to take advantage of this opportunity. As a simple example, YouTube videos that present the hotel can easily showcase the main reasons why the visitor should choose you over the competition.

The Website – Local Optimization

One thing that is highly important at the moment is to use local SEO techniques for your site. This may mean working with a professional SEO company that is specialized in local search engine optimization. As a simple example, you want to submit the address and the website to Google My Business and Google Maps, among other options that may be considered. This can bring in visitors for years from now.

Online Hotel Booking

Nowadays, most hotels gain a large part of the business from online booking. This is always something that is really important and you should be sure that you are going to make this process as simple as possible. There are so many different online booking websites that allow people to book hotel tickets, like Priceline, Kayak or Expedia. The hotel management system you have set up has to be connected to the online booking program that is as diverse as possible. If it is as automated as possible, all is perfect.

Dealing With Reviews

It is important to allow visitors to write reviews about the experience that they had at your hotel. This includes both the positive and negative reviews. In the event that the negative reviews are going to appear, respond to them. You want to be human in your online promotion campaign. Obviously, it would always be great to have more positive reviews. In order to do this you will need to be sure that you offer the best services.

Being Internet Savvy

· Always review the website. If possible, work with professional online marketers in order to analyze everything and make the necessary positive changes.
· Always use social media.
· Always embrace the different online marketing techniques that can be used.
· Visit the review sites and have profiles there.
· Use the guidelines that Google offers for search engine optimization purposes.

Do all that it takes to make it easy for potential visitors to find you on the internet. This will increase your business.​

Yellowstone – A Heaven for Recreation

If you are looking for a vacation destination that is great for the entire family, then you need to look no further than Yellowstone National Park. It is like the world’s largest outdoor playground, with things to do for people of all ages, and all interests. Let’s take a look at some of the things the best Yellowstone vacation packages can offer you.

Hot Springs and Geysers

There are hot springs and geysers all over Yellowstone park. ‘Old Faithful’ is perhaps the most popular of all, because it erupts at set times, meaning you will most definitely be able to see it. You may want to stay in the Old Faithful Inn, which allows you to overlook the geyser. Do also make sure that you stop at the Firehole River, which is covered in steam coming from the various geothermal features of the area.

White Water Rafting

If you like the sense of adventure, then white water rafting is for you. There are numerous waterways to choose from as well, so you are sure to have your needs filled. You can generally add this activity to you vacation package, choosing from a range of different services. Usually, you will go rafting for two to three hours, at a cost of around $50.

Hiking and Backpacking

If you like to be active, but not dangerous-active, then hiking and backpacking is for you. You have 2.2 million acres of land to explore, with many hiking trails well laid out for you. Make sure you decide which trail to follow and get a map, so that you don’t get lost. Also, check they are open, as many have to close during winter. You can also ask for the services of a guide.

You can go fishing in Yellowstone, but only in the summer and only between sunrise and sunset. You also have to purchase a permit from the park itself and you must have this on you if you are over 16. The best fish to catch are trout, and you must release them back. There are many fishing guides to go with you, and they will be happy to take you and groups of fellow fishermen to good spots in the park.


If you want a winter activity, then you have 200 miles of trails to choose from to explore on a snowmobile. There are guided tours in different parts of the park, or you can go for the ultimate freedom and just go on your own, really exploring the wilderness. Usually, you can start snowmobiling in November.

These are just some of the many things that you can do in Yellowstone, and there are many more. Whether you want to get active or enjoy some peace and quiet, whether you want to be among people or stay secluded, Yellowstone offers it all. If you are looking for a vacation to add to your bucket list, you may want to consider this one. It really is an experience you will remember forever.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Birthday Well-Spent

Our road trip to Williamsburg Virginia was a blast.  We left here early on the 6th of July and did not arrived on our destination till late in the afternoon.  As we were approaching the hotel vicinity, we passed by  a fenced in  property with horses.  So when we   had our rest, we went out the hotel and walked to the place where we saw the horses.  
 Our daughter's birthday is perfect for road trips  and that's what we always do  for a few years now instead of having a party, we do take time to go out on the road and explore   a place we have never been to.  They wanted to see Busch Garden this year so that's  why we went to Williamsburg.  It was beautiful out there although super humid.  
  The horses were very friendly, they were in the middle of the fence gracing but when they saw us, they came  and greeted us.  This one here is very friendly.  The kiddos named him Prince.    
We gave him an apple and he gobbled it in no time.  

Just being together on the road is fun for us.  The kids are great travelers, they make sure to entertain themselves while   in the car.  Our son can be a little too much for our daughter to handle sometimes but  they do compliment each other.  I don't think one will be happy without the other.  
I can't believe our daughter is 11 years old!  It doesn't seem like it's been that long since I became a Mom!  I thank God everyday for the gift of Motherhood.  
Here's how entertaining  this little lady can be on the road.  We were listening to the msong "I can't feel my face" but  it got muted on youtube due to copyright issue so  I replaced with this music.

How Learning to Drive Can Benefit Travellers

When you’re a die-hard traveller, getting the most out of your trips is absolutely essential. Whether it’s taking part in experiences that you’ve always dreamed of having, learning a new language, making friends for life from around the world or simply seeing some of the world’s most well-known sights and attractions, being prepared is a must. Learning to drive is one of the best things that you can do in order to prepare yourself to get the very most from your travels. With the ability to drive, you’ll be able to take on a whole lot more experiences and really make the most of every trip that you make.

Renting a Car

When you travel, there is an abundance of ways in which you can get around your destination. Trains, buses, metro, and trams all run in most cities in the world, and in less urban areas, there are usually some forms of transportation to be found. However, nothing quite comes close to the freedom and independence that you will gain when travelling in your own hire car. With a car, you are in control of where you go and when, without having to rely on public transport timetables. Along with that, hiring a car also enables you to get to places where public transport doesn’t, really getting off the beaten path.

Save Money

When preparing to get your driving license, one of the key motivators is saving money. Although owning and driving a car can certainly be costly in terms of insurance and fuel, it can save money for those who take public transportation or taxis a lot. Along with that, it can also save you money when you travel! The cost of hiring a car may seem expensive if you’re paying it all yourself, however, if you’re travelling in a group and split the cost, it becomes much more affordable. When the cost of hiring a car is split between two or more, it can often be a lot cheaper than paying for public transport and taxis – especially if you want to do some long-distance exploring!

A Comfortable Trip

Even if you’re planning to travel on a low budget and are staying in cheap hostels and flying with budget airlines, it’s nice to have some comforts from time to time. But, there is rarely any comfort when it comes to using public transport – especially if you’re staying in a busy city, where you might regularly find yourself squashed like a sardine onto a bus, train or tram. When you are able to drive, though, you’ll be able to hire a car with air conditioning, GPS, and all that space to yourself. What could be better than that?

Learning to drive brings with it a huge range of benefits. Even if you’re not in a position to own your own car at home – or, you’re saving all your money towards travelling – having a full driving license means that you can hire a car when you travel and benefit from the extra freedom, independence and comfort.

Friday, July 15, 2016

How To Entertain Your Kids During Bad Weather

It doesn’t matter whether you’re at home or on vacation, rain can make your kids bored and miserable. They might have been looking forward to a day outside in the sunshine, or you might have promised them a family day out. But now they are stuck inside with nothing to do. But being indoors doesn’t have to be boring and you don’t have to stick them in front of the TV all day. Use the following suggestions to keep your kids entertained indoors when there’s bad weather outside.
Get them cooking

No matter what age your children are, they can get involved in the kitchen. It’s an important life skill that can encourage them to adopt healthy habits and lets them discover new foods and flavours. You can use kid’s food blogs or use this YouTube channel to help you decide which recipes you want to create together. Baked goods are fantastic as your children can help mix up the ingredients and decorate the end result after it’s cooked. They can also get creative by using their food to create fun shapes and pictures. Encourage them to feel different ingredients, get messy and to use their imagination. No matter what type of creations you decide to make, your kids will love the experience of making something from scratch.

Have a scavenger hunt

Your kids will love the excitement and mystery of a scavenger hunt, and they can be hours of fun. Create a list of items that they need to find from all over your home or vacation accommodation. These should vary from really easy to more difficult to get them thinking. If you have more than one child, you can turn this into a mini-competition to see who can find each item the fastest. Once they’ve found each item on the list, give them a prize. Remember only to choose items that they can reach and encourage them not to run too quickly.

Create a storybook

If your kids love to hear and tell stories, why not help them create their own storybook. Grab some pieces of paper and come up with a story together. You could use a classic fairytale or plot from a movie they enjoy to help you get started. Just ensure that you make some changes along the way to make it feel more original. You could make your child or one of their favourite toys as the main character for instance. It can be as over the top or as simple as your child likes- there are no rules. If your child is old enough, ask them to write down the words of the story as you create them. They might also enjoy creating a front cover or colourful illustrations for the storybook. Once it is complete, your child can read it aloud and store it on their bookshelf ready for bedtime story time.

While these ideas are ideal for bad weather, nothing is stopping you from using them during fantastic weather either. Your kids will soon discover that staying indoors can be just as exciting and fun as being outside.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

3 of the Best Marinas in the Bahamas

The Bahamas are one of the most beautiful islands in the world. It offers a care free lifestyle, one that is slow and relaxed. And the luxury and amazing hospitality is beneficial as well. If you have booked a Bahamas yacht charter, you do have to think about where you will be docking. Let’s take a look, therefore, at the 3 top yacht spots to choose from.

1. The Bluff House, The Abaco’s

This marine cost several million dollars to build and then again to renovate, with renovation work completed in 2004. 40 slips are available and it is the best of the full service marinas the Abaco’s have to offer. Nothing has been overlooked, including lubricants, Texaco fuels, and professionally dredged entrance channels.

The docks, meanwhile, are made of beautiful Brazilian teak, known as Ipe. The design is angled, which means each yacht has a private deck space. At the marine facility, you can find water, electricity, and fuel hookups and you can bathe and do your laundry. If you happen to be angler as well, then make sure you go out bone fishing while you’re there.

2. The Atlantis Resort and Marina, Paradise Island

Interestingly, the Atlantis Marina doesn’t stand out in terms of its look. However, the dock master and the deckhand staff that work here go above and beyond the call of duty, turning it into a truly luxurious service. They are the finest assets of the resort itself and those who travel on a yacht charter really get treat like royalty. There are some other perks as well, such as fantastic entertainment and attractions right near you.

3. The Grand Bahama Yacht Club, Grand Bahama Island

Last but not least, there is the Grand Bahama Yacht Club. This really is the definition of understated elegance. It is an exclusive club with a reputation that is known all over the world, with people flocking here for the ultimate in luxury travel destination. There are 150 slips to choose from that can even hold 175ft vessels. All docks are concrete and you can access fuel services. High speed pumps will immediately deliver you triple-filtered fuel. Plus, you can decide to spend the night at the Pelican Bay Hotel as well, or eat at the Ferry House Restaurant. Best of all, you can use a free water shuttle service to get there. The Ferry House is five star rating and critically acclaimed, so you know you will eat like a king. Or, if you want to be a bit more down key, enjoy the pool bar and grill instead. You can also enjoy the Olympic sized pool, while the kids are in the children’s pool. This is a true holiday experience.

When you get to the Bahamas on a yacht charter instead of a cruise liner, you will be able to go through expedited customs and immigration services as well. Plus, you can always use the complimentary shuttle to go to the Port Lucaya Marketplace from any of the marinas.

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